Tuesday, September 30, 2008


From many days, I have been in my village with my uncle, aunt, cousins and other relatives and zealously waiting to celebrate Eid with great happiness and collectiveness. May be, tomorrow will be the Eid (depending upon the situation of moon), on one side it is quite natural that I m very excited and happy coz tomorrow will be the Eid, but on the other i m little bit sad coz Ramdaan month is going to end for this year and I have to wait one more year to seek its blessing.

The month of Ramdaan is very special for all the Muslims, in this month the holy book ‘Quran’ has gifted to this world by our creator and sustainer, the most gracious ‘Allah sweet’. It is a blessing month and we all are very fortunate to have this month in every year in our life. Every Muslims enjoys 30 days of this month by fasting and indulge in prayers. ‘Tarav’h’, a special prayer (namaz) in which the whole Quran is recited by the ‘Imam’, has performed in the month of Ramdaan(yesterday was the last one). After the whole month, the festival of Eid is celebrated by the Muslims, in order to mark the honour of the month Ramdaan.

So, this is the importance and significance of the month ‘Ramdaan’. Inshallah, tomorrow i will celebrate the celebration of Eid, the most awaited festival of the month.
Eid Mubarak to All of you...

Mohammed Farhan Khan

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