Friday, September 12, 2008


September 11, will always be remember as ‘unforgettable day’ for Americans. On 11th September 2001, the tallest tower of the world, called as Twin towers or world trade center (WTC), vanished in the air, like a mud in the sea and marked it as a unsolved history of ‘who had done this…?’
Some says it was a terrorist attack by Al-Qaeda, some says it was political mystery of America or some says it was an attack of Jews on Americans, but it remained as a mystery and world knows it as a terrorist attack.
Today, it is a seventh anniversary of what the Americans have taught us to call 9/11 attack on WTC. The 21st century began with demolition of world trade center and marking a beginning of international terrorism.
No doubt, US became a super power in the world after the World War II, but then also, the super power status of America was not able to restrict the gateway of terrorism in their owns country.
The destruction of the world trade center struck a blow not only at the institutions of America and global capitalism but at the self confidence that undergirded them. In a country that despite fighting a dozen major war in its history, had not seen a direct attack on a major city like New York in living memory.
As I told you, it remains a mystery as ‘who had done this?’ Everybody is thinking about the involvement of the Al-Qaeda, and may be there was an involvement of it, but Al-Qaeda has got its popularity, as never it had before.
Al-Qaeda’s chief ‘Osama bin laden’ in his released tape, had denied about his involvement in this attack but said, ‘whoever had done this, had done a very good job’.
This leads America to attack on Afghanistan, which was considered to be a centre of Al-Qaeda.
Now, I want to ask one question, the attack on WTC was considered as a terrorism attack, though there was no perfect clue of it, and the attack of America on Afghanistan,
Isn’t it considered to be terrorism?
Because it was attack by America or it was a legal war, so it doesn’t make it a terrorist attack.
In both cases, there are massive killing of innocent peoples. Just because of destruction of WTC, America destroyed the whole country of Afghanistan in search of Osama bin laden, and at last, they didn’t find him.
The result is that, even after 7 years of US attack on Afghanistan, the Afghanistan is yet not able to remunerate its resources and make a development of mankind.
The United Nations organization, name itself depict the unity of nations, which works for peace and cooperation among nations, but where it was, where was that unity of nation, peace and cooperation, when Americans attacked on Afghanistan, where thousands of lives were taken away by the president bush arrogant nature.
These treaties are the monopoly of big countries like US, China, Russia etc and not for the underdeveloped countries like Afghanistan.
After 9/11, we have seen the opposite of the earlier attitude of the bush administration: war in Afghanistan, the invasion in Iraq, and the destruction of Baghdad.
Are the lives of peoples living in countries like higher than the lives of peoples living in Afghanistan or Iraq…? Or the thinking of Americans is so high that they are not able to make a difference between terrorism attack and their own attack on other countries.
I think Americans should not forget, Benjamin Franklin’s wise dictum, that,
“Those sacrifice liberty for the security will end up with neither”

Mohammed Farhan Khan

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PANKAJ said...

america ?? bas yara kya comment karu america par..ji karta hai loot lu america ko. har cheez mei. or ehsaas dilau garibi ka ,or majburi ka..etc etc...sapne sapne hi rehte hain..anyways nice article and yeah acc to me america was wrong..but farhaan there is one more thing to notice is that ke jo terrorists hain unki neev itni achi hoti hain mainly afgan jaisi countries mei ke agar nab karna bhi chaho to kafi complicated task hai..samjh ni ata how to clean this terror web..its really tuff ..yaar