Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The four year controversy over the M.F.Hussain’s painting ‘Bharat mata’, put to rest by the Supreme Court. The argument that the painting, which depicted a nude woman as mother India, had hurt the sentiments of every sane citizen did not impress the Supreme Court.
The Supreme Court refused the petition and termed M.F.Hussain’s painting ‘a work of Art’. Now, 93 years M.F.Hussain, who has been in self imposed exile, since January 2006 in Dubai and London, when some RIGHT-WING groups threatened him with dire consequences, is able to return India.
I think petitioner should stop filing these types of unnecessary petition against the innocent person like M.F.Hussain.
The RIGHT-WING groups, what do you understand by this..? Some group of a person, who really cares for the rights of peoples. But which rights, Do we really cares for the rights…? Yeah off course, we are, because we are filing petition against the person like M.F.Hussain, who is just showing his style of arts, what about those people who unnecessarily forcing Marathi language and culture over the people living in Maharashtra.
I think you got my guess, whom I am talking about, yeah Mr. Raj Thakarey, a man who has such a big power in his hands, in his just two words, his follower is ready to cut throat of others. Instead of using his power in right direction or for the betterment and development of Maharashtra, he is using it in a unnecessary thing and making Maharashtra worse day by day.
I respect all languages and make a proud of it, because it contains India’s culture and diversity in its linguistic nature. But it doesn’t mean that if I like Marathi so it must be force others to speak.
Raj thakeray’ thinking is very different; he is saying that if somebody is living in Maharashtra so he should speak Marathi because Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra. But I would rather say, first he is a citizen of India, and Hindi is the national language of the country, so he should speak Hindi instead of Marathi, which is a secondary language.
The division of states in India is because of the better efficiency of governance, it doesn’t mean to divide citizen’s thinking on the basis of its region.
So my country’s RIGHT-WING groups, you should all file petitions in which really violation of rights occurs. In this case of Marathi language, peoples would really feel good and impressed, if Supreme Court should take some restrictive measures against these MNS leaders.
So peoples of India, stop dividing India on the basis of language and culture of different region and stop saying, we are Marathi, we are Punjabi, or we are south Indian or north Indian.
“Let’s say we are INDIANS”

Mohammed Farhan Khan


nilesh said...

Husain had done a painting in which a map of India is portrayed as a semi-naked woman – an image assumed to represent the sacred mother India.

The hardliners got a court order to seize Husain's property – although the order was put on hold by the Supreme Court.

Husain supporters point out that in India, there's nothing uncommon about erotic religious images, including naked figures carved in ancient temples.

"And the sad thing is that it's having a terrible impact on our contemporary culture because once you unleash a campaign of hatred as they have done, it gets very hard to pull back from it,"

"We always try to cover our own bodies and at least our Mother Goddess. We always try to have the best of images of our Mother Goddess not naked images,"

Courtsy: www.NPR.org

Anees said...

By saying, “just showing his style of arts”, doesn’t prove that the act which Hussain has done is correct. Not only I but many think that one should not exceed the limits while showing his style. This style may be of any style, either one shows in wearing dresses or in painting or in writing. I think such paintings which Hussain made; injure the religious or cultural sentiments of people. Just think, if someone does similar painting depicting someone’s land or house, how he would feel. He would be hurt because he owns that land or he lives in that house. Similarly India is our country, we live in this country, it’s our land and we should have and show respect for that. And I think making such nude paintings can never do that. I don’t understand why Indian Law didn’t bound Hussain in doing so. One should respect other’s sentiments if he wants his sentiments to be respected. That’s not the Indian Law but it’s a law of humanity and law of nature


thanx anees bhai and nilesh ...for ur nice and exact comments...which shut my mouth ...heheh...

but the motive of this article is to show the difference between our nationalism....on one sides we are talking about the sentiments, which hurts because of Hussain's painting .....and other side ..the fundamental rights of peoples are taking away...and then also we are not caring for them ....

I have used 'innocent' word for M.F.Hussain ...beacuse the value fundamental rights are much more than the innocent word.

Anees said...
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Anees said...
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Anees said...

Well, Farry, I understood your ideas which you wanted to convey in your article. You have tried in a good way, but not able to blend the two issues in a homogeneous way. The article just tilts to one side. It’s not balanced.
In you previous comment you said that the fundamental rights are much more than the innocence. Here you are trying to compare just incomparable things. The two can't be compared, because they have their own importance. It is as similar as the air you breathe and water you drink.I just wanted to say that sentiments of people are equally important as the fundamental rights. One could not suppress the importance of people sentiments to show the importance of fundamental rights.
I again like to say that you should try to blend the examples in your articles in a very nice, logical and systematic way, so that they can lead a nice conclusion. If you do so, your good looking articles will be excellent to read.

neilesh said...

hey farhaan jo comments tuune delete kie woh bhi mereko padhne the dude..

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hello nilesh bhai ...actually ..those comments was deleted by anees bhai .....it was his comments ....he had done certain mistake thats y he had deleted it ....