Wednesday, August 17, 2011

India now...

A very Happy Independence to all…!!! Well this time I am at home on this Independence Day, for last some years I always celebrated this day away from my home. But this time, I m feeling little lighten up that I am commemorating with my family. Truly speaking there is no celebration of any kind, not even I wished my family, nor did my family wish me. To a certain extent because of ‘ramdan’, everyone is so much involved in fasting and praying that no one get the time for any other celebration. But at the end of this day, I am feeling a little patriotic so I thought if I could write anything here I might get release my feelings for my nation. A nation that had become independent 64 years ago, perhaps it’s my nation’s 64th birthday. I think I should celebrate, at least, if not with the crowd then alone, if not on the roads then in writing, but its somewhere my responsibility towards my nation to feel rejoice on this auspicious day.
In these six decades of freedom, India has substantially pushed into the fading memories of history; India is no more in the shackles of food scarcity, or any other dying urgency, but the urgency this country is facing today is more than the famines of 50’s. Indeed we have built some glittering cities where few masses are graduating every year, beating the world and attracting the world’s investment in the country, yet in vast stretches of this antique independent land, darkness, unfreedoms and despair persist. Hardly 30% of the population is living an urban life, still 70% are in rural areas and the worst part is if you ask any urban individual he will deny this fact because he sees the same urban life in the other parts also, but the truth is truth, you can’t deny the fact. If the development is to be talked about, then the whole country is to be taken, not only a few metropolitan or cosmopolitan cities. Still in some parts of Karnataka and other states, where they don’t have a toilet at their home place, forget about the public loos. Government is making big deals with private companies to construct big malls and marts in the cities, but what about those who never have seen the toilets in their area. This kind of huge economic difference in the same country is really disheartening and undemocratic in some sense. Democracy is not only meant for urbanized people but for a whole nation.
Recently new census data published and thankfully, our literacy rate is increased by almost 10%, but regrettably it is still hard to find an educated person. There is a very fine distinction between an education and literacy, a person can be a literate but may not necessary be an educated. A nation that is literate but uneducated is more likely to make poor choices in the home, the marketplace, the jury box and the most important at the voting booth. We are on same parallel lines; our nation might be literate but not educated enough to make distinction between good and better governance. Unfortunately, we have copied each and everything from the west, their clothes, their culture and their way of living, but we forgot to copy their commonsense and the commonsense will only tell us that education is an ultimate weapon, destroying ignorance, poverty and despair.
And then there is a permanent zones of conflict to which India with 3rd largest army in the world are not proficient to control, in the north’s east and north’s west part. Here people have taken up the arms and the government in their hands, molding the political situation as according to their guns. They claims it a self-determination, hope they ever understand the true meaning of it, and more hope on the government that it ever make these people understand it. We can easily curb these situations by allowing military regimes to that area, but the government is more reliable on paramilitary forces, and the poor soldiers are loosing their life which has no value, but a few thousands of rupees to their family. Hope ever government understands it.
And then the most hullaballoo politics of India, we speak about democracy here, surely we are in a democratic country, but democracy doesn’t mean that when a public raise their voice against any unconstitutional or undemocratic practices of government, they face the lathicharge and atrocities of the police in the name of law and order, which in actually they are breaking it.
The only thing which I find somewhere in a place is the role which the judiciary is playing these days, the way over the past years the judiciary showed their activism in the country’s working model like never before, it doggedly supervised an unprecedented corruption investigation, ended Salwa Judum’s reign of terror, struck down the vigilance commissioner’s dubious appointment, voided illegal land acquisition and banned unlawful mining and relentlessly pursued black money. These are some glory and victory that has been acquired by the judiciary. The court’s recent rulings reflect a broader trend of judicial assertiveness that happen in the early 80’s, and this judicial activism is partly to blame to our republic founders, they established a constitutional framework that endows the justices with wide jurisdiction and extra-ordinary powers. Under that framework a person can directly approach the court in fundamental rights cases bypassing the regular judicial hierarchy. Through the means of PIL, the court is now hearing a large number of public cases concerning about social, economic and human development, because of this, a large number of Indians are convinced that the court is an effective decision maker compared to our dys-functional legislators and politically cautious executive. This achievement in the eyes of common public made by the judiciary is really remarkable and outstanding.
So this is all for this Independence Day, right now I am watching ‘Anna Hazare’ episode on Indian government, so can’t write more. Hope he will make few changes in the current turmoiling situation of the country, and next time when I will write something on Independence Day, it would be a better picture than now. See you soon, I have some more things to share with you people, let see when I will come next time. Till then take care, Happy Independence week …...

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Its 2 o’ clock at night don’t know what to say morning or night, technically its morning time, but I better consider it a night one. My father always scold me for this as I always awake at nights, but for me night is something which gives me soothing effect; it’s so peaceful and calm. How could anyone miss it?

Just before coming here, I was reading a part of my friend’s novel, which is still half accomplished…my friend sent me some parts of it to read, and to tell him how he has written it. This novel initially was started 2 years back, though I should not say as most of you think that I am boasting around here, but the novel’s story is based on me, although it doesn’t have the same storyline as writer has already changed most of it. When the novel was started, my friend might not had that much excellence of writing and at that time he was little in hurry to complete it, but as the time passes, he also acquires the wisdom of writing, and in these two years, the pattern of the novel has been changed thrice. Now I must say, after reading some parts of it that my friend is not less than any acclaimed writer of this period. Kudos for my friend, that he has completed his half novel and that too with great fineness. The moment I was reading his novel parts, I was so emotionally captivated and trapped that it took me long to come out of it, and it was not because it is related to me, but it is so nicely written that anyone can drool over it. I can’t describe it more expressly, as I am not a writer and don’t know how to express my feelings over something. I am just waiting for this novel to complete and publish soon.

Apart from all this reading and writing stuff, finally in Pune again, its only been four years in this city, but it looks I have spent a life here, I was 19 when I came in this city, not even that much mature to understand the complexity of life, slowly and gradually u cud say this city makes me mature, I believe, I think I am mature now, mature enough to understand the care of my family, to understand the value of my friends, to understand the emptiness if they are not around, to understand the purpose of this life and to understand the belongingness of the people, I think I understand now. But what fears me most that its only few months left to leave this place, the place where I have grown up, the place which made me mature enough to love this only place, and the place where I met those people whom I called friends. I don’t know where we will be scattered after this college, but their reminiscence will always be centered in my memories.

Monday, June 6, 2011

A long came back ...

Hello everyone, hope u people good out there. I am writing here after a very long time; don’t ask me the reason what made me away from this so called sophisticated way to expressing me. Four months I believe, it’s a long period since I have posted something and in these months bulk of things happened in my life. I have collected so many things to tell you, but don’t know how to jot down here. It is one of the toughest tasks to write down your feelings, especially when your mind is full of collected dirt, you don’t even know what to carve and what not. Yesterday only my friend asked me the reason of not writing anything in this blog, I just nodded my head blankly, I got no reason. I just thought myself what’s wrong with me, initially I was so excited to write everything here, but suddenly out of no reason I just lost my interest in writing. There might be some incidents, or I could guess I might have been very busy in the last few months which kept me away from this. I couldn’t have told you people that I have left my last to last semester exams due to some chickengunya kind of fever (though its not related with chicken), which I had to give in this last semester. It was kind of curse of double hard work I have gone through the whole semester, the thought of giving 9 papers made me sick for the whole 4 months in the college. But thankfully it is completed now, and I m on summer vacations, enjoying and relaxing at home, having homemade food, trying hard to get in shape in these holidays but it seems hard, body is not that sympathetic towards me.
Yeah I forgot to tell you that I went to Lucknow, the city of nawab, in these never ending holidays to meet up my old friends. It was wonderful visit since I visited there after 8 years, so everything looks changed over there. When I stepped down at Lucknow station, the first thing I have seen the poster of Mayawati, it was felt that I entered in Maya’s world; Mayawati is like don in Lucknow. The whole city is covered into an elephant park, I don’t know from where she got the idea of resurrecting statues of herself and other eminent ministers. The Ambedkar Park is having a stupa kind of structure in the centre and there are statues of hundred of elephants surrounded the structure, creating a welcome lane for the dome. It still under construction, no one allows to go to that area. There is one statue of Gautama Buddha at the main entrance; it was much looking like that whole park is highly influenced by Buddhism. It might be considered or declared a monastery after its completion, till then no one has even slightest of idea what it is going to be, I doubt even Mayawati. Well whatever it is, the whole development of Lucknow is centered in that area only, otherwise the condition of the city is worse, u can’t get the proper sleep at night because there is no electricity to switch on fans, and the bites of mosquitoes are unbearable. I spent 4 days in Lucknow, and on every night there had a load shedding of hours, which really made me sick. If the state has such a bad management of electricity in the capital, what else one can expect in the other cities, the situation must have been worse than can be expected. One more thing I came to know from my friends, that even if all the lights has gone in the city, but the lights in the Ambedkar Park can never be disappeared. Strange! Those soulless elephants need lights to glow, but what about the people of the city. It was really pathetic to see such kind of management in the capital like Lucknow.
Well, this apart I met my one friend whose novel has been published, “Legally Lovingly Yours”, it is a love story, I could imagine, how we got bored with love stories written by number of IITs and IIMs pass out, but this time it was written by someone who is Law school pass out, so I would really recommend you people to read this novel as you might learn some laws of our country or else some good laws on love, this novel is already on its way to be called one of the best selling novel in recent times, I have already received one copy of it. I will start reading it after completing my present novel of Sydney Sheldon’s the other side of midnight, the best novel on suspense thriller I came across after Sherlock Holmes.
And yeah I have heard a lot about Baba Ramdev and his movement on corruption which somehow failed in Delhi, News channels continuously boasting their news on Baba, update of every minute is flashing on all News channels. It became a big political issue now. Let see what will be the end result of it. Just wish it will get over soon. Till then bye take care.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Justice in Injustice World...

I came back to Pune after accomplishing my apprenticeship in Supreme Court and Legal Department of ONGC. It was a good experience to be in real world facing the challenges of every day life. I just tasted a hectic life experience; it was kind of rehearsal to practice and confronting the horizons of career which unfortunately are not defined yet. I spent only 15 days in the Supreme Court, watching, feeling and attending the briefs of grieves of the people. To make a brief of a client’s case is a sort of an adventure for a lawyer, perhaps he would earn a good fee for it, but for a client it is definitely a risk taking factor. My grandfather used to tell me that even if someone has an unending wealth, he would lose all if he comes into the vicious circle of court procedure. And I evident it in the Supreme Court, in these 15 days I witnessed two people gone mad in front of this Supreme judicature, cursing and staining it as a mark of injustice. But there no one cares even the media people, who were standing with their dozens of cameras ready to shoot the famous cases Judgment, doesn’t bother of it. It is a depressing moment to see people going mad because of injustice they suffered by the Supreme Court of Justice. Now from where would they get their justice? I felt like people in the Supreme Court gambled over their cases, they were trying their last chance to ask for Justice in this unkind judicial system. Some were lucky enough to get their case admitted in the Supreme Court, because most of the time the Judges dismissed the petitions without even hearing it. There was a case of my father regarding seniority in Indian Forest Services, he was hoping that this time he might get the final reward of the case, but the opposite party bribed the bench of two judges and the judges dismissed the petition without even hearing the case, I don’t want to named those judges here, but this is pathetic, it is the condition of our higher judiciary then what one can expect it from the lower judiciary where the cases in actually initiates, their the conditions are much more worse.
When I was in first year of Law, one of the judges of the Supreme Court was a Chief Guest in judicial colloquia in our College. He was giving lecture about the condition of Indian Judiciary and the integrity of Justice in the Country which one has to maintain in this field. He was talking about the system of the cases in the Supreme Court and the method they use to tackle the number of cases. I was impressed and relaxed after attending his speech in our college auditorium; I had felt that at least in the Supreme Court one could get justice. But when I went to Supreme Court, I saw and felt that there is a limit of honesty as well and integrity too has a price. I found the same judge were taking bribes in my father case, it was a laugh and cry moment. I was thinking and remembering about his sayings on the podium of our college’s auditorium, suddenly I questioned myself, was he talking about this method of tackling the number of cases in the Supreme Court? I was thoughtless at that moment of time when I heard the echoes of two opposite sides of diplomatic Judges. The only thought comes in my mind is “uparwala dekh raha hai”, that is the only line which consoles the puzzled thought of my mind. There is no such word of ‘Injustice’ in HIS dictionary. I thought of those two people who gone mad in the Supreme Court’s premises, they might have not their voice heard in the Supreme Court, but they would definitely get their justice in God’s Court – the Highest Court of Mankind because their ‘der hai andher nhi’

Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy New Year to everyone, hope I m not so late to wish here, but better to be late than never. Today is the tenth day of this New Year and in these ten days nothing has been changed much, nevertheless I can smell the fresh sweet fragrance of the year 2011. As I told you earlier only that I won’t make any kind of resolution on the New Year, so I didn’t make, neither I found any. I flushed out all the worries and pain on the last day of the previous year, so to make a good start without making any sort of promises to myself. On the evening of 31st, I was with my friends, preparing and cheering for the celebration of the last night of the vanishing year and the first morning of the mounting Year, they were celebrated with their whisky and champagne and I was celebrated with my coke and lemonade. The time was surely to celebrate but something somewhere was missing, I was not able figure it out at that moment, the happiness of that moment was overwhelming. I was happy that the last year was ending with its ending curse, but unhappy of its wounds and echoing sound. With the surplus feelings, I went on to enjoy with my friends, leaving behind the cursed year. We took out the car on the night, racing around the streets, in the early hours of the morning, when all the people were sleeping in tired of celebration, we were on the road celebrating, shouting and racing the car. Some were driving with their unconscious alcoholic mind; some were driving in their joyful mind and some were driving in their usual mind, but we were driving in full of our mind on the streets of Delhi. We went to India Gate to capture some early moments of the great monument, we were the first to visit India Gate in the year 2011, wow… sounds good, but does it matter? No prizes for it. We had our first tea of the year in Chadni Chowk, my friends lighten up their first cigarette with chai (their favorite combination…). We drove around nearly all the places of Delhi in the freezing night cum morning of the budding year of 2011. The year starts with lots of fun and enjoyment, and I wish it goes well…..
Well how many of us would like to live in a socialist society? I believe, very few or may be the answers are no. But what if socialism promises to be more peaceful and enjoyable, and then what would be our choice? I must say and I know that there have been a lot of arguments and confrontation on this issue, both the ideologies, at all times, are always try to put their arguments on par and in almost all over the globe there exist a capitalistic type of philosophy. You must be thinking why I put this issue again at the front. I just want to ask one very simple question to everyone before writing anything further about this issue that, what is the quality of good government or how you define a good government of a state? I should say, being a sane person, that to be called as a good government, a state should have a very good structure of judicial system, not only a good structure but also its administration and implementation of justice should be justifiable. The integrity of the country depends upon the nature of justice. Today I came across to one of the article of “The Hindu” which highlighted the judiciary system of China. I was surprised to see this kind of impressive hi-tech infrastructure of judiciary. Nowhere in the world is this kind of hi-tech facility given to the judiciary, not even in US and UK. The strength of the Chinese judicial system is that one can be a judge of High Court at the age of 23 only if he/she passes the National Judiciary Examination (similar to the Indian Civil Services examination), and further, one need not to be an advocate to become a judge as the qualification for taking NJE is graduation in any discipline including mathematics. They have very good sophisticated court halls backed by well knit archives for retrieval of any information at any time, and the best feature is these facilities are for every court on any level, same priority is given in providing infrastructure to lower courts also. There main aim is to get the justice done as soon as possible to maintain the value of justice, for instance, the death penalty awarded by a lower court after get recognition from Supreme Court, has to be executed within six weeks. And if for some reasons, it could not be executed within this period due to pendency of the pardon application, the two year limitation would come into existence. Thereafter, the appellate court may modify the sentence into life imprisonment. If China, being a Socialist country could maintain such a good judicial system where government’s accountability are at lowest in the hands of public, then why not in the country like India, where government’s accountability are at the highest in the hands of public, could maintain such kind of discipline in our judiciary? India being having the best constitution on the best principle of the world is yet not competent to muddle through the constraint in the judiciary. We always lack the other half of everything, we built up the nation but we forget to setup the base. What we need is the implementations, we have laws and everything but we scare to implicate it. Scared of whom? Politicians, they are not dangerous, but yet we frightened of them. They are scarecrows of our country. Here what we need is the concept of ‘communism’. We need communism in our system of government. We need one type of government, one party system, freedom of forming the political parties are the main hindrance in the development of the country. The recent failure of winter session is the best example of this multiple party system, 17 bills had to be discussed in this winter session of the parliament but because of the differences between the oppositions, none of the bill got the sanction of the houses. The reason is the back off at the last moment, since the opposition want JPC probe on 2G Spectrum, until it won’t discuss the bills. The purpose of the opposition party is to check and questions the work of government, but here the opposition is meant to pull the legs of the other party, rather than to make accountable for it.

(will complete it on my next post...gotta go...bbyyeee)