Saturday, July 30, 2011


Its 2 o’ clock at night don’t know what to say morning or night, technically its morning time, but I better consider it a night one. My father always scold me for this as I always awake at nights, but for me night is something which gives me soothing effect; it’s so peaceful and calm. How could anyone miss it?

Just before coming here, I was reading a part of my friend’s novel, which is still half accomplished…my friend sent me some parts of it to read, and to tell him how he has written it. This novel initially was started 2 years back, though I should not say as most of you think that I am boasting around here, but the novel’s story is based on me, although it doesn’t have the same storyline as writer has already changed most of it. When the novel was started, my friend might not had that much excellence of writing and at that time he was little in hurry to complete it, but as the time passes, he also acquires the wisdom of writing, and in these two years, the pattern of the novel has been changed thrice. Now I must say, after reading some parts of it that my friend is not less than any acclaimed writer of this period. Kudos for my friend, that he has completed his half novel and that too with great fineness. The moment I was reading his novel parts, I was so emotionally captivated and trapped that it took me long to come out of it, and it was not because it is related to me, but it is so nicely written that anyone can drool over it. I can’t describe it more expressly, as I am not a writer and don’t know how to express my feelings over something. I am just waiting for this novel to complete and publish soon.

Apart from all this reading and writing stuff, finally in Pune again, its only been four years in this city, but it looks I have spent a life here, I was 19 when I came in this city, not even that much mature to understand the complexity of life, slowly and gradually u cud say this city makes me mature, I believe, I think I am mature now, mature enough to understand the care of my family, to understand the value of my friends, to understand the emptiness if they are not around, to understand the purpose of this life and to understand the belongingness of the people, I think I understand now. But what fears me most that its only few months left to leave this place, the place where I have grown up, the place which made me mature enough to love this only place, and the place where I met those people whom I called friends. I don’t know where we will be scattered after this college, but their reminiscence will always be centered in my memories.

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