Wednesday, August 17, 2011

India now...

A very Happy Independence to all…!!! Well this time I am at home on this Independence Day, for last some years I always celebrated this day away from my home. But this time, I m feeling little lighten up that I am commemorating with my family. Truly speaking there is no celebration of any kind, not even I wished my family, nor did my family wish me. To a certain extent because of ‘ramdan’, everyone is so much involved in fasting and praying that no one get the time for any other celebration. But at the end of this day, I am feeling a little patriotic so I thought if I could write anything here I might get release my feelings for my nation. A nation that had become independent 64 years ago, perhaps it’s my nation’s 64th birthday. I think I should celebrate, at least, if not with the crowd then alone, if not on the roads then in writing, but its somewhere my responsibility towards my nation to feel rejoice on this auspicious day.
In these six decades of freedom, India has substantially pushed into the fading memories of history; India is no more in the shackles of food scarcity, or any other dying urgency, but the urgency this country is facing today is more than the famines of 50’s. Indeed we have built some glittering cities where few masses are graduating every year, beating the world and attracting the world’s investment in the country, yet in vast stretches of this antique independent land, darkness, unfreedoms and despair persist. Hardly 30% of the population is living an urban life, still 70% are in rural areas and the worst part is if you ask any urban individual he will deny this fact because he sees the same urban life in the other parts also, but the truth is truth, you can’t deny the fact. If the development is to be talked about, then the whole country is to be taken, not only a few metropolitan or cosmopolitan cities. Still in some parts of Karnataka and other states, where they don’t have a toilet at their home place, forget about the public loos. Government is making big deals with private companies to construct big malls and marts in the cities, but what about those who never have seen the toilets in their area. This kind of huge economic difference in the same country is really disheartening and undemocratic in some sense. Democracy is not only meant for urbanized people but for a whole nation.
Recently new census data published and thankfully, our literacy rate is increased by almost 10%, but regrettably it is still hard to find an educated person. There is a very fine distinction between an education and literacy, a person can be a literate but may not necessary be an educated. A nation that is literate but uneducated is more likely to make poor choices in the home, the marketplace, the jury box and the most important at the voting booth. We are on same parallel lines; our nation might be literate but not educated enough to make distinction between good and better governance. Unfortunately, we have copied each and everything from the west, their clothes, their culture and their way of living, but we forgot to copy their commonsense and the commonsense will only tell us that education is an ultimate weapon, destroying ignorance, poverty and despair.
And then there is a permanent zones of conflict to which India with 3rd largest army in the world are not proficient to control, in the north’s east and north’s west part. Here people have taken up the arms and the government in their hands, molding the political situation as according to their guns. They claims it a self-determination, hope they ever understand the true meaning of it, and more hope on the government that it ever make these people understand it. We can easily curb these situations by allowing military regimes to that area, but the government is more reliable on paramilitary forces, and the poor soldiers are loosing their life which has no value, but a few thousands of rupees to their family. Hope ever government understands it.
And then the most hullaballoo politics of India, we speak about democracy here, surely we are in a democratic country, but democracy doesn’t mean that when a public raise their voice against any unconstitutional or undemocratic practices of government, they face the lathicharge and atrocities of the police in the name of law and order, which in actually they are breaking it.
The only thing which I find somewhere in a place is the role which the judiciary is playing these days, the way over the past years the judiciary showed their activism in the country’s working model like never before, it doggedly supervised an unprecedented corruption investigation, ended Salwa Judum’s reign of terror, struck down the vigilance commissioner’s dubious appointment, voided illegal land acquisition and banned unlawful mining and relentlessly pursued black money. These are some glory and victory that has been acquired by the judiciary. The court’s recent rulings reflect a broader trend of judicial assertiveness that happen in the early 80’s, and this judicial activism is partly to blame to our republic founders, they established a constitutional framework that endows the justices with wide jurisdiction and extra-ordinary powers. Under that framework a person can directly approach the court in fundamental rights cases bypassing the regular judicial hierarchy. Through the means of PIL, the court is now hearing a large number of public cases concerning about social, economic and human development, because of this, a large number of Indians are convinced that the court is an effective decision maker compared to our dys-functional legislators and politically cautious executive. This achievement in the eyes of common public made by the judiciary is really remarkable and outstanding.
So this is all for this Independence Day, right now I am watching ‘Anna Hazare’ episode on Indian government, so can’t write more. Hope he will make few changes in the current turmoiling situation of the country, and next time when I will write something on Independence Day, it would be a better picture than now. See you soon, I have some more things to share with you people, let see when I will come next time. Till then take care, Happy Independence week …...

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