Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ok yeah I know I know how much you people are fuming with me, and yeah I deserve this. Sorry! Guys I was so busy that I couldn’t able make up a time for writing… still very busy. Believe me, I am missing you people and really missing your comments. I have accumulated so much data in my head that I just want to pen it down as soon as possible, or else I will be sick. There are so many things happening these days, life is showing its color to me, life is very fast and I think I am slow.
First of all, wishing you a very Happy New Year, may this year will bring more happiness and peace in our country and of course to its citizens. So I am back here, hope I will be regular in posting and hosting this blog. You know guys, in these last 3 months I travelled a lot and gathered a lot of experience in my memories, met number of peoples, shared a good chemistry with them and at the end made some good friends for the life.
Yesterday only I came home and feeling relaxed here. There is no replacement of home, home is the ultimate soother, and especially when you eat your mom’s food, it really heals all worries and problems. Just two hours before I had a very good and hygienic dinner, which really made me to think to write something for you people. In actually there are lot of things going in my mind, I m really very confused that from where I should start telling you. I am little bit emotional, little bit sad but happy that I am at my home finally. It’s really a very nice feeling to write something while sitting in a warm and comfortable blanket. It’s very cold here especially in night and in the morning, as I am not a very early morning person (unlike my father he always trying to get me up in the mornings, I really love his voice in the morning and his concern over me) so I usually sleep late at night, in actually I like the silence and calm nature of night it makes me relax and blissful.
U know guys, these days I am doing lots of messages to everyone as I recharged my cell with free message scheme, so mostly all the time I asked my friends their doings and keep an update of them in every hour. Hehe…gud na. Thanks to Vodafone to launch their connecting schemes. I advise u people also to recharge with these types of schemes and get in touch with your friends. It’s really very good and beneficial in case of …… hope u understand relationships better than me.
I have not been in touch with any news of the country, but somehow when I was on the metro station, I heard something about Shah Rukh khan and Bal Thackeray. Soon will come up with this issue, really want to say something about these f**king idiots (not SRK but Thackeray and his company).
I think now I should sleep as warm and comfortable blanket showing its effect and making me sleepy, even me also wants some rest. So we will meet soon with new things and new issues. Till then take care of yourself. Bye. Good night, sweet dreams. Love you …….