Friday, August 20, 2010

FREEDOM @ 63...

At the night of 14th august, I was standing outside the Church Gate Station in Mumbai, waiting for the taxi. A traffic policeman standing nearby to me, he was diverting traffic to other side of the road. I asked him, “Why are you diverting the traffic as this road is always open?” He replied, “For tomorrow the traffic plans is changed, there will be a visit of VIPs here so we are instructed to abandon the road”. Then I asked him, “How are you going to celebrate this Independence Day?” he started laughing by this question as I have passed some joke. Then he said in a satirical tone, “I don’t even have a time to pee and you are saying for celebration. Do you think I will celebrate it? I have no independence; tomorrow also I have to drag this traffic till night, and in the morning I will have to more vigilant as VIPs are coming on this road only.” He lighted a cigarette, while taking a puff he smiled and pointed me that this is my ‘celebration of Independence’. I gave him a return lack lustrous smile, took a taxi and moved towards my end. I stepped outside the coffee house in Colaba, met my friend there and told him all about traffic policeman, He was laughing at me and said don’t u have any other work than interviewing people on the old crap topics. He was telling me how his one holiday would be a waste just because Independence Day would be on Sunday. I laughed and told him to make a double celebration as for Sunday itself and another one for Independence that the country had got independence 63 years back. He started abusing ministers, bureaucrats, and in the last the latest offender ‘The Suresh Kalmadi’, came into his abusive tongue. We talked a little about Kashmir issue, but then nothing will be changed with our discussion, so we dropped the idea of discussing it and started enjoying the coffee and hot peoples surrounding with their independent dresses and ideas. After having our coffee session, we went to marine drive, sitting and facing towards Arabian Ocean, enjoyed the cool and wet breezes of sea, keeping our philosophical thoughts with in our mind, talking, walking, commenting, abusing we moved again towards Church gate station. I showed him the place where I met the policeman; he abused me again and went to the ticket counter. My eyes were trying to locate that policeman, but were unsuccessful. I boarded the local to Goregaon. I saw the time, it was 11:55, my friend was talking to me, but my mind was their in the past, 63 years back. This was the time when we got the freedom, our nation was declared free by our first Prime minister, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. He gave the speech on the parapet of Red Fort at the stroke of the famous midnight hour in 1947 and since then raises a tradition of Independence Day tryst with the nation for every Prime Minister. The local train stopped at the Goregaon station, we got off, took an auto and left straight away to his flat. I was little tensed, happy, thoughtful, patriotic, a mix of emotions coming out of my mind, making me reckless and anxious to think about my nations past. When I reached his flat, I opened the facebook and posted on my wall, “Happy Independence Day” along with another quote, “Independence might be a dream for Indians, but after 63 years it still remains a dream…” I don’t know why I posted it. Are we still not independent? We still dream of independence, independence from whom, from poverty or scandal ridden common wealth games holding the country’s reputation to ransom and the government stubbornly refusing to be accountable for criminal mismanagement of public resources. What a common man think of it, on one side a poor public struggling to meet its daily expenses in this back broken price rise and on the other, the government spending lavishly on the commonwealth games for just 10 days of games to uphold its false image, which in actually doesn’t matter. The government who still is not able to understand, why there is an outburst in the valley of Kashmir, why people felt agitated and came out on the street? The answer knows every common men, but sorry to say not our government. We choose them, we made them and at the end we have to suffer them. I fear, whatever is happening in Kashmir valley, one day it will happen in all over India. At last how much a common man will suffer with this? Is this not anarchy? Everything seems to be in disorder, Naxalites took the advantage of our politics, we lost several thousand lives of CRPF, but then also why the government hesitate to give a chance to military personnel’s, they are well trained to handle these types of situation than those Para-military forces who doesn’t even having a proper training for these situations. It seems to be political agenda, introduce a little anarchy; everything will be in chaos and then rule over it. All to all, we are not even able to solve the issues of Khap Panchayat, comm’n they won’t be able to stand in front of our powerful judicial decisions, these are very trivial matters which irritates the public, it breaks the trust when the government do not take any stand just because the vote bank might shattered. We are paying for our choices, we indirectly choose the people on the top even though they are not efficient. I don’t think people chosen Omar Abdullah for this, he is sitting in a AC room and doing conference with other Indian Diplomats, why not he directly goes to the public and listen their voices what they actually trying for.
I don’t want to see figures that India’s GDP is growing with this percentage, let people feel it if it is growing. The newspaper has given the figures that how much fold India risen from 1947, but they haven’t given the figures of corruption that triple folded than those times. Whether it’s an IPL issue or a commonwealth games issue, all issues are showing that the government using public resources at large and we are sitting like schmucks, aren’t? We know that the corruption is there but then also we can’t do anything, because we are just marionette of freedom. We are happy to walk freely on the malls, eating in the MacDonald’s, wearing a branded jeans with our choice, if we think that this is the freedom, then my dear fellows, we are wrong. The meaning of freedom is changed, it is not that freedom where some group of revolutionaries, sitting and conspiring for British people, naah, now we want something more, we want freedom for our better being, a better and secured future. We don’t need a patriot who can die for the country, today we need a person who can live for it. We need awareness among the masses. And the awareness comes only through education, transparency and accountability, the government introduced RTI for better transparency and accountability but still we need more method to access public resources, the recent scandals shows that the government is still far away from the reach of common masses. Right to Education bill, and Right to Food bill is passed after 63 years (we were rejoicing…!), this would have done much before by the government. The definition of literacy is unique in our country, a person is considered to be a literate, who can write his name in Hindi or English, I won’t say write it, they actually ‘Draw it’. And with this definition we calculated our literacy rate as 67 % I fear how much it will be in real. We are living in darkness, yeah definitely no doubt we got independence, but we are not free yet, we need to break the shackles of intellectual isolation. Until we don’t make them accountable, we won’t able to solve the conundrums which limit our country’s growth. That policeman was right; we are still clearing and giving the way for anarch. It is much like anarchy of ruling class, of sovereign, and we are the puppets of sovereign. And in the end we use the term ‘Independence day’, think again, ‘Are we really Independent?’

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The dream of choices...

Sunday night is quite rude; I don’t like Sunday night neither I go for any celebration nor I partying in this night. Even in my school days, I hate this night just because from the morning we again have to pack our appointments for the next one week and this thought always make me feel creepy. I like Saturday night, too much fun, no tension of any kind, no late night worries, coz you have a whole next day to sleep. And right now also I am generating a same kind of feeling, same kind of uneasiness, restlessness so I thought to put some agitation here in my writings. I don’t know why I write, no I am not a good writer, not even a writer basically, but then also it calms my mind. Whenever I write something, either I too much frustrated or I have nothing to do, but then it makes me happy. So I write, huh… why am I giving explanation, ok no more explanation. Yesterday night, yup Saturday night I watched a movie “Knowing”, anybody seen it? It’s really a good movie I like its concept. I wondered from where these guys take these types of different concepts. The whole movie is about forecasting a future, a small girl wrote a numbers on a piece of paper indicating a dates and position of the places where the accident would occur. Just think if really it could possible to write a future on a just piece of paper, then how it affects the life of us, still there are lot of future teller doing business by making fool of people with their undaunted attitude and people believe in them. If suppose they could tell the reality of future, or predict the death of any person, then the world certainly would be on their feet. But this power is not in our hands, we could only guess but we cannot predict exactly as what written by God. Nostradamus the great astrologer, who wrote “Centuries” in 1555, a book of prophecies, he predicted our future, many of his predictions proved to be factual and fatal too. He predicted the end of world in 2012, let see, what happen, if it could happen I won’t be there to write on this blog that he was true, but yeah in case if it would not happen and I would alive till, then I would definitely write something good on him and about the people of this world. There are many things which better to be unsaid and mysterious, imagine if we knew our time of death, then I am sure, I am not writing these things in peace and with this much care. The more we know, the more we get into turmoilation. So its better to not think over it and let the life moves the way it wants.
Yup I forgot to mention about Octopus baba!!! See how much superstitious we, aren’t? And because of our superstition we loose our half confidence. Octopus baba predicted that Spain is going to be a winner; the opposite team definitely had loosened their half confidence in the match just because of his predictions and especially when he was coincidently proven true in the past.
The truth is we don’t have any control in our lives, all things are already written that’s what we called fate. But even it doesn’t mean that we stop doing hard work. It is upon us how we choose any thing, God has written something in our fate that we will get for sure, but it is depend on us how we take it, we might take it through theft, cheating, misleading others or through a good and hard work. So it is on us how we choose our life, and life moves forward according to our choices. When we make a wrong choice, its consequence and outcome has to suffer by many innocent peoples, like what is going in Kashmir, it was a wrong choice of some people who thought it to be good at that time, but now it becomes a cancer for both the countries. The main cause is “the choice” we made in the past. So be sure to make any choice, Nature gives chance only once, and we have to make it in that chance only.
Today only I have read a special report of Times of India on Kashmir issues and turmoilation going there, really wanted to write more but time doesn’t allow me. May be I will write on 14th night, the day this horrible venom vaccinated into the bloods of India and Pakistan.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Friends forever....

Sunday + Friendship day, very great combination really a moment to rejoice upon. Well I have already made the day of friendship yesterday night only, we dine together had a very delicious and yummy food. Togetherness made it more delicious and yummy. It was a wonderful moment we all were sitting on a roof, cracking pranks on each other, remember the days we have been together, smiling and crying on our most memorable and unforgettable moments, shared a Laugh on how we discussed girls, went behind them, caught, and then reprimanded. How we fought, behaved like a junglee in the class, thrown a chalk on each other, spatting and showing biceps in front of girls, made a fun of principal when she spokes on a stage, planned to bunk the school, skipped a period in excuse of toilet, run like a dog in a recess, how always sat on a backbench and doing mathematics in the period of Hindi and English, playing games in computer lab and fought for a chance of it, wore a best dress on a casual day in a school especially to impress a girls, felt special on wearing casual belt on school uniform, never tied the button of a blazer, felt like winning a race when suddenly answered the question asked by teacher, gave a smirking smile on each other’s marks, mobbing on canteen, eating each other’s tiffin, deny to give a homework copy, felt proud of having a copy of a girl(haha..), etc... Those days were never come back, but we recall it every time we met; half of the time we only talk about our old memories and deeds we have done 2gether. These are the small moments which make the life wonderful. I never had thought that I would be having such kind of friends which become a life for me, without them I won’t be happy. My happiness depends on their happiness; if anybody is sad we contribute his sadness and try to make it less. I see my father, no matter how he wrangles up and tensed in his work, he starts smiling whenever his friends call him. After years when we too will be more busy in our life, when we will have more less time to meet each other, then also we will be remain a friends because in some part of our heart there exist a memories of our life time, which we called friendship.