Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The Republic day and the Independence Day – the two most honorable festivals of India, both truly shows the meaning of secularism because of its Indian spirit. A person from every community celebrates it and in every house there is a feeling of happiness.
On 26th January, we celebrate the essence of republic day to mark the adoption of constitution of India and the transition of India from a British empire to a Republic of India.
Although, India obtained its independence on august 15th 1947, it did not yet had a permanent constitution; instead its laws were based on the government of India act 1935. On August 29th 1947, the drafting committee was appointed to draft a permanent constitution with Dr. Ambedkar as the chairman. It took 2 years 11 months and 17 days to draft and adopt a constitution. After many deliberations and some modifications, the 308 members of the Assembly signed the two hand-written copies of the document (one each in Hindi and English) on January 24th, 1950. Two days later, the constitution of India became the law of all the Indian lands. This was infact a deliberate act, adopting the constitution on 26th January, to mark the respect of freedom fighters who wanted 26th January as India’s initial Independence Day. So this is the reason, why we Indians celebrate it on 26th only.
We address it as a ‘Happy Republic day’; we added the word ‘Happy’ because everybody should be happy on this historical occasion, but from last two or three years, I didn’t find any happiness on the face of the citizens. They treat it as a routine day of work or obvious holiday for everybody.
I remember my school days when I prepared my white dress (compulsory for that day) on the night of 25th and was vigorously waiting for the morning of Republic day; I always bought two tri-color flag and fix it on my Bicycle’s handle. It seemed that the whole country sinked with the tri-color of our flag. I used to call my friends and we went together to school, where we celebrated the day with the song (saare jahaan se accha…) and after that those delicious laddoos (I will never forget the taste of it). The whole day was such a nice memorial for each of us; we enjoy the speech of our teachers given on its importance. On every circle of the road, there was a cassette player, playing a song of Deshbhakti.
I never forget the spirit carried by the peoples of those days and now, I am really feeling ashamed with the way our younger generation are carrying the spirit and significance of republic day.
Yesterday I was trying to find out those spirits and enthusiasm among the children and peoples, but I didn’t find anything except the couples roaming here and there, hand to hand with each other.
I am afraid that after a few years our younger generation would not be able to remember the work done by the makers of our constitution and our most memorable freedom fighters.
I have a request to all fellow citizens that don’t forget the importance, significance and eminence of this only two days, which talks about the struggling history of Indians.
Happy Republic Day …



Well before starting anything, I would like to say that this article of mine is for no reason, quite confused, yeah in actually. It happens sometimes when you have lot of things to write or to start with but today I don’t have anything to share with you except my experiences of adorn life, which fortunately is not so interesting.
From my last three articles, I have been writing about politics and politics, and really I am fed up with it, politics really pissed me off. I m quite baffled that whether I m entering into the world of politics or politics entering into me. Beware Farhan…beware, keep away from it. It will bug you until you become a politically incorrect person.
Somebody told me that the intensity of my articles (to memorize one’s mind) is deterioting day by day. I am not able to create a charismatic element in my articles, as I am more into other things rather than concentrating on my skills. The derailment of my mind let me think into more agitation and dereliction.
My life become lethargic, I wake up at 10, then think twice before taking a bath, buy a newspaper but not in a mood to read it properly left it after seeing all the photos on it. My overpower laziness is blemishing my life; I am just waiting for that fine morning, when I wake up at 6. Then go to the gym, read a newspaper properly and does all my work like a good boy.
Everyday I call my friend to take some advice as I thought girls are very proper in their routine, so I too in a hope to snatch some type of routine for me also.
I couldn’t imagine, what will be the reaction of you people, when you read this shirty article of shirtier person of this shirtiest world.

[I did a little bit applause for girls, as it is against my male chauvinist image, so plzz girls don’t be on air, I am still the same person…hehehe…]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YES, WE CAN .............

In my last article, I was criticized by many of my friends, some of them told me that I was little bit biased in writing about Muslims in India. But in actually, it is other way round; I have focused on the present and continuously turmoil situation, which is happening in these days between Hindus and Muslims.
As I told before also, the future of India is tied inextricably with the future of Islam and Hindutwa. It is time for both Hindus and Muslims to dump their religious attitude and think together for the betterment and political security of the nation.
The relationship between both the communities could well be destroyed by the twin forces of bigotry and victim hood. This has prevented a good co-relation and sympathy between the two, and smashed a reliance and assurance between the two largest communities of India – Hindus and Muslims.
The bigoted statement of Hindus for Muslims, like ‘Muslims always support the Pakistani cricket team’ or ‘Terrorism in India is mainly because of Muslims in India’, these statements are so prejudiced that it should be easy for citizens of a modern, functional democracy to dismiss it directly. But the problem is that India is not a functional democracy in the true sense. Politics in India is still all about Identities – caste, ethnicity, region and religion, while politics in a true functional democracy is about fulfilling the endeavor and rights of citizens. That is why, I have written in one of my Article that ‘America is having a biggest democracy in the world’, besides knowing a fact that India is known as largest democratic country in the world, but the truth we all know.
The biggest challenge is for both Hindus and Muslims to transcend the politics of identity and hold it on a way of true democracy.
As India keeps getting hit by terror attack, it will be easy for bigoted Hindus to spread the ambiguous statements, but the good news is that an overwhelming majority of Hindus have never admitted to such statements and it is for Muslims to recognize this as a fact when so called protectors of Muslim rights push them further into a more agitation and stake.
As Pakistan is continuously doing his work in widen the rift between Hindus and Muslims in India, it is necessary for both the communities to understand these tactics of Pakistan and maintain their country of being called an open society where all religions have an equal status. The bigger role in this task is for Hindus, it is only through their consolation and confidence over Muslims that the Muslims in India are not in danger but they are like a family for them.
The most harmful and dangerous disease that Muslims need to tackle is a sense of victim hood. This victim hood led to the creation of Pakistan and it could also be destroy the future of India – including the future of 180 millions or 18 crores Muslims who live in this country.
Even a child in India knows about the work of police, for most cops, religion is less important than the status of the person. If community wise data would be check than there is no doubt, if more than 70 percent were Hindus in it, and it’s a fact. What both Hindus and Muslims have to do is POLICE REFORMS.
It is true that there have been cases where innocent Muslims were picked up and brutalized after the blast, but directly come to the conclusion that there is a planned and systematic conspiracy by the Indian society against Muslims in India is ridiculous and sarcastic.
So, I hope this Article could able to flourish some new change in Indian society and give new assets for Both Muslims and Hindus in India.


Monday, January 12, 2009


The two extensive communities in India – Hindu and Muslim, both of them is holding a capacity to decide the Future of India, if the onus is on Hindus, then the same burden shifts to Muslims also.

However, in the contemporary situation, I find the fidelity of these two communities curtailing day by day, and so the India’s future.

The three aspect of this fidelity – Hindu, Muslim and the India, the prior two are always battling on the latter, but they do not understand the latter exist because of them only.

It is the time for both Hindus and Muslims to shed the perishing situation of prejudiced history, and look forward for the future of India, in which only the existence survive.

Here, in my very important and prominent article of being taken facet of present scenario, I have to discuss and wants to give some advice to both the communities and the caretaker of this country.

Just before the weekend of Mumbai blast in India, the PM pleaded with the senior police officers of India, “not to widen the fault lines of our society, try to restore the faith of people, especially those belonging to religious and ethnic minorities and the weaker section of the society, in order to get better impartiality and effectiveness of police”. In these words, it is clearly showing that they too easily make out the relations and fear of ineffectiveness in the minds of general public. In my last article, ‘Time to change our mindset’; I pushed heavily the need to improve the relations between Police and Minorities. In every pro-active technique of the police, the India’s largest minority community become hostile and treats it as - against policy of police. It is just because of the fact that police has done so many injustices with these peoples, so it is natural for them to become hostile or adverse against them.

‘Young Muslims have picked up and brutalized for no reason, other than their demographic profile, there has to be a better way to deal with these under situations and problems. If there, any terrorist of Pakistan has performed a dreadful violence, then why the Muslims of India suffered because of their act. The victims of the killers were from every faith and religion, the same pain is agonized by the Muslim father, then the Hindu father, then why he suffers this injustice. There are no answers for this, because it is incorporated in our mind and heart that the only reason of this mess and panic is Muslims in India.’

India dealt effectively with Sikh extremism by the skilful use of the talents of a pluralist state. The khalistanis never succeeded in making their cause, one of the Sikh community versus the Indian state. Instead, we saw the majority of Sikhs stay loyal to their country, as a largely Sikh police force, led by a Charismatic Sikh officer, K.P.S. Gill, combated with the minority of Sikh terrorists, while the Indian state orchestrated a democratic political process, which brought elected Sikh leaders to power in Punjab.

There is absolutely no reason why a similar approach cannot work with the Muslim community, the overwhelming majority of whom are proud and loyal Indians. To do so we must start by getting more Indians in Police force, Central reserve police force and most crucial UP’s provincial armed constabulary. It’s obvious, we need to enhance the recruitment process for minority community. Such an approach would definitely reduce the grievance of Muslim community and increase the trust between Community and Police. Moreover, it has not to be done by reservation, which will create more hovac then relief, in other words we should make it easier for them to join the Police.

Let us do it, and until our police and officials are not properly and continuously trained to deal with minority relations, this present problem will continue


Sunday, January 11, 2009

SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM – so it must be rescue…

The worst truth of India – biggest corporate fraud, till date in the history of India.

Satyam computers, the India’s fourth largest company, after Infosys, TCS and Wipro, admitted a swindle of Rs. 7000 crore. The chairperson of Satyam, Ramalinga raju, resigned after admitting to major financial wrong doings and saying his last ditch efforts to fill the ‘fictitious assets with real ones’ through Maytas acquisition failed.

It was a nightmare for the employees of Satyam, 53,000 people (equal to the combined number of employees of Tata Steel 30,000 and Tata Motors23, 000) flooded with job portals in search of alternate employment.

The Satyam shareholder’s stock had gone into free fall before most of them could make a decent exit. The share slew down from Rs. 179 – Rs 18, wiping out more than Rs. 10,000 crore of the investor wealth in the space of the day.

Now who says that only ministers are corrupt and the poor victims of wealth’s racket and scam, even our private enterprises are not reliable, then whom the common could or should rely on.

It was one of the shameful marks on India’s corporate sector, and weakened the future relations on other private equity with foreign traders.

Now the question is arising whether Satyam computers, one of the biggest company would survive or overcome with this catastrophic situation and look out of its 53,000 employees or not?

Satyam Computers is the Enron of India. Like Enron, Satyam was one of the biggest and most feted companies. Like Enron, Satyam perpetrated a balance-sheet scam with the support of supposedly world-class auditors. Like Enron, Satyam stands exposed as a gigantic fraud, and faces lawsuits galore.

Yet, while Enron deserved to die, Satyam deserves to be rescued. The best way to achieve this is for the government to ask NR Narayana Murthy, former chief of Infosys, to take over as the CEO of Satyam. He is almost the only person with the capacity and credibility to rescue the company from its current plight.

Enron was a loss-making company that hid its losses until they could be hidden no more. However, Satyam is profitable. Even while confessing to cooking the books, promoter Ramalinga Raju said that Satyam’s profits in the last quarter were not Rs 649 crore but Rs 61 crore. But the industry admitted that Satyam’s actually profit must be high, though Raju was able to plunder and used it large wealth in his son’s company.

Why it is hard to rescue, one of the profit making gems, of the country?

First, no other company will dream of making a takeover bid until Satyam’s true assets and liabilities are established, and that may take some time.

Second, its creditors are going to shut off funds, and its debtors will probably delay payments due, starving it of cash to pay salaries.

Third, many staffers see no future in Satyam and are desperately trying to find other jobs. Customers, too, will seek to migrate from the tainted company.

For these reasons, no takeover bid looks likely, even as time runs out for the company. The government has the power to appoint new directors, but if it appoints bureaucrats — as it has done in mismanaged companies in the past — these will carry no credibility with either investors or customers. So, customers, creditors and employees will continue to flee, and company will be destroyed.

Some analysts think that the company can be saved if the government guarantees new bank credit to Satyam. That will enable the company to pay salaries till such time as the company’s books are fully investigated. Other analysts think the company can be taken over by the government and broken into smaller pieces for sale. However, Satyam’s problems are so deep that the company looks like collapsing, so there might soon be nothing left to be broken up and sold in pieces.

That is why the company needs a new chief with an unimpeachable reputation for integrity. The company needs not just a new board but also a new management.

Satyam needs Narayana Murthy or Premji as CEO. Premji is not available, since he is already running Wipro. . But Murthy retired as CEO of Infosys many years ago, and is now its mentor and ambassador at large. That is an important and valuable role. But rescuing Satyam would be a bigger and more fruitful role.

Most of the analysts say that rescuing Satyam is a wasteful task, as already it has lost so many of its fortune and its gems like employees. But I believe it should be save, because it is a ship of large profit, and meanwhile if we save it from sinking, many employees will be prevent from any tragedy happen in their families and their lives and in the interim a large amount of business will be lost.

It is better to hunt a tiger, before escalating any other harm…
Best of luck Satyam …


Saturday, January 10, 2009


First time in my life, I heard about the maintenance for husband (lols…); Thank God still, there is some laws which talks about the rights of men in this society of bloodthirsty women. Ohhh… sorry girls, don’t be rude towards me, because I m talking about women, not girls lols….

Well as you, all know that this one is my third article on the legal term, ‘Maintenance’, I don’t know why this topic tempt me a lot, and I m jotting down it again and again …nothing personal lols….

Ohk …let’s talk about the case, well this strange phenomenon happened in New York, a very good, justifiable city of America (no need to mention why it is so justifiable….lols…), in this case Richard, a surgeon, had been married to Dawnell for 15 years and out of wedlock they have three children. In 2001, he donated one of his kidneys to his wife to save her life. The couple has been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle for the last four years and as divorce settlement the husband isn’t asking for the million dollar home that they shared, but he wants his kidney back or else wants to be paid for it i.e. $1.5 million. See, women how kind hearted is the Husband, instead of asking for home, he asks for his kidney, very proper person I have seen (every man should be like this ….properrr!!!..lols...)

After reading all this, some of my female blog readers definitely would curse me and blame me too, that I am Male Chauvinist, but I am not. Actually, I am just showing the fact and decisive power of the case … yeah… which certainly and fortunately works in the favor of men.

C’mon girls, it was happened in America not in India, it will take some time to be happen in India, and after all it is 21st century, everything can be possible…..so just chill out dearroo…. 


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


One of the voluminous problem in our country – Terrorist attack, nobody knows not even imagine when it will last. On this New Year we had performed Prayers, Resolution, New way of living life, but nobody has suggested and took a genuine step to delve with terror phenomenon. After every attack we become alert, but as a typical Indian mind we take these things as a granted, we don’t find any new expertise to confront with it. Why only India observed these attacks? Why not America or other developed nations? It is just because of Indians, who takes every problems on others part, everybody just try to remove their burden and blame others for the deteriorating situation which India facing continuously. Politics pierced in our mind, in every aspects we forward with politics like the case of Ajmal amir kasab, we are doing politics rather than following a procedures. 

No country is perfect; we should try to get in, in that criterion. Population made the country, and mostly of our population is against the policies of the government, and then what’s the use of these policies. There is great need to improve the relations between police and minorities. Police should have some confidence in the minds of minorities; the common people perception is always against the way of police work.

Like the year 2008, where 1st terror attack was in Rampur (UP), this year also (2009) began with terror striking in Assam. Three serial blasts on day 1, left 15 peoples dead and more than 80 were injured, again the series continue. It is supposed to be triggered by Ulfa group of Assam, one of the militants of East India. From Jan 13, 2008 it was eighth blast in Assam. Just imagine the mindset of the peoples of Assam, what they were thinking about the Government.

One of the worst thing happened on the first day only, now just see how much safety and precautious step would be taken by our most trustworthy police and our helpful government.

It is not the mistake of Government; it is a fault of every citizen, why they choose such type of governance, besides having a proper and appropriate democratic structure in our constitution. We should learn from some other democracies, how they dealt with similar situations, and the most recent example the United States of America, I never hesitate to say that America has a largest democracy in the world and they proved it by electing Barrack Hussein Obama – the president of change. So likewise American peoples, we also take inspiration and take some resolution for the new and brighter India and on the occasion of this year of 2009 – a year of change, hope, peace and harmony.

Best of luck India……………


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Amir Khan is the besttt.........

Today, I saw a movie, which I can say, one of the best, excellent, outstanding creation of Indian cinema, and that movie is none other than, its Amir khan’s Ghajini. The story and guidelines of this movie is definitely a copy of Memento (an English movie), but then also I can make a bet that the direction and acting of Indian version of memento (Ghajini) is far and far better than original one.

I don’t find any actor who can do such kind of role with such an ease, excellence and perfection. Now, everybody has to appreciate, why Amir is known as “Mr. Perfectionist”, he proved himself several times, but this time he came out with seven numbers Scorpio, and showed everybody that if there is anyone who is being called, “King of Bollywood”, then it’s only Amir Khan, he really deserves this title of King.

The credit of direction goes to ‘A.R.Murugadoss’, but without ‘Mr. Perfection’, I have doubt, that he could able to flourish his magic like this.

In the movie, I was started crying, when Amir become helpless because of his short term memory loss. In the scene, where Ghajini destroyed all evidences against him in the flat of Amir and sweeped out every mark on Amir’s body, that scene was so touchy and horrible.

When somebody is in Love, he wants to live more, he is afraid of death not because it is scary, but he wants to spend some more time with her, he doesn’t  want to loose her by any means. That’s what some opposite thing happened with Sanjay Singhania (Amir Khan) in the movie. He wanted to start his relationship with her but due to destiny or u can say, the villain ‘Ghajini’, he was unable to do. There’s started a feeling of revenge, which is superbly characterized in the movie.

‘Asin’ the south actress, she did this role thrice, first in Malayalam, second in Tamil and then in Hindi, so it was quiet easy for her to portrait a character of ‘Kalpana’ in the movie. She performed every act of the scene beautifully and flawlessly.

The innocent and charming face of Amir Khan won the heart of thousands, but his acting is really “kaabil-e-tareef”.

See the movie for Amir Khan’s acting, Murugadoss’s direction, Asin’s bubbly performance and A.R. Rehman’s music, but don’t miss it.

You will really and surely enjoy this movie. 

Farhan Khan......