Saturday, January 3, 2009

Amir Khan is the besttt.........

Today, I saw a movie, which I can say, one of the best, excellent, outstanding creation of Indian cinema, and that movie is none other than, its Amir khan’s Ghajini. The story and guidelines of this movie is definitely a copy of Memento (an English movie), but then also I can make a bet that the direction and acting of Indian version of memento (Ghajini) is far and far better than original one.

I don’t find any actor who can do such kind of role with such an ease, excellence and perfection. Now, everybody has to appreciate, why Amir is known as “Mr. Perfectionist”, he proved himself several times, but this time he came out with seven numbers Scorpio, and showed everybody that if there is anyone who is being called, “King of Bollywood”, then it’s only Amir Khan, he really deserves this title of King.

The credit of direction goes to ‘A.R.Murugadoss’, but without ‘Mr. Perfection’, I have doubt, that he could able to flourish his magic like this.

In the movie, I was started crying, when Amir become helpless because of his short term memory loss. In the scene, where Ghajini destroyed all evidences against him in the flat of Amir and sweeped out every mark on Amir’s body, that scene was so touchy and horrible.

When somebody is in Love, he wants to live more, he is afraid of death not because it is scary, but he wants to spend some more time with her, he doesn’t  want to loose her by any means. That’s what some opposite thing happened with Sanjay Singhania (Amir Khan) in the movie. He wanted to start his relationship with her but due to destiny or u can say, the villain ‘Ghajini’, he was unable to do. There’s started a feeling of revenge, which is superbly characterized in the movie.

‘Asin’ the south actress, she did this role thrice, first in Malayalam, second in Tamil and then in Hindi, so it was quiet easy for her to portrait a character of ‘Kalpana’ in the movie. She performed every act of the scene beautifully and flawlessly.

The innocent and charming face of Amir Khan won the heart of thousands, but his acting is really “kaabil-e-tareef”.

See the movie for Amir Khan’s acting, Murugadoss’s direction, Asin’s bubbly performance and A.R. Rehman’s music, but don’t miss it.

You will really and surely enjoy this movie. 

Farhan Khan......

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