Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GOOD BYE 2008!!!!!!

31st DECEMBER – the last day of unforgettable year, 2008.

Though numerous events had happened in this year, may be for rest of the world this year was supposed to be lucky, good and fortunate but for India, I don’t find this year of 2008 was lucky, good and fortunate in any sense. Rather, India was struggling in every month either by terrorist attack or by natural attack, and in both attack only common population of India had suffered.

What should I comment on our Government policies and the policy maker, definitely these policies embedded in papers for the benefit of the peoples, but the politics played or done by our fucking politicians spoiled everything and took it away from its original path.

Well I m not here to write anything about politicians and their dirty politics, I m writing this article for the last day of year 2008, and it should be good, because this article is going to be last article of mine for this year.

India’s three closest countries the US, Pakistan and Nepal have gone through with many bizarre and remarkable situations. As we all know, United States created a history by electing Barrack Hussein Obama, the first African-American as a president. The division in the American society along the racial line came into open. However, Obama emerged as a mouth-shutter of every racial bias.

While in Pakistan, most peculiar thing had happened, was the assassination of Pakistan’s great leader Benazir Bhutto and then another strange thing was overwhelming defeat of President Parvez Musharraf. The coalition, formed between Bhutto’s Pakistan people’s party and Nawaz sharif’s Pakistan Muslim league, elected Yousuf raza gilani as the prime minister of Pakistan.

In Nepal, the Maoist’s decision to come into electoral politics election for a constituent assembly was held and Prachanda was elected as Prime Minister.

I considered this year of 2008, the most deadly and blood soaked year for India in the means of terror. The first attack of 2008 was witnessed in Jaipur on May 13, where serial bomb blasts killed 80 people. This was followed by bomb explosions in Bangalore, Ahmedabad in July. Terror hit Delhi with six serial bomb blasts and took the lives of many. Gujarat, Assam, Manipur and Agartala were also hit by the bomb attacks. Mumbai witnessed the worst terrorist attack on November 26. This year observed the largest number of blast in the world History.

Living up to its expectation – the sorrow of Bihar – Kosi River flooded, affecting people in 14 districts in Bihar. The devastating flood was caused by a breach in the east Kosi embankment in Nepal, which resulted in the river changing its course. Nepal government inspected the flood hit area and held India responsible for the havoc. Whoever was responsible, but the consequences suffered by the people of Bihar only.

Raj Thakeray led Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) tirades against the north Indians turned into physical attacks on the migrant community from Feb to till date, but after terrorist attack on 26 Nov., they are on a rest, thank God. These are the internal terrorist of our country.

The global economic slow down is far from over, and its causalities are the thousands of professionals who are being laid off by their companies globally. A top economist of the government said that job losses in India will continue in 2009.

India signed the most debated nuclear deal. India and the US finalized the civil nuclear pact and this will allow India access to nuclear reactors, fuel and technologies from the US.

The ambitious Nano project has been facing a hard time as land acquisition issues forced Tata group to pull out of West Bengal and shift the project to Gujarat. One of the worst examples of dirty politics in India, again Bengal is left with the problem of Unemployment.

The Mumbai anti terrorism squad invoked section 3 of the Maharashtra Control of organization Crime Act (MCOCA) against the suspects arrested in Malegaon case, including Sadhvi Pragnya Singh, a self styled religious leader, and a serving army officer, colonel Purohit. The incident not only raised fingers at the secular credential of the Army but also implicated right wing Hindu organization beyond the reasonable doubt.

All in vain, I find only two great achievements which India received till date in this year.

Firstly, it was a proud year for Indian sports whether it was in Olympics or through IPLs.

The year shooter Abhinav Bindra, gave India its first Individual Olympic gold mmedal by winning the 10m air rifle event at the Beijing Olympics, and adding two more bronze medal to India’s Olympic kitty by India’s Vijender Singh and Sushil Kumar in boxing and wrestling respectively.

In IPL, it created a storm among the cricket lovers in India; it was a brain child of BCCI vice president, Lalit Modi. Many Bollywood celebrities like ShahRukh Khan and Priety Zinta have co-owned a large applause by the public.

 The Second great achievement was the moon mission, Chandrayaan-1; India’s first unmanned lunar spacecraft was launched on Oct. 22, from Satish Dhawan Research Centre by the Indian Space research organization (ISRO). After the success of Chandrayaan-1 mission the ISRO is now planning to launch Chandrayaan-2 in 2015. Russia’s Federal Space Agency is joining with ISRO for development of Chandrayaan-2 mission.

That’s all for 2008 in my encyclopedia, there were lot of things and events took place in this year, but who concerned about it.

I hope, unlike this year of 2008, next year of 2009 will prove to be Lucky, Beneficial, Good, Fortunate, Cheerful, Pleasant, Profitable for India as well as for whole of the World.

Let’s join your hand and make a Wish and Resolution for the coming year of 21st century.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! To everybody………….

 FARHAN ........

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amrit khare said...

this was a well compiled attempt by you buddy..... i too consider this year to be a mixed bag for india..... on one hand we had more than 65 blasts rockin the country nevertheless mumbai attacks on the other hand teher were various achievements too......