Thursday, December 4, 2008


I have been continuously traveling from many days for some usual and unusual reasons and in the meanwhile, my life has gone through many new experiences. In last four days, I had crossed approx. 2000 kms and been in places Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Roorkee, Haridwar and then again backed off to Delhi for some work. Ahhh…it was quite hectic and shaggy schedule for me. I am not sure, but may be I have to pack off for Hyderabad also after two days. My backache problem is on a high and continuously complaining and giving me a sneering smile day by day.
It was an adventurous journey for me and I enjoyed each and every moment of it, specially my undergone experience with the spice jet, this was the first time when I was traveled by the plane. First time experience is always special, fabulous, wonderful and more exciting. The feeling of in air is amazing, firstly I was little bit scared, as it was a higher risk subject for me ha-ha-ha…but it last as soon as the plane took off from the ground and acquired its normal position (in the air), it seemed that it was moving with the zero speed and looking stationary with the cloud, actually it was all the game of frame of reference.
The clouds were looking so beautiful from there, I could imagine the scenery of Antarctica, and I couldn’t find any difference b/w the structure of clouds and up roaring ice in Antarctica. The fog covered runway was looking like a never ending lane which has it ends in infinity only. The surrounding atmosphere and weather was looking so pleasant and mischievous in the morning, which made my journey more happening and excited.
In this descriptive journey, I forget to tell my short time fun with the Air hostess, she came to me, wearing a dress like tutu and instructed me tutelage about security programmes. Her name was Manjeet, she was Punjabi but looking not less than an European. I asked her several questions about the mysterious role of make up in her field (ha-ha...) and she gave me some of logical and funny answers that I will not tell you coz it is little bit vulgar.
The tempting journey was jubilant, remarkable and successful, but one thing in vain was internet facility, I missed all of my friends, I was unable to come online because of my busy days, may be some of them are angry with me and worst thing was that I did not have much balance in my cell, so I was not able to contact anybody nor I picked up anybody’s call due to roaming charges.
Well I am already very much tired, so I don’t want to think and show my vehemence over other things except my warm and comfortable blanket which will take good care of my peaceful sleep and my loving dreams.


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