Saturday, November 7, 2009

Train to Chennai - II

The sun rays entered the next morning and started giving warm feeling in the AC compartment, I was half asleep but soon it was broken by the chaiwallas with their piercing voice, they were best in this work. I woke up and put my hand into the bag to find the toothbrush, but then I realized that I forgot the instrument of cleansing teeth. It is not that much difficult because God has given you fingers, I treated it as a tooth cleanser though it is not brushy.
I was sitting like a lazarus who were asking for somebody to get rid of his boredom, but nobody gave any alms for improving my boredom. When nobody helps to overcome your boredom, then only one thing can make you happy and ‘BOOK’ is the only magic word for these situations. The day before coming on this journey, I bought Chetan Bhaghat’s latest novel ‘Two State-The story of my marriage’, it was the only souvenir for that moment. I saw the dedication; it was for his in-laws, I am sure his in-laws now will show some mercy on him. God bless him. I started reading the first page of a novel, it was a description of a mess scene, particularly about south Indian girl who were standing and messing with the mess worker, and Chetan were fallen for her because of her attitude and south beauty. The novel move around in between Delhi and Chennai, I was feeling good when I heard the name of both cities as I already familiar with one and for the other I was going. The novel took my boredom and filled its curiosity into me; I was reading, reading and reading throughout the day, the neighbours got frustrated as I was getting out of my boredom leaving behind them into the same psyche of it. They were trying to see the name of the novel, I kindly showed as now I wanted them to ask for it. revengeful I am....
It was 7:30 in the night; I was feeling a bit hungry as all my energy got into novel reading, train was stopped on some station in Andhra Pradesh, I don’t remember its name as it was little difficult to pronounce it. The moment I asked the name of the station, I forgot at that moment only. I stepped out on the platform, looking forward to eat something but nothing was there except chaiwallah and thier piercing voices (this is the only voice which cannot change even in south India also, same quality of voice they also speak when they come to sell chaii...). I took a cup of tea and started strolling with every sip on the platform, and then I felt that somebody was licking my shoes, I panicked for a moment was dog. Thank God, he was not there with the bad intention, his lazarus eyes and shaking tail was asking for something in return of licking my feets. I was having only a cup of tea and I never heard that Dog also takes a tea. But I had a two piece of Chikki in my bag, so I gave it to him, first he examined the two pieces with suspicion and smacking it with his tongue, but soon he realized that this was not fit for him, he left those two pieces of chikki on the floor of a platform and sit quietly on the other side with dirty look on me as he wanted to complain me that I didn’t give him anything special. I too gave him a dirty look as he wasted my two pieces of chikki, that too of Lonavla (speciality of that place...). I was dawdling on the platform then I saw one man picked up those two pieces, first I thought he was going to eat so I thought to tell him, but he placed those two pieces on the side of the floor so that nobody could step over it. I was so impressed by the act of this person, I realised the difference between Delhi and Chennai, more appropriately North India and South India, their people don’t care for these things, if they find something thrown on the road they throw something more over it rather than picking those things and make a dustbin to that area. But this is all opposite in South, this is the importance of education. I was not even overcome by this impression, one poor boy took those pieces, I told him not to eat that it was already licked by dog, but he didn’t listen me, he washed those two pieces and eaten it. These two incidents touched me a lot; I realized the importance of those two pieces of chikki. For me maybe it was nothing more than two chikkies but for that poor guy it was something very special that he ate it though the dog too left it.
After overwhelming incident, I again stuck with the novel reading and reaching furiously at the end of the story, only 40 pages were left, interruption occurred, somebody switched off the light curtailing me from reading more. I showed a little soreness with the sudden barbaric treatment given to me by that mad fellow. I thought to answer him, but I went outside with the novel, thinking to be a better answer. I again started, sitting on the floor of the gallery outside the realm of those early sleepers. Some of them were watching me from inside, definitely were thinking me mad, mad about the novel. But then, I was not disturbing any of them, nor I wanted to, I didn’t want to distract my mind from the novel. I was totally into the novel, got emotional with every line of emotions and finally tears rolled into my eyes...............the novel had done its job, it made me cry. If any creative art holds your emotions even for a few minutes, it means it shows its effect, believing to this aphorism I moved on to the end...and a feeling of satisfaction covered my face when I read the last page of the novel. By the way, does every story have a good ending in the real life also...? I hope so; after all I cannot question on God’s decision...leave it...I am not here to argue with God...
Well, after all incidents, I came back to my seat for sleep, had a last look to my neighbours, they were busy in their dreams. I closed my eyes recalling the memory of all day...and thinking for a person I am going for...... gone into deep deep as a sea...even sea is shallower than my sleeps and dreams......

to be continued...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Train to Chennai...

Train – Travelling – Destination, these three words are so wrangled up with my life, my life is also moving like a train on two parallel tracks which never meets. Everything is going so hurriedly that I am unable to catch the heavy rhythmic notes of life. Believe me! I have so many things to tell you guys, I know, I know that you people are expecting much more write ups than before, and yes, it has been a long time since I posted something, no doubt, I too want to write more often but time doesn’t allow me. Time, this is the only dimension which man cannot hold or control and it should not to be. Ok I already poked much introduction, now; I want to tell another journey of my life.
It was 1’o clock in the night and I was on a phone with my friend, not caring about the train which I have to take for one of the metropolitan city of India, no, it’s not Mumbai, its Chennai. My baggage were still not packed, but chatting was still going on, “oh my God, it’s 2’ o clock I didn’t pack my bag” I blabbered to my friend and thinking to get out of this useless Gtalk!!! But my friend didn’t give any attention to it; he was still showing his way of talking (luckily I like it!). The clock turns it hands to 2:30 am, the other part of my watch’s screen was flashing with this two digits number separated by two bindoos, and I cut the phone without caring his resentment, thought to give some bad excuse after all ‘a bad excuse is better than none at all’. I took out the ticket and examined it, it was giving me sneering smile, unnoticed its smile I saw the timings which again ready to give me another smile, ‘3:30 am’. The train will roll down in another one hour and I not even packed my baggage yet. I thought this is the time, Farhan you have to show your energy. I puffed up my bag with clothes and everything without caring the crease of my shirt, and ......I did it in 10 minutes only, bingo!
I came out of house and started finding if any autowallah was visible, but then again my nerves got tight, only half n hour left, I haven’t seen any sigh of relief. But then one auto was coming from the opposite road, I thought first, he must charged me high, but he was a nice guy, he took me on a reasonable fare. Thankful to him. I saw the big clock hanging on a Eiffel tower of a Pune station, and got panicked, only 5 minutes left, I ran, ran and ran, until I saw the train, a wind of satisfaction came in my mind, but it again turned into anxiety, the train was started moving with it I also started moving with great pace and this time a sigh of relief was waiting for me, I somehow managed to enter into the compartment, though it was wrong but thanks to railway employees for interconnecting all bogies. I took a long breath and took out a bottle and emptied the half litre there only.
I saw all my neighbours were dark complexioned with having a long and heavy moustache, remembering Rajnikant and Kamal Hassan I asked, ‘Is this your bag?” I don’t know what makes people to carry so many luggages and blocked the space of others as well, he replied in a soul-less tone, ‘yes, what you want?’ I thought to ask for the imported bag he was carrying, I replied, ‘I want a little space to place my luggage as you have taken all the space’.
‘I have taken???’ He said.
‘ huh...No, I mean your luggage’
He smiled and adjusted somehow to give me a little space besides his precious and heavy bag. I don’t know why he passed such a poor joke, which has nothing to laugh.
I came to the entrance door of a compartment for enjoying and have a look for a night beauty of Pune, a little cool breeze trembled my body, I enjoyed that moment and started thinking about my next destination and the people I was going to meet there...

to be continued...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am sitting in front of my laptop and continuously thinking that what I should write on this day of myself. Either I have nothing to write or I have so many things to write that I don’t know what I could write. Leave it; I don’t want you people to wrangle on my worries which I am passing on every day.

Ok guys, first of all wish me is my Birthday, not today basically, still 1 hour and 15 minutes left. Just before 22 years back in 1987, I came in this giant world with my small dreams, dreams which still have to be fulfilled. I had born in the evening of 15th October in 1987 at some hospital of Hardwar city, because of this karmic connection with this pious city, sometimes my friends too considered me pious as they think or they have a thinking that I born in such a holy place so I must having a sacred heart. From my point of view, I am still not sacred, albeit many times, I took a bath in Ganga River for flushing out my all bad karmas.
Today is the day of happiness for me, tomorrow morning when I wake up, definitely there will be hundreds of calls, messages, gifts, ...smiles, wishes, dishes will be waiting for me, everyone will talk me with a certain kind of kindness, ...because...anybody guess??? don’t need to...obviously because it’s my birthday. But for what they are wishing me, the reason that I am going to add one more year in my life, one more year to get into old people’s list or one more year added in my experience, yuppie ...I am experienced now. They are wishing me for the reason that I am getting closer to my date of death, oh my God, how rude this world with me? I don’t want any wishes for these reasons, I want only those wishes which makes me feel more young, more energetic, better than my juvenile days. I want the gift which can return the days of my juvenile period, the period when I was in my originality away from all those worries, pain, stress, the period when I used to cherish every moment of my life. Can anybody give me the gift of those days? I don’t want to eat in 5 stars hotel or in some clumsy restaurant, but I want those foods which I used to eat with affection and love.
I want my days back when my father used to pick me after hours from school; I want that happiness which I used to feel when I saw my father standing outside the school premises. Can anybody return those days? I don’t want any bashing parties, but I want those parties which my family used to give for me on the day of my birthday, the taste of a cake and the curiosity for gifts I still remember. Can anybody give me those parties? When I recall my memories of those days, I feel the same kind of feelings and embarrassment when I used to take the packets of toffees for the whole class and the class teacher told everybody to clap for me, the feeling of being special on that day is unforgettable. How could I forget the special dress especially for my birthday which my mom brought for me every year, though today I purchase whatever dress I want, but the happiness of wearing that dress was indelible.
I asked these questions to my father, he told me you will again feel these things when you will become a father, for every man there is two phases of life, one for himself and other for his children. He feels the same feeling of his childhood when he glimpses his son doing the same things what he used to do in his childhood. But for that you have to wait for a life to repeat the same period in a different phase.
Now it’s almost 12, my sister already wished me. She always the first to wish me, for that reason she calls me even before the exact 12 strikes of a clock. Now another call is on a line and that call is of somebody whom I considered very very special in my life. First of all I have to wish myself...


Thursday, September 24, 2009


“There are lot of beautiful girls in our college, but they don’t wear ‘burqa’, they don’t do purdah, then why are you wearing this?”
Can anyone guess about the intellect of a person, who uttered these words? One shouldn’t need to be Einstein to end up making any conclusion. This illogical logic has been given by a principal of some college in Karnataka. Through this we can easily put forward the illogical implication of this statement; either he meant to say that only beautiful women can wear a ‘burqa’ or the purpose of this cloth is for hiding the beauty. So if someone is not beautiful, then she should not wear ‘burqa’ according to him, I don’t know what standard he fixed for the measurement of it. Poor fellow!!! Don’t understand the purpose of it; certainly it is far away from his illogical mind.
Purdah system is, many a times, considered as a tool of oppression; ok I agree it is not at all good to confine women in a four walls of a room. It is not justified at any cost, but if they wear ‘purdah’, ‘hijab’ or ‘burqa’ or some veiling thing which covers their privacy to go outside, than what’s wrong in it? Nobody is forcing them to wear; it is their own choice then who are we to force them not to wear it. It is ridiculous to restrict or denying admission to anybody on the basis of this veiling clothe. Why questioning on somebody’s faith? I don’t think a purdah woman is less intelligent than a non-purdah woman; she wants to carry her religious sentiments with her studies. I don’t see any harm in it. She is having a right to education as well as right to practice her religious belief also. I mean, this is a democratic country so everybody is having equal rights, whether it is a Muslim, a Hindu, a Sikh or a Christians.
We should not act like if somebody is wearing ‘Burqa’ then it is against the belief of other groups, they are just following their sentiments or more appropriately she is maintaining her privacy, she is not causing any harm to anybody by wearing ‘burqa’ or ‘hijab’. Why causing ruckus on these issues and disheartening the beliefs of others?
I asked one lady why you wear ‘Hijab’, she said, “There are many reasons for wearing it and for me I feel my hair is much more special when shared only with my family.” So it is her belief, she wants her hair to be covered, it is for her family only. It is ok. Why we are expelling anybody on this reason?
There are some reasons given by the colleges that this ‘burqa’ is violating the standard of their dress code, it is indifferent to their common dresses. Ok I agree with this statement, it is really violative. On this statement, I want Muslims to be little bit co-operative, please don’t think that these colleges dismantling your belief, but they want uniformity among students.
Islam says, “woman should cover the whole body except the face and the hands (i.e palms and fingers). Hair should also not to be exposed because Islam considers it as half of the total beauty of women. The hijab could be of any form and colors, a piece of clothe i.e. chader or a three piece ensemble as long as it is not tight fitting and does not attract people’s attention.” The main purpose is to wear those clothes which should not reveal the body of a woman because visual stimulation plays a predominant role in the physiology of women.
So it is not necessary to wear only ‘burqa’ or a black gown of thing which covers your body, you can wear salwar-suit as well provided it is not too tight to reveal your body. And the Muslims should not precise only on black gown or a black ‘burqa’ kind of thing if it is not accepted by others, it is better to wear something else. After all there have been many cases in which terrorist have performed their task in wearing ‘burqa’ only in order to hide their identity. So why should we so much emphasizing on wearing a particular type of cloth, the main purpose is to hide your body according to the Islamic principles, so it can even followed by other clothes as well, it is not obligatory to wear that particular black gown.
And please don’t mix modernity with woman’s sanctity; does our modern thought depend on our women’s clothes? I don’t understand the relation between it, we need to be modern in our opinion, in our choice, not necessary to be in clothes. Indeed, woman is a symbol of modernity but in terms of education, thoughts, participation not in terms of clothes. It is not at all about faith; it is about morality, dignity and privacy of a woman, which should have to be maintained.


Saturday, September 19, 2009


I booked my ticket one month before only I had to start my voyage to my dream land, my jannat: my home, but I don’t understand what makes people to travel a lot between Delhi – Bombay route and makes it unavailable in all the time of the year. At the last moment I was standing having waiting listed ticket on the Pune station and waiting for a reservation chart for confirmation. My friend calling me again and again to get to know the curious case of my ticket, and every time they made me cold feted with their unkindly jokes, I controlled my nerves and prayed a little for the confirmation. I think God has been very kind to me in these kinds of matters especially when I intended to meet my parents.
Generally in AC compartments, the chances of confirmation are quite less than the sleeper compartment as they are in less numbers, so these thoughts made me more maniac towards the uncontrollable situation, particularly when I have to reach home more specific before two days of Eid as it is going to be on 21st or 22nd depending upon the situation of moon. I was impatient to know about the picture of my ticket, or could my name be in the chart? I was wrangling with the pessimistic approach of mind, but then only I saw one guy having a long parchment in his hands coming towards the chart board to pinch the luck of waiting listed commuters. This period of watching list was really very sickening as everybody bowled over him to know that could they won the lottery of a seat? But somehow I made some space to find my name into the list, I saw one list, it was not there, I examined all the lists of AC 3 tier compartment, but I couldn’t found my name. I was disappointed with the thought that I prayed to the God but then also HE didn’t show some mercy on me. Then the only option I left was to go and started buttering to TTE, I humbly asked, “sir is there any seats available in AC 3 tier? I have a waiting list but it didn’t confirm by God’s grace. As he was such a nice fellow, he has taken my ticket to see the numbers written over it, then he said those flowery words, “Your ticket is already confirmed and it is upgraded to AC 2 tier”, these were the words and I snatched my ticket from his hands and straight away without asking anything went to 2 tier compartment, and with God’s graciousness I found my name their on it, it was written as ‘MOHAMMED FARHAN KHAN – M – NDLS – A1 – 38’, Oh my GOD!!! GOD did that, I gave lot of thanks to God and I proceeded to my seat with my straight collar in order to show to the wait listed passengers that I am no more in your group, PLEASE give me a space, ‘you wait listed passengers always gathers a crowd on the doors, get your a** down the door’ hehe...and I put my baggage into the space given under the seats. The thought of having nothing but having a seat in 2 tier AC compartment after paying of 3 tier, I was highly satisfied with the gratitude of railway department.
Sometimes once in a blue moon it happens, God showed so much mercy on you. I felt very happy to see the neighbour seats of mine having acquired by two beautiful girls. I called my friend instantly and told him about all good things which have occurred in just 15 minutes of time, certainly, that 15 minutes was really proved to be very lucky for me. And then I told about the two girls who were going to sit beside me on a whole journey, my friend was feeling jealous with that lucky charm I have at that moment. But then I was happier to see him jealous as just one hour back he was laughing at me on the curse of ticket. And then after five minutes, train rolled down from the station and started its further journey to New Delhi. I was sitting inside the compartment, feeling very comfortable, even more comfortable with the thought of having seat in an AC 2 tier after having paid for lowest one. My neighbours have booked their ticket in current quota and paid 300 bucks more than the normal fare; I was passing tantrums on them as I have paid less than the normal. Lols.
In the starting I was feeling bored as everybody was busy in themselves only, nobody was caring for me, I was sitting like a donkey with face down to the ground hassling into my own dreams. But then I started conversation with a little question, “Where you are going?” then I thought how stupid question I have asked, I wanted to undo my question but then she answered, “we are going to Delhi”, hmmm...a wind of satisfaction passed into my mind that at least I let her speak. Then we started firing the same question, I asked about her doings and then she asked about my doings, I was scared that it might end up with saying nothing. After 5 minutes, I sat silently again hassling into my dreams sitting like a donkey but girls are whispering with each other, I bet not about me...hehehe...after a short time attended come to us and asked for a dinner, I ordered a normal meal, but the girls first asked for continental food, it was not available so they ordered the same, poor girls, I don’t know why on earth people ask for continental foods. I mean in their teens only they try to avoid oily things that it would not harm them in their old times, or they are having a digestion problem, I thought to suggest them some exercises rather than opting for a continental food, but then why should I give my suggestion so freely, it should have cost a little but then nobody is taking, that’s their problem. After a meal we shared some cordial talk with each other, in the mean while I came to know they both were elder to me, hehehe...not a problem actually, they both have completed their MBA’s one among them was from US (Arizona) and other girl has done in Delhi only. Thank God, I thought they both were NSIs (not students of India) without any reasons. They were very friendly, she told me about her experience in USA and other foreign trip she has made in that period, and then she showed some gratitude perhaps her discontentment on the issue of SRK’s detentions, but then I said nothing, I thought it would better not to speak in this matter otherwise they would have argued with me and I don’t want the pretty girls speak against me. The other girl was also made her trip to Switzerland, turkey and in many places, she was telling me how uncomfortable for them to eat outside, everything is so costly there. Even water bottle costs more than wine, perhaps people prefer wine over water.
While talking and telling about outside India, they forgot to sleep, so I reminded them to sleep as well ...hehehe...and then I took out my novel to have a good sleep, it is better to read novel at the time of sleeping perhaps it leads to good and healthy sleep. In the journey, I have completed my long pending novel of SIR CONON ARTHUR DOYLE – THE HOUNDS OF BASKERVILLE, Sherlock Holmes series; it is one of the best novel I have read till date, very exciting, though thrilling, filled with suspense with utmost sincerity of curiosity. I hope I will be starting my next novel gifted by my dearest of dearest friend and it is none other than the famous novel of SALMAN RUSHDIE – MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN, though I read a little part of it, it sounds interesting let see how many booker prize I will give to this novel.
It’s too much for today; I will show my vehemence over other thing as well, but later. I have to complete my other works as soon as possible as I can. Let see when I will be able to come up with you to share my new experiences of life.

- Mohammed Farhan Khan

Friday, August 28, 2009

4:30 am ...

Writing a blog is my best pal time, if I have nothing to do or nothing to read then I starts writing in this small piece of webpage which gifted by google people to writing lovers. It is about one year since I started writing this blog and slowly I develop a habit of writing which is really very beneficial to me. Being in the field of legal development I have to be good in writing, reading and speaking. And frankly speaking, I am not at all good in speaking, but yeah I am trying hard to learn some lawyer tactics again to woo or you can say to convince others,...hehehe...writing is really very different from reading and speaking, and it is equally different in terms of enjoyment. I mean I enjoy a lot when I write something, it is a great way to express whatever you feel, nobody can restrict me, after all we are living in a democratic country, and right to write is my birth right. But sometimes because of some illiterate persons who don’t even know the meaning of freedom of speech, they restrict and create a hullabaloo on some masterpiece of writings like what was happened in the case of Jaswant singh. The day India’s people doesn’t digest the expressions of writing, India will certainly started be called as undemocratic country where there is no freedom to express our feelings. Jaswant singh has commented some of his usual thoughts so what’s wrong in it, as Shobha de said, it certainly not going to change the history, it is his saying only. History is already known by all peoples, they know it what actually was happened. So, if Jaswant Singh said something in his own contemplating way, it is his choice he loves Jinnah’s work, he denied Nehru and Patel’s cause for this nation. It is ok, why to create so much turmoilation in the country, you have a choice either you read or not, if you don’t like it don’t read it. But don’t create nuisance in front of over excited media just to prove yourself that how much you are against Jinnah or a particular ideology. Why to fight over already happened past, neither of us can change it nor we can amend it. So it’s better to fight for future which is already plundered by the very ideological group who consider themselves in an opposition party. It is really disgusting to see BJP in this condition, what can this opposition party do for the sake of people, they themselves are not into place, how can they decide India’s future if their own are on a stake.

It’s already 5’o clock in the morning and I hope I should sleep now, the whole night I didn’t sleep, partly because of Ramadaan and partly because of other purpose which I am not going to reveal.
Well before ending this I would like to tell you people that may be today only I will post an article on Culpable Homicide and Murder which is defined in IPC. This particular topic really created lots of confusion into my mind. So now after referring two books on these particular sections 299 to 304A of IPC, I understand a little bit about it and I hope I will be able to explain about this very complicated part of IPC to you people also in a very simple language, away from all those legal jargon.

Monday, August 24, 2009


“Disintegration leads to desolation”, BJP should realize this phrase as it is exactly applied to this party. Instead of sticking in the party’s ideology, which is useless and bootless, the BJP should concentrate in their parties’ unity and existence. This is the only elixir which can overcome the party’s internal battle.
From the last day of the result of Lok Sabha election, the party is playing a blame-game as who is responsible for this shameless defeat, that too with very young and energetic descendent of Gandhi family. The experienced member of this party has not been able to understand yet what is the cause of action of this defeat. They are still thinking that it is because of their experienced members who kindly showed ample amount of their ideological experience in the elections. The day BJP defeated, two things got over, one is Advani’s dream to become PM which was continuing from the days of his guru,( Atal Bihari Vajpayee –the only leader I liked in BJP) and second his leadership from BJP got over or snatched away from him. Advani ji really is in a state of distress period, which will never overcome, most probably.
Things got more worse when L.K.Advani resigned from the post, and then started a evolution of hope in everybody’s mind even the peon of the party was started thinking to become a leader of this party, ...poor peon...could not become victorious in front of potential claimants, Arun jaitley, Shusma Swaraj, Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi. (Frankly, I don’t see any difference between the peon and these so called claimants). But somehow, Rajnath Singh is able to catch the hat of this party; even I don’t know how, this created a turmoilation in the party. Everybody’s hope became despair (even peon also...poor peon). This developed a group system in the party some of them with the strategy of Rajnath Singh while some of them against it. While on the other hand, RSS being an advisory body of BJP stands for the Rajnath Singh and his decisions in the party. As party has to follow the RSS ideology and its agenda some of them give up their groupism and started supporting Rajnath Singh only.
After the settlement of Rajnath Singh, as was expected he asked to quit Vasundhra Raje as the leader of opposition in Rajasthan as she was responsible for the poor governance in Rajasthan because of which BJP lost the election, again the blame game...ufff... And the lady become cat woman, she rebelled to give his resignation as the opposition leader and the party again is divided into two groups. How many times this party divides is the question of consideration, (it clearly shows the curse of peon...lols).
BJP yet could not has been able to settle the crisis of Vasundhra raje, the Jinnah missile of Jaswant singh exploded on the head of BJP leaders, which further turmoiled the situation and this time BJP straightaway expelled the legend of the party - Jaswant Singh...and he became a scapegoat because of already pondered situation. The BJP leaders could not able to digest the heroic image of Jinnah in the book of Jaswant Singh, Jinnah – India, partition, Independence, which further partitioned Jaswant singh from the BJP.

[I wanted to write something more on this issue (JINNAH, BJP AND JASWANT SINGH), but due to shortage of time, I will write it in my next post definitly on this BJP's witticism... :)]

Sunday, August 23, 2009


“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, this aphorism is globally accepted, it is a bitter truth of dynamism. But in the case of America, the aphorism is little bit different, “Power corrupts and the fear of losing power corrupts absolutely”.
This is what is happening with America these days. The United States is a super power and its greed to be the same in the future is drastically causing loss.
The only difference B/w Bush and Obama’s administration is that in case of Bush, the global media was in a hate affair with his any policy either it was Iraq or Afghanistan, but in the latter case, the global media is in the love with Obama’s administration and treated each and every policy as a state of hope and change. Although, in true sense the policies of both the presidents are quite same, but with Obama, probably his intention are truly for the benefit of the people, unfortunately it resulted as a inaccurate one.
What his predecessor had done, he (the Obama) is discharging the same thing. He is on a war with Afghanistan; his policies for Af-Pak are heeding and not seem to pay back him. About $223 billions have been spent on the war against Afghanistan excluding the expenditure and help given to Pakistan, which is not so familiar with the current crisis of market. And in Iraq region the situation is more turmoiling, it is over $3 trillion has been drooled over, and the result again is not as expected. He has already said about taking back the US troops from Iraq, but the question is if he will take back his support from Iraq, then it will most possibly become another safe home for terrorist organisation and Al-Qaeda or may be it would take over by Iran. In Iraq, nobody is ready to believe that Americans will not interfere in their internal politics, if it, then what was the battle for. In any case, America will never take its set up from Iraq. In Afghanistan, history is evident for its uncover winning, Afghanistan have never been conquered by any country whether it was the ingenious administrators – the Britishers or Russia - the super power of that era, or the hero of second world war – the Hitler. Everyone had taken their action back because of the devoured demography of Afghanistan; the country swallowed many conquerors but never allowed to conquer. In the future also with the current scenario and the situation and the condition of US and NATO troops, it would be difficult to predict the win. Obama started the war but there is no sign of its termination, it is definite that the Taliban will not win against the heavy technical machinery of U.S. like Drona but in the end the enemy will tire, like the Russians.
In both the countries, America got stuck because of its unprecedented interfere with the two great civilisations of the world and in any way, it has to enhance their expenditure to expand his power in the country.
Somehow America able to make some important agreement with Russia in Moscow pact, the pact was mainly for Afghanistan, Russia allowed U.S to fly their weapons, hardware and troops across its territory to Afghanistan without navigational charge and inspection. This will save U.S. up to $133 million a year in transit costs. This is the first step after World War II between America and Russia, particularly when Russia always took back their arms with U.S policies. It is a good sign of peace between the cold war rivals since World War II.
The main problem suffered by U.S in Afghanistan is the killing of innocent civilians and because of this the local peoples go against the U.S. troops. Approximately 1000 innocent have been killed during this year including the massive number of women and children. This constructed havoc in the minds of fundamentalist and having made a negative image against the U.S. troops. There were about 6000 army troops of U.S in Afghanistan but it has not shown any effect till date, still they are alien to that country, U.S planned to send about 4,00,000 troops there to have a complete hold over Afghanistan regions.
The way U.S spending and enhancing its expenditure over these countries is really a way of another recession in the future, we have already seen the effect of Bush’s war and the similar kind of approach is taken by the Obama also. Particularly, the U.S. citizens are not quite happy with his market policies, the number of unemployment has increased a ton in the last six months and still there is no sign of its procreation with the peace policies of Obama in Afghanistan and Iraq which ultimately turning out as war policies like his predecessor.
Another problem with U.S is as I have written in the beginning only, the fear of losing power makes a man corrupt. Similarly in the case of U.S, China is perpetually coming out as a powerful nation; it is growingly fledging its arm on the world. It’s multiplying economy, expanding army, capturing market, elevating its technological excellence, its chase for holding a market of Africa and utilising its resources in a right plain, is became an issue of uneasiness for U.S.
This is another reason that America is giving a large consortium of money to Pakistan in the name of tackling the problem of Taliban, on the other side, China is also giving economic and technological support to Pakistan to confront with China, in a simple word, China wants to build its base in Pakistan to cover against India. The day America stops giving money to Pakistan, Pakistan definitely join the side of China. China, being excellence in all fields, is chasing a race to become a super power by holding support and favour of Asian countries, that is why, it has already strengthen its Army on the Borders of India and Naval in the Indian Ocean to check India in further war. Here, America gripped a good support in India by promulgating the support of nuclear power.
This is the scene of international politics which is being played by America through his liberal and clever tactics to remain in the position. It is worse than the national politic which we termed as “Dirty Politics”.
But if we see it with another perspective, what Obama is carrying out was the result of the act of his predecessor. He is so wrangled with the prior decisions only that he is not able to flourish the change that he has promised to do. But again his policies are not indifferent from the Bush’s administration, which likely to result as against his promises that he orated at the time of his winning.
The change will occur, but only if Obama’s administration allows that change...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There has been a lot of talks and gossiping about SRK’s detention at the New York airport, media turned out the every scales in favour of SRK as how he was humiliated, detained for 2 hours and got late for his show where he told all the crunches as he has suffered due to immoral checking of immigration department of US because he is a KHAN. Ok. The name is the main problem, not a name actually ‘surname’. Right...? Yes, indeed exactly that has been told by the media and SRK’s cacophonic phone call to the media groups.
SRK’s detention made Indians sadder but wiser in some sense. Let it be discuss later.
There has been a rumour of ‘Racism’, ‘humiliation of Muslims’, ‘a person with khan surname is being targeted by the US immigration’ (Is APJ Abdul Kalam a Khan...? oops), ‘Indians treated disgracefully’, ‘Americans should exactly be treated same as well’, ‘Google search’ (the funniest thing I heard in this incident, next time if Barack Obama will come to India, first we will search his name in Google). Some even says that it is publicity stunt done by the SRK, whether it was or not, but it certainly become hit for his next film of same kind.
There are two sects of peoples some says it is disgusting to see our King Khan standing in a queue and got humiliated for 2 hours; while other says it is the security check up nothing more than that, media hyped the issue. In a simple way, two groups of peoples one is with SRK and other is against SRK. In both ways, the benefit is already received by the Shahrukh Khan, next time if he will go to US, the immigration department will afraid to hold him for two hours, instead they will call to Hindustani media or Search in Google to find out whether this person is original one (the original SRK). I don’t know whether he was humiliated there or not, but many Indian masses humiliated him here in his own country for unnecessary publicity and false attitude. But for them, I would like to say, it is obvious for anybody to get agitated and irritated with the treatment and unnecessarily detention for two hours, but fortunately it was Shahrukh khan who is always surrounded by media and masses wherever he goes, so particularly he felt humiliated because of shocked treatment of immigration department of US. Similarly if I were there, I too get irritated but certainly I don’t get such media limelight and such a hyped publicity.
Is that racism? Hmm...I think it is not, it would amount to racism if they do it for Indians only, but who knows, and maybe they do it with every third person if they have a doubt on him. They dealt with such uneasiness because they had some reason to detain him, it was said that the same name was showing on their check list so they detained SRK, but the good thing is, they acquitted him after 2 hours though it is much time.
Humiliation of Muslims, it’s not a big deal, not exactly first time, every day I heard the news that the person had some problems because he was a Muslim. It is a negative stereotype image created by the same media, which today try to turn every stone for the SRK. It is not a matter of SRK, it is a matter of all Muslims. We have to face it, and why not? After all the wrong done of one person is suffered by the thousands, so the same thing is happened with all Muslims. America is having a same stereotype for Muslims like what Muslims are having for America; it is same thing why we are humiliating each other when we know the truth. I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie ‘New York’ by Kabir Khan, I don’t care for the storyline, but the message the movie has given is unconditional. It is the duty of every Muslims to portray the same ideas and beliefs, the more you become fundamentalists, the world will see you as a more fundamentalist. So it’s not a matter of ego, but it is a matter of stereotype image, which the Muslims have to cure it through constant contribution with the world.
This incident takes another issue on granted that Indians are not treated gracefully at the US airport, I believe this particular statement is not true, see there has been a thousands of Indian citizen going US every month, so if two or three among them checked more harshly than others, it doesn’t mean that they are not good at us. They are good that is why they are allowing us to their country, otherwise if they have to treat unhandy, they wouldn’t allowed us a Visa.
I was stunned to see the comments of Ambika Soni on a TV interview, she was telling for ‘tit for tat action’. What is the point of doing this? Do you want to humiliate India in front of the whole world?
We Indians are emotional fools, done mistake then regret for it and then again done it, then why are you regretting? Everybody was saying, if Shahrukh, after being a world personality, is subject to such a harsh treatment then what would happen with others. It is to be noted but the problem is, you have to follow the rules of that country, it is not an Indian state where you can go and ask for changing the rules as per your wish, it is USA, that is why it has been called as ‘The United States Of America -The Super Power’. Does anybody realise it? It is a country which follow their rules and regulation more precisely than just a rule on paper unlikely India. India is stagnating with the perpetual terrorist attack, but have anybody seen it in US after 9/11. It is just because of their strict action and discipline. It is much and much better to detain anybody for 2 or 3 hours, than losing a life of hundreds, that is what America realises and it cares for its citizens.
So we don’t have to hype the incident, but instead we should take some inspiration from US, who restrict you to check the Americans at the Indian airport, do check them but with only prescribed rules and regulations. I am feeling bad for SRK that he became a scapegoat without any reason, every normal person could react like him (especially as he is big icon of his country, we should not forget it), it is not a mistake of him, it is a mistake of media. The same tape phone call was showing again and again thousand times in just two days, any of the public gets annoyed with this type of treatment. I hope in the future, we should take some restrictive action on the issue of security and check up in our own country, hope this incident of SRK opened the eyes of Indian government and instead of questioning against the US immigration department, do take some inspiration of fair system of check and security. So that we can also say that, our Indian government really cares for us.


Monday, August 17, 2009


Its 17th of August today, another Independence Day has gone by. India is now 62 years young ...yeah young...still young. Since 1947 when England left us to make our tryst with destiny of this nation, from then we still young, young in spirit, nature and future. The nation is lingering to become mellowed, but ugh...jingoism and paranoid feeling of nationalists are not endorsing it.
In the last 62 years, we have made decent progress in several fields and produced world class scientists, engineers, bureaucrats, journalists, doctors, sportspersons, industrialists and artistes and made a mark on the world’s eye.
We should salute our Indian army who battled four wars and provide us a security, safety and strain less sleeps. We have increased life expectancy from 32 years in 1947 to 65 years in 2009. Our literacy rate is increased from 12.2 % to 67 % (ugh...), in the industrial sector we have increased folds, our exports is reached more than $ 125 million and about $150 million of imports. The GDP growth is increased from 2.3 % to 9 % at present, one of the highest GDP growths in the world.
The economy of India is the twelfth largest economy in the world by market exchange rates and the fourth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP) basis. We are at the eighth position in the world Telecom sector. Total mobile phone users reached 362. 3 million in January 2009 in India and the total subscriber base of fixed lines are more than 50 million. Forty five million Internet users are in India and the number is increasing rapidly. India is the world’s largest producer of films, producing close to thousand films annually and earns a profit of millions. In the field of sports, we achieved new heights and sets new parameters on every kind of sports, cricket, hockey, Olympics, common wealth, tennis, everywhere we stand high. In the last glorious 62 years of its age India has overcome many facets of problems and upholds its future.
With one of the highest GDP growth in the world and the advent manifolds in the economy, infrastructure, technology, industry and entrepreneurship, India is still ......not mature. In the country of world’s largest democracy, more than 300 million Indians are still prey for hunger, illiteracy, disease and more than 51 % of India’s children are still undernourished. In the country, which known for pool of engineers, Why still 37% of all Indian primary school children drop out before reaching the 5th standard? Why we ranked 147th out of 177th countries in the world by the UNESCO in terms of illiteracy? Why India spends less than 4 % of its GNP on education as compare to other developed countries (spending 25%)? The illiterate population of India exceeds the total combined population of North America continent and Japan; in this way we are going to meet the demands of our increasing population. The 40% of children under the age of three are underweight and a third of all men and women suffer from chronic energy deficiency. Agriculture being India’s largest economic sector suffers a low productivity, due to lack of opportunities to the farmer; India became a land of highest farmer suicides. World Bank says that the allocation of water is inefficient, unsustainable and inequitable. The irrigation infrastructure is deteriorating. Irrigation facilities are inadequate, as revealed by the fact that only 52.6% of the land was irrigated in 2003–04, which result in farmers still being dependent on rainfall, specifically the Monsoon season. A good monsoon results in a robust growth for the economy as a whole, while a poor monsoon leads to a sluggish growth, and this time it is going to be happen soon because of lack of season rainfall.
The overwhelming problem of corruption is again the main issue of economic sluggishness, India ranked 120th on the Ease of Doing Business Index 2008, behind countries such as China (83rd), Pakistan (86th), and Nigeria (108th). The right to information act, 2005 bought up some transparency, but it fails in higher authorities, still it is matter of debate whether judges should show their assets under RTI act or not. The Judiciary organ of the country is failing to give speedy trial to the litigants, approx. 3 crores cases are still pending; it becomes the main problem of losing the faith of people over the judiciary, how we are going to take our social development of the citizens if they don’t have a faith on judiciary?
The development of infrastructure is in the hands of government bureaucrats and again it is plagued by the corruption, urban-biased and inability to scale investment. India has the world largest road network but worst in terms of maintenance and development.
A water crisis is another big problem in India, big cities like Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai are facing a water crisis, even if they get there is no surety of purity. Adulteration in the food is raising high, almost every food product in the market is marked by the purpose of commercialisation. India is the largest producer of milk, but it is problematic for the citizens to get a pure milk in this only country, and the worst thing is government is not carrying out any checks on it.
These are the problems which India is facing today, Gone are the days when patriots need to give their lives for the sake of their country. Today our country needs those who can live for it more than those who can die for it. We don't need the slogan of "inquilab zindabad" or "vande mataram" and to shout it loudly, leaving behind our work. Instead we need to understand our problem and more importantly speak to solutions of this epidemic. It will only be possible when our generation will be literate, it is rightly said, “If one wants to curtail any community or nation, then removes the education of the masses, the nation will certainly collide”. So education is the only magic word which can change the life of a nation, “Need upliftment - Boost education”. This is the only mantra for change and the change will occur. The government school have become successful in providing free education but fail to perform their objectives. The only elixir of all enigmas is education through which the society comes to know their rights and duties; this only can make India as a mature nation so that we can say after 62 years of age India is not young but a mature in its duties and youthful in its spirit.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


The most embarrassing moment happened in the class and that too with me. Everything was fine in the morning till the constitutional law teacher came and started bugging the class with her exotic and obscure nature for this subject. I was sitting at the back bench of the class and calmly tried to read the same thing which the standing girl was reading in front of the whole class, suddenly what comes in the mind of mam, she just raised her eye brows for me, I was trying to hide myself but couldn’t able to escape as she is having an eagle’s eye particularly for the back benchers. And the arrow straightway came to me…ahhh…”the boy sitting at the back, stand up…tell me what you are reading”, I was about to give the reply, but before that she fired another bullet towards me, “tell me what do you understand by the creamy layer?”, first I thought why she is talking about cream and butter, I became unconscious after her sudden and grave attack but somehow I controlled my senses and thought to speak, then again she puked, “yes! You, I am talking to you, why are you nodding your head (in actually I was trying to look here and there as that question not for me…hehehe)”. After third attack I figured out ok! This question is for me, wow…Farhan…hats off for you; first time in class mam asked you something and you have to say something it is the matter of your image and I exploded, “creamy layer is that layer of person which is excluded from the benefit of reservation”, I didn’t stop my sentence yet, and she started bombarding on me, “everybody knows this that creamy is excluded but what is creamy layer, tell me exactly”, I was feeling embarrassed that she is bombarding on me in front of the whole class, I stood silent for the couple of seconds, then I again tried my luck, “those who is financially sound”, oh my God and this time she was preparing to drop nuclear bomb on me, but somehow one girl saved my a** and added something in my sentence that ‘those backward classes who are economically sound’. Thank God I just survived somehow. TeacherS are for this only, they just know how to make students nervous by bombardment of their tricky questions. But then also I love my teacher as they are very kind to me in rest of the situations.

The subject of homosexuality is still a matter of debates among the masses, as today also in my class there was little bit of discussion on this critical issue. Our legal Language teacher brought us a whole judgment of Delhi High court. The judgment is not legalized the marriage of homosexuals but it just decriminalized the penile-non vaginal sex between two consenting adults in private, the purpose of this judgment is to safeguard the rights of certain group of people and make them realize that they are not exempted from the society, they are the part of our society. So, thus, they also comes under the protection of Part III-fundamental rights of Indian Constitution. However, many of the scholars impliedly said that this judgment allows the gay marriages also, but it is nowhere given in the judgment about institution of marriage. This judgment doesn’t change the definition of marriage in either way it is more specific towards the institution of marriage as it is not dealt with the term ‘marriage’. If we see in a broader perspective then the act of sex itself is allowed in two consenting adults (unless and until any of them is not married otherwise it will come under adultery), so what if Delhi High court allowed the act of penile-non vaginal sex. And it avoids and abstains many cruelties of police on them; it is just to safeguard the interest of these peoples. The act of marriage is still not legal, ‘it says between two consenting adults in private’, so here private means ‘the place which is exonerated from the public place, and the marriage is a public affair, you have to go for registration and once you go for a registration then it cannot be a ‘private’. So marriage is still not legal as per my interpretation, and Supreme Court also said that the judgment of High Court is nothing to relate with marriage. And after all the Supreme court is the only organ which can interpret the laws more precisely and exactly.


Monday, August 3, 2009

TAGGED BY 'sach ka saamna' Of Emaan...

Hello guys, this is another game created by the Mini-Master ‘Emaan’, he tagged me again to do this tagging based on the popular TV show “Sach ka Saamna”.
I have to answer all the questions made by ‘Emaan’ and post it here so that he can inspect it, whether I am saying Right or wrong. But Emaan, let me know one thing dear, Are you giving me something on behalf of this as I am opening my personal information which is not so personal but then also very personal (lols). Well I want something as a token may be your sweet kiss or some sweet advice from you. Plz give that after reading it because I am dying to take it…

Here the game as follows…

- What is your guilty pleasure Disney movie?
Hmmmm…what does it mean? a Disney movie or a guilty pleasure movie, hmmm…it is Harry Potter (the last part)

- What’s the longest you’ve gone without taking a bath?
If I remember it was One week, though I didn’t recognize by anyone hehehe…advantage of face wash…!!!

- If anyone u know (name the person pls) could be your slave for a day, who would it be and what would they have to do?
She would me my old school principal; I will let her to teach the real discipline in the school, particularly about attendance matter.

- What is your best physical attribute? And why?
I think my smile as many of them given me a compliments (don’t tell me obsessed, no I m not!!!)

- Do you have a secret talent and what is it?
I can convince people easily, but still m not able to convince my father in most of the issues…hehehe

- What is one thing are you afraid of?
To loose my loved ones, I just cannot live without them…

- If you had to spend eternity with one person, who would it be?
Hmmm…I believe my family (it constitute one for me)

- If you had to listen to only three songs for the rest of your life, what would they be?
Michael Jackson’s Black and white and Dangerous, and SHAHrukh’s tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal kya Karen……(hehe..wat can I do, its my heart)

- What did you look like in 5th grade? Describe or upload a pic..
I was fatty like a football, but I was always trying to hide my comeout belly and wore only those things in which I looked slim but I never as I was really fatty, hahhaa…my frnds used to throw taunt on me. But than also gals liked me as I was sweet and golu molu. Don’t try to imagine me as I was at those days, now I m very much fine yaar. Still gals like me…(lols)

- If someone made a movie about your life, who would you want to play 'you'?
Offcourse me only, nobody can portrays me as well as me.

- Who is most beautiful person you know (inside and out).
My sister, she is the most beautiful person, her nature is flawless.

- If you could date anyone in the world, who would it be?
Priyanka C****A (guess!!! but there is nothing about guessing, it is renounced actress)

- What is the most annoying habit that a friend/boyfried/girlfriend/spouse has ever had?
The art of annoying itself…hehehe

- What is the meanest thing that you have done till date? (time to come clean buddy)
I got in the bus without ticket and had caught by the Conducter, he fined me Rs. 100. It was most embarrassing moment as well as meanest thing I had done.

- What is that one question u wish I had asked u...? U can answer it too ;-)
Have you ever beaten by someone? Yes I have a bundles of blows from my mother on bunking the classes and schools. Though it was not in real hehee…

- What would have been that one question that you dread? (I am so mean..ha ha ha)
Are you committed? See I don’t have to answer it as it has not mentioned in the question as like in the former question.

this time also I want to tag again priyanka as most of them are already tagged by Emaan ...hehehe....U hav been taggeed again my dear ...

(I have written this post while sitting in the college's cyber cell, it is best way of using your extra college fees and frustration for the I m going to take my lunch ...I hav told you earlier the same chicken burger, waise it is tasty, specially when I m hungry like now I m very muccchhhhhhh...I can eat all these posts of mine ...before that mischief... I should leave now... right ?)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

TAGGED....!!! do it ...

This time I have been tagged by very sweet boy EMAAN….later on by Sahefa, but since I have already tagged by EMAAN so I have to go for my SWEETU(EMAAN).....Ive to use the first letter of my name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real .... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Then you need to tag 4 people..

(it took me a gr88 difficulty to complete up this tagging things, as my name starts with the word "F", many a times I had to search a google ...hehe..big cheater..!!!)

So, here I go....

1.What is your name: Farhan khan

2. A four Letter Word: Food (very foody I m!)

3. A boy's Name: Fardeen (khan)

4. A girl's Name: Farah (famous Chorographer and director)

5. An occupation: Farmer (Hard work!!!)

6. A colour: Forest green (natural one)

7. Something you wear: Frock (hehehhe….I dnt wear it !!!)

8. A food: Funnel cake (its a cake with funnel shape... bizzare!!!)

9. Something found in the bathroom: Fa Shampoo (hahaha…very good shampoo though I dnt use it)

10. A place: Funland (is it any place!!!)

11. A reason for being late: Flaggishness (I m a big aalsi)

12. Something you shout: F*****KKK (When I end up with something wrong)

13. A movie title: Fanaa (I like Aamir khan)

14. Something you drink: Funky shake (actually It is my own drink)

15. A musical group: Fabulous Michael Jackson (the only english music I like)

16. An animal: Fatty Elephant :-) haha!!

17. A street name: F.C.Road (Pune)

18. A type of car: Ferari (I ride only in Feraris ……special choice of special peoples)

19. Something scary: Fear !!!

20. Ice cream flavour: Fanila (“Vanila” hehe…in actually I didn’t know any flavour, Emaan I should take a help from u..particularly you must be very familiar with these…)

And I tag... No one ….hehehe….all of my blogdosts are already tagged ….but yeah I want to tag “Priyanka” my best pal …U are tagged my dear …

P.S – it has been a long time since I posted my last post I m very much busy these days, first, I m attending each and every class as against my wishes but I have to anyhow, second, I became lethargic again because I m not doing any typs of exercise, third, I hav to do assignments given by the horniest teachers. You know guys from the last 10 days I m continously eating chicken burger in my lunch time, now I fed up with it but there is no other option as it is mucchh muchhh better than those unhygenic food prepared by those unhygenic restaurants, specially this is the time of Swine flu. I have to take double care of everything I do.
Today was a Sunday, I wanted to write some good posts but as Time is always very concupiscent (unusaual word I came to knw today only so thought to use it here) for me, I took 5 hrs in room cleaning, clothes cleaning, then I cleaned myself…hehe…so I just not able to create up anything …but Inshallah I will paste soon as soon as I will be soon. Hehhehe….bye guys tk cr…

-Don’t Drink and Drive (as Law persumes that u have a desire to kill somebody, may be u will be booked under section 304A, be careful…Law is very certain…ahh…is it?we will discuss it later)
-Don’t Spit on the roads (it leads to flourish Swine flu though not in strict sense, but why to take risk)
-Keep Busy in your work (best way to away from all mischeifs of mind, try it …n …tell me)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is it funny ???...

I was sitting in a restaurant having my evening tea with some of my friends. We were sharing a light moment in order to enjoy the every sip of a tea, out of sudden, one asked me, “Why you opted Law as you were a student of Science and Mathematics?” The question wrangled in my mind, since I joined and into this field everybody have been keep asking me this question again and again. I just wanted to give a big blow on ‘why he is asking me this stupid question?’ Did I ever questioned about your job? Never, at one instance I thought to reply as ‘I am not a moron like you that’s why I choosed this field’.
And the height is that my own lecturer of Law were asking in the class that ‘How many students are from Science background?’ then she end up in saying, “Is there any coercion or force?” I mean whats the problem of you people, why can’t anybody do a Law? All the great leaders and personalities in our country were a Law graduate, see in the history you can find Gandhiji, Jawahar lal nehru and many more were the examples.
The next question bieng a Law student I have to face, “ohk you are going to be lier arrr… lawyer”, ohhh… common guys wake up !!! Should I need to tell the examples of Mahatma Gandhi , he was a pillar and fountain of truth and Indeed he was Lawyer. Is it funny to ask these question to a law students? I hope it is, because I can’t digest this stereotype image created by some dumboos people asking these types of DUMBASS questions.

[so many things to tell you guys, I came back to pune again tussling with my busy life but I love it...soon, I will come up with some new and interesting post hang on to my blog ....bye n take care]

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Damn… they made it. After continuous struggle of cases to cases, they overturned the old law of British period. A long 150 years of veiling period for gays become unveiled, the historical judgment given by the Delhi High Court marked a milestone in the country’s social progress. The judgment is a step towards the globalization of justice. The raucous change in the interpretation of ‘SECTION 377’ of the Indian Penal Code, it looks that the Indian Constitution became modern now and able to called as ‘21st century Constitution’. The acclaimed ruling decriminalizes the homosexuality and opened the wave of happiness for the LGBTs (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and transgenders). Now the 2nd of July will be known as “India’s Gay Day”, Kudos for the achievement that made India as a modern country following the principles of ‘Globalized modernity’.
There are some misconceptions about the ruling given by the Delhi high court:
1) The court has not struck off the section 377 of IPC, but it has read it down so that it no longer applies to private homosexual acts undertaken by the consenting adults.
2) The Section 377 will continue to govern non-consensual penile non-vaginal sex and penile non-vaginal sex involving minor. It is striking that if the sex is non-consensual then it termed as a ‘Rape’, and ‘Rape’ is already govern under the Section 375 of IPC, then what is the use of Section 377? The Indian rape law only governs peno-vaginal rape, so non-vaginal rape is not covered by the rape laws and under this only woman and girl can be a victim of rape, leaving no protection for men and boys. So under section 377 this could be covered.
3) Whether the Judgment could be applied to the whole India or not? Yes, the ruling will be applicable to the whole of India, in view of Supreme Court’s Judgment in Kusum Ingots v. Union of India case in 2004.
4) On the question of justification of a restriction of article 21 (personal liberty), the court draws the crucial distinction between the popular morality and the constitutional morality.
“The popular morality or public disapproval of certain acts is not a valid justification for restriction of the fundamental rights under Article 21. Popular morality, as distinct from a constitutional morality derived from constitutional values, is based on shifting and subjecting notions of right and wrong. If there is any type of “morality” that can pass the test of compelling state interest, it must be “constitutional” morality and not public morality. This aspect of constitutional morality was strongly insisted upon by Dr. Ambedkar in the Constituent Assembly.”
If a law is violative of the constitutional morality (i.e. principles of liberty, equality, tolerance etc.), it would be struck down regardless of whether or not it conformed to popular morality.
However many of the religious and non-religious leaders opposed this ruling and regarded it as against the moral, cultural and religious values of the masses. It will be difficult to have a consensus societal as it has been widely retorted. Certain things in society is based on majoritarian thinking, if the majority approve certain act as a valid and rightful then it become a legitimate in the eyes of popular morality or public consensus, otherwise it become a perverted thing and the person who follows it as a abnormal or Psychologically ill.
Though I also don’t approve this unnatural relationship, but I don’t term it as a crime. I don’t have any problem of decriminalizing it but it shouldn’t be legalized. Contradictory……, I mean to say the marriage between same sexes should not get legal status, it is better to acknowledge it as a null or void marriage, the marriage should be prohibited, although the act of homosexuality should not be treated as legal crime.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


It has been two days since Michael Jackson’s cessation, but still the world cannot overcome the trauma of his sudden break from this world. I am also the biggest aficionado of his work, the legacy he left on this world. I am continuously surmising from the day one…will the world be able to see another Michael Jackson in its entire lifetime? Will our next generation be able to admire his work? Then my answer is No, the legends will never returns, their work keep mesmerizing the world to its eternity. And that is what Michael Jackson was all about; he came in this world as a ‘farishta’ of music, rock the world with his undulating beats, flashed the world with his whitened face, glittered with his gold costumes, curled the people with his long hair and shocked the world with his unkindly departure. In all the way he entertained the world either in his ‘teens’ or in his 40’s, he was the God of Music and The King of Pop.
In India, he visited once in his lifetime with his most expensive crotch in the world and that were in Mumbai in 1996. I was 11 years old that time when I heard that Michael Jackson was in Mumbai in his world tour, and that was time when I first came to know about him. I heard many speculation about him like he can dance 8 to 9 hours continuously, he drunk something very unusual spirit that made him white and… blah blah…I discussed with my friend in the school time about him. We thought him as a super human like what we read and saw in comics. We were so excited to meet him that we had once planned to ask our parents to take us Bombay for his concerts. But it was just a planning only when we went home we forget everything and began to think of other things. But gradually as I grown up, I realized his dedicated work for the world of music and his contribution for the world of Pop. Now I think I was right in my childhood, he is really a super human who is having a special qualities which I never ever seen in anybody. Today only I read an article ‘THE DAY MUMBAIKARS MOONWALKED TO MICHAEL’ in Times of India and remember my childhood memories of Michael Jackson. A little bit of tears comes in my eyes, I just can say, “The world has lost his gem of Pop music”.
Before ending this blog, I would like to share some of his captured life in photos.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


The mournful morning for the entire world, the biggest celebrity of this universe passed away this morning. When I heard the news that The Michael Jackson is dead, my feet were stuck in the ground , I was trying to change the news channel in order to get confirmation but then the only news were striking everywhere. I was shocked by the distressed news and sheath of affliction covered my face, I lamented. We lost the ‘king of Pop’ the best dancer in the world, the captivating singer, the excellent composer, and the elite glamorous personality. Michael Jackson is no more with us; it is sadful day for all of us. He left his omnipresent legacy to the world for which he will remain immortal. In the 50 years of his life time, he spent 40 of those years in the public eye he loved. He was a true super star having an unlimited stardom which he gracefully given to this world. It is impossible to calculate the full effect that he had on this world. As a solo performer he ushered the pop culture to a global product and famous for the title of “KING OF POP”. He became an emblem more than a singer, his glistening clothes, his sequined gloves, his whitened face; his moon walk dance became embedded in the cultural firmament. He was a super human, the way he danced, sings, choreographed his videos was amazing, he made the world undulated on his beats. In the 80’s when the music videos were hardly directed, he choreographed his album ‘thriller’ and became the world’s bestselling record of all time. He grabbed 13 grannies and sold over 75 crores copies of his albums, it is record of all time; nobody can ever break his record. The raison d’ĂȘtre of Michael Jackson is the world of pop; it seemed he was on this earth just to flourish and squeal his sui-generis qualities to the world. Michael Jackson is/was (I don’t know what to say here!) an omnipotent god for the world of music, I never seen any singer or actor or any celebrity who got such a big acclaim and adoration in all over the world. He was a prime mover of world’s most famous dancing step “Robot” and “Moon walk”, in the very young age he contributed a grand stardom and became popular for his outstanding albums ‘Off the wall’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘HIStory’.
This article of mine is not a tribute to him, I don’t think anyone can really pay tribute to a star of that size, he is an iconic and nobody in this world can ever… ever replace him,
He was a legend,
He is a legend, and
He will remain be the legend.
We all miss you Michael…

Saturday, June 20, 2009


One sad story happened two days before, I came to know when I was in restaurant. First time when I heard that Shiney Ahuja is a Rapist (sorry same type of language used by the most news channels), I thought he would be some other guy, but when I saw several police man was taking him in a court. I was stunned, how the hell they are taking him, they grasped him so tightly as if he was trying to run away. At least give some respect to that guy until he proven guilty by the court and after all he has done a lot of films to entertain us. Show him some mercy. But our chillar hawaldaars, think themselves supreme of holding Shiney Ahuja – a bollywood star in their arms. F*****S.
Neither I am in favor nor against him, but I just want to manifest how unjust we are, at one time we made him the star in bollywood and in just one growling of a girl we blotted him as a rapist. At least give him a time to prove himself or wait till the court prove him guilty. Don't be one-sided or adjudicator. Its a peculiar habit of Indians to change the frame of mind for someone all of a sudden without knowing anything. Might be Shiney is just a victim of circumstances or may be he is a sinner, who knows? Can't the statements given by the maid be fallacious? But as the maid is 'She' and the miscreant can only be 'He'. Is it at all justified? Rape can also be committed by the girl, it is not something which can only the guy do. But who is going to believe, we believe blindly on a media and make our choices according to them.
The maid alleges that Shiney got physical earlier too, then why she filed the complain this time only, why not earlier? It was also said that the mark was found only on the private parts (not any other part) of the maid and there is no mark on the Shiney's body. How could it be possible? If it was rape, didn't maid try to harm him or any blotches on his body. If it was a sex with consent, then it cannot be a rape.
As Shobaa de said, 'the maid is a conniving bitch'. May be she is, but Shiney is not a God he can also commit a rape.
One thing is very clear, no one is above the law, whether it is Salman, Sanjay or Shiney. Oops one thing is common among the three their initial letter “S”. I wonder, this “S” also stands for 'Sentence'. I don't want to do any prejudice among anyone, Let the JUSTICE prevails..


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Delhi is cooll...!!!

In the last three days I was strolling and dawdling in Delhi, strangling the heat and hot air of this weather-beaten city. Despite of its extreme weather, the city is really cool. I was in a Connought place, where I saw a one guy having written on his Tee, 'DELHI IS HOT'. It is nice to see this kind of graffiti, but I was wandering what does he wants to convey? Whether he wanted to point out the summer of Delhi or he is trying to forward that the people of Delhi is really hot? Indeed the weather is really hot, but about people I can't say. Well I feel Delhi is a very cool city, cool in its spirit,spirit that carries by the people, their way of handling the problems,the way they are taking the development of the city. The coolness of this city overcome its hotness. I really admire this spirit of the peoples of Delhi. From the last one decade, this city is continuously growing up in terms of infrastructure, environmental concern, cleanliness, education, political awareness, transportation, tourism, and the last not the least it is proved to be a economically backing city(Thanks for the legend – Shiela Dixit). It is just because of the will and the spirit of the people, they actually concern for all these. If they demand anything then they ready to become a care taker of it. Unlike other big cities, like Bombay, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata etc their peoples are not at all concern and if they concern also then they left all the responsibility to the government. In Bombay, nobody is concern about the developments. They are happy to live in so called Mumbai, there is no such word of cleanliness in Bombay. They work day and night, but nobody is working for the environmental affair. The spitting habit of peoples of there, I really hate this habit. Almost every corner and sides of the road is being spitted by these saliva ejecting peoples, who the hell make them understand that this habit is really dangerous, it increases the risk of viral diseases. Well I m not here to describe pros and cons of the cities. Back to the track.
Whenever I go to Delhi, I become excited with the thought of traveling in the Delhi metro, even though I traveled a lot in this new technological creativity. As when you enter the metro station the instruction keep echoing and striking in your head, 'Attention please! Stand before to the yellow line', 'Do not touch the glass of the door', 'Stand away from the door', 'Stand in a queue while boarding and allow the De-boarding passengers first' ......'use dustbins' lolls...I really like the checks and security of the DMRC. Wish for the same for Indian Railway department.
I was in a metro station only when I saw one guy, who was trying to jump the electronic gates of the metro entrance. In actually his token was not working so he thought to jump the gate, then the metro official came and he said, 'bhaisahab aap kya kar rhe ho ye, meri naukri chali jayegi, apna token dikaho mujhe'. It was a funny situation for all the commuters, everybody broke into a laugh. First I was trying to control, but when I saw the expression of that guy, I also couldn't resist my laugh. These types of funny incidents is common, as for most of them it is the same old Indian railway so they try to apply same trick here in metro also. But alas! For them Metro is little bit different. Many of the sub-urban people come with their big family having a lot of luggage and children with them, first they hesitate to enter in the station and when they enter then it is difficult for them to understand the complexity of this ajeebo gareeb cheez. They scared with the escalators and the electronic gates of the metro, (in actually I was also at the first time but not exactly like them). For many of them it is quite difficult to stand in a balance in metro while it accelerates and deaccelerates its speed (Newton's law).
It's two separate world: sitting in a flash, silver, air-conditioned metro train driving for a short while next to an old rickety train on the main rail line passing some residential areas and slums, going under a bridge where some poor sods have built their homes consisting of blankets and some cooking pots. It looks very odd when you see the two means of transportation of our country, one in a very pathetic condition and other is in its best. It is the two face of the same coin: two face of India – struggling for its better being. It is a strain on our society. But the masses are busy in doing their life best and earning the sumptuous slot of income.
Somehow one can see the two face of the same coin in the big cities like Bombay and Delhi, otherwise in the other cities one only can see the one face i.e the bitter truth of India, the pathetic way of living the life.
Well thats all for this post, I think it looks incomplete, but I have to go somewhere. I will write some more things in my next post. Till then take care.
Don't Spit on Roads.
Drive safe be safe.
Do travel in Metro,
as you will come to know many things.


Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ohk sorry guys, I promised to write my next post just after the previous one. But somehow situations didn't favor me. As you know the vacation are always quite hectic, I could not able to free myself from laziness and it is also a very very big work. You have to be wholeheartedly engaged in this business so that you can hear the lazy remarks from everyone. I personally believe lazy peoples are very daring as they have a dare to hear and face the situation of taunts (those bullshit remarks) specially from your family, no offense please!!! Lazy peoples are highly optimistic; nobody can descend them in positivity.
I met one lazy person recently, he told me that life is all about positivity and I don't see anything negative in my laziness. In fact we (he was considering me into his group...) are so optimistic towards life that we do nothing but then also we expect something positive from this alluring life. The person who is not lazy or works a lot, he is the biggest pessimist in the world as he is always having a fear of losing the game. So being a lazy (yeah I m...) person is a wonderful thing.
See guys I have examples of few great personalities who besides their laziness proved them best in the world. 'Einstein' he was too lazy to go anywhere except his experimental lab, but he proved himself and gave the theory of relativity and some other notable theories. And second example is 'Newton', he was sitting under the tree in a very idle way where the apple got struck on his head and on the basis of this apple and the idleness, he put forwarded the Newton's law. 'J.K.Rowling' in her laziness wrote a 'Harry Potter series' which made her rich more than a Britain's Queen. There are thousands of example present in this world of lazy people which made you think the importance of “LAZIRIAN” (my way of nomenclature).
Tomorrow morning, I will give these instances to my Father so that he can understand the prominence of 10 O' clock wake up people, may be they try to invent some new things in their dreams. See the positivity of mine towards the change of mind of my father. I think workaholic people must take some inspiration and optimism from us. So, that the world can produce more Einstein, Newton, J.K.Rowling……Farhan ….lols…

Monday, June 1, 2009


It's over, a long waited period of non-writing is over from now onwards. I was in a distress period of grilling with my exams and other grilling subjects. But I came out as a conqueror and prevailed my freedom and peace again. The happiness of peace and freedom let me to plan new things and slings, as to mark a celebration. Not yet planned, I am still planning what to do next as soon as I come to know, I will let you know.
Just day after my vicissitudes of exams, I caught with the infections, WHICH, WHERE,WHY, WHAT type of I don't know, but Doctor told me that its a mere infection. Mere ??? in actually it caused and cost me a lot. He prescribed me one INJECTion and few medicines. Medicines were fine but INJECTion took me on the rack. I was scared with the idea of INJECTing some foreign element (err...particles...whatever) into my blood vessels, particularly I hate to mix my blood with some chemical waste. It is against mine pure blood policy. I pleaded a lot and tried to avoid the monstrous thing but who can win on the will and wishes of DR. Another big complication was Sister wanted to vaccinate it on my butt. I begged her please (don't see my butts) give it on my arms as my biceps overcome its effect, but she was such a merciless person. I had a doubt on her. But somehow I tolerated the cruel nurse because I was on her mercy as if the needle missed its target then it cost me a double. So I calmly allowed her to access into my privacy lolls.
On the way coming back to Delhi, I met a family who was returning after their trip to three cities (Pune, Shirdi and Bombay). They were keep telling me on the whole journey that they saw all the places of Bombay in just Rs. 211. First I thought they must have been seen in photos hehe... but then they actually told they planned in a very cheap manner starting from Haji Ali and then other areas of interest. I believe they got a blessings from Haji Ali. According to them some localites instructed them how to handle a Bombay cheaply. I wish that localites could had been there with me also. But yeah they got the blessings.
In Delhi, I met with someone very special for me in terms of everything. She made my day with such a pleasant presence and I believe because of her presence only the weather of Delhi had changed for that day. Hehehe...and we were able to explore some new things there. In actually it is true, believe or not, but weather changes with the nature of peoples. I hope sweet peoples keep visiting the city like Delhi so that the person like us get some relief from mundane environment.
Well in the absence of my presence in blogging, four important events passed away. First and foremost the talk of the tinsel town-Lok Sabha elections, passed with its most favorable result and devastating for some. Second, the most entertaining IPL which became a DC-IPL (Deccan Charger's IPL). They charged every team and bagged the trophy with them. The third was the end of LTTE in Srilanka, the end of one of the biggest militant group in the world. Hope the best for Srilankan and Tamil peoples. Peace prevails in their state.
The fourth important event, obviously my exams!!! it was one of the important event for me, because of it I was away from all the happenings of the world.
In the last one months I have accumulated so much of things in my mind which I soon want it to jot down in a jotter. I can't write or show my vehemence on anything as my slumber getting into my eyes,mind,body everywhere hehehe...
ohk guys Bye!
I will come back with my new post soon, must be tomorrow. Till then Take Care.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


[Ok guys, this is an Abstract of my paper which I have written for seminar in Delhi, but unfortunately it was rejected as I was not up to their expectation. I don't know what they exactly wanted from me or what I lacked in it.
But as now it is wandering in my junk mail, so I think it is better to share with you people rather than junking it in my mail.]

“Give me the liberty to know, to utter and to argue freely according to conscience above all liberties.”
- John Milton

The freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental mantra to realize democratic aspirations. Democracy as a system of government is considered as a most appropriate form of government for the benefit and interest of the citizens. The citizens in a democracy are sovereign; they are the highest form of political authority. They have a right to choose or dismiss their political leader.
As in the words of President Abraham Lincoln, “Democracy is to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Thus in democracy the peoples are the watch-dog and the key role of the citizens is to participate in public life, to inform about public issues and to express their own opinion and interests freely. So the media act as a platform for the citizens to express their opinion and belief. The role of the media is vital in generating a democratic culture. It is through the media that people share their experience, learn and become aware. It is how a constructive political debate about options and policies develops. Without media, people in societies would be isolated, not only from the rest of the world, but from governments, law – makers and neighboring town and cities. The flow of information is important for the development of public opinion and views and the media facilitates this.
To talk about democracy without free media is a contradiction in terms, free press and media is as important in a democracy as citizen itself. The media has helped in enforcing laws in the country, some of the most biased decisions like that in the Alistair Pereira and Jessica lal case had to be reversed after the media highlighted the issue, giving rise to a public outcry.
The healthy relationship between the media and the state is required for protecting human rights. But there is an inherent problem for ideas, beliefs and opinions when expressed may cause conflicts. To resolve such conflicts, the constitution has provided for certain ‘reasonable restrictions’ in article 19(2).
With the advent of modern technologies, electronic and digital media has become both popular and hyperactive. Electronic journals and digital press has become a popular channel for ‘expression’ and which is the most important aspect of democracy – social justice.
‘Sting Operation’ – the most popular word associated with the electronic media, by using electronic bugs while interviewing they bring out the truth. Politician, High-profile Lawyers, Government Officers, or even Army personnel none have been spared by the spy cameras of the news channels. But if the same is used for the blackmailing a person, is not only illegal but also immoral. So, in order to check these negative sides of the media, certain reasonable restraint put by the constitution over the working of press and media. The function of law must be to find out ways and means to restore the public debate and free flow f information through media.
Free press doesn’t mean that the state shall not intervene in its functioning; it shall intervene when the situation warrants. The intervention should only be in the interest of the public at large. But in the name of legal intervention, the state shall not hamper the free flow of information that will go a long way in protecting and promoting human rights.
In the concluding way, I would like to express that,‘ free press is soul of a democracy, so in order to flourish the democracy the soul must be preserve – as it is named as the greatest form of art – the Free Media’.

Request to all my legal eagles (friends), please do comment on this and tell me 'What really I lack to put in this abstract?'

P.S. - Sorry for my long delay of writing as i m suffering from examination fever, so as soon as i will come out from this horrible and unusual fever I will start posting blog regularly. Till then enjoy my these posts which I have already written months before. And please TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF......DO YOUR VOTE WITH GREAT CONFIDENCE...