Friday, November 6, 2009

Train to Chennai...

Train – Travelling – Destination, these three words are so wrangled up with my life, my life is also moving like a train on two parallel tracks which never meets. Everything is going so hurriedly that I am unable to catch the heavy rhythmic notes of life. Believe me! I have so many things to tell you guys, I know, I know that you people are expecting much more write ups than before, and yes, it has been a long time since I posted something, no doubt, I too want to write more often but time doesn’t allow me. Time, this is the only dimension which man cannot hold or control and it should not to be. Ok I already poked much introduction, now; I want to tell another journey of my life.
It was 1’o clock in the night and I was on a phone with my friend, not caring about the train which I have to take for one of the metropolitan city of India, no, it’s not Mumbai, its Chennai. My baggage were still not packed, but chatting was still going on, “oh my God, it’s 2’ o clock I didn’t pack my bag” I blabbered to my friend and thinking to get out of this useless Gtalk!!! But my friend didn’t give any attention to it; he was still showing his way of talking (luckily I like it!). The clock turns it hands to 2:30 am, the other part of my watch’s screen was flashing with this two digits number separated by two bindoos, and I cut the phone without caring his resentment, thought to give some bad excuse after all ‘a bad excuse is better than none at all’. I took out the ticket and examined it, it was giving me sneering smile, unnoticed its smile I saw the timings which again ready to give me another smile, ‘3:30 am’. The train will roll down in another one hour and I not even packed my baggage yet. I thought this is the time, Farhan you have to show your energy. I puffed up my bag with clothes and everything without caring the crease of my shirt, and ......I did it in 10 minutes only, bingo!
I came out of house and started finding if any autowallah was visible, but then again my nerves got tight, only half n hour left, I haven’t seen any sigh of relief. But then one auto was coming from the opposite road, I thought first, he must charged me high, but he was a nice guy, he took me on a reasonable fare. Thankful to him. I saw the big clock hanging on a Eiffel tower of a Pune station, and got panicked, only 5 minutes left, I ran, ran and ran, until I saw the train, a wind of satisfaction came in my mind, but it again turned into anxiety, the train was started moving with it I also started moving with great pace and this time a sigh of relief was waiting for me, I somehow managed to enter into the compartment, though it was wrong but thanks to railway employees for interconnecting all bogies. I took a long breath and took out a bottle and emptied the half litre there only.
I saw all my neighbours were dark complexioned with having a long and heavy moustache, remembering Rajnikant and Kamal Hassan I asked, ‘Is this your bag?” I don’t know what makes people to carry so many luggages and blocked the space of others as well, he replied in a soul-less tone, ‘yes, what you want?’ I thought to ask for the imported bag he was carrying, I replied, ‘I want a little space to place my luggage as you have taken all the space’.
‘I have taken???’ He said.
‘ huh...No, I mean your luggage’
He smiled and adjusted somehow to give me a little space besides his precious and heavy bag. I don’t know why he passed such a poor joke, which has nothing to laugh.
I came to the entrance door of a compartment for enjoying and have a look for a night beauty of Pune, a little cool breeze trembled my body, I enjoyed that moment and started thinking about my next destination and the people I was going to meet there...

to be continued...

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