Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back to pune...

Hi everybody, hope u people are good upon. Well I came back to Pune, again into my whole own world where I have to do everything on my own. Unlike home where I just order to my mommy and every ordered thing is there on my side. Here I have to go for restaurant for food where I am paying for each bite but then also the owner is not listening to me properly, but at home I am not paying anything then also mom is forcing me to eat every single bite in my plate. Sometimes I feel how much I depend upon my parents; they are protecting me in each and every way. What happen when I own have to carry out this life forward? It really makes me nervous, but at the same time more prudent and tough. Whenever I have any problem I just call my father, he gives me the best advice without any kind of animosity and selfishness. Every day they are growing older leaving behind this world, teaching me the talent and an art of surviving in this world. I am worried and tensed that whether I could be able to survive without them, and after years they will be not here, then with whom will I ask and share my problems. Who will be there to give me this purest form of advice in this world? Who will support me or will I have to live the remaining life all alone? These are the things which really make me worried, sometimes it gives strength and sometimes it makes me weak. With this thought and repercussion, I always pray to Allah (sweet), and only one answer comes in my mind that, it is the way of life, nature made it like this and I have to bear with it. Life teaches everything, may be at this point of time I am worried about my stand in this life or may be after a decade I will be in a same position like my father and directing my children the way he does. It is the cycle of life, and I think the burden goes to Allah SWT, He has given us this life, and so He has a responsibility to show us the right path and makes us to follow that path. But beside we too have some responsibility and it is the responsibility of hard work. We definitely get the fruits but only in that manner in which we sown and wanted it to be. This whole life is a race track; those parallel lines on track are parents, who always guide us to be in that line to win the race, but some of us get distracted and break the lines to reach fast track but then distorted from the track.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


In the evening only I came back from the most constructed city of India, the construction work covered all over the capital. It has been increasing day by day, becoming a big question for the government to complete it before the targets. The work is on its full fledged in Delhi, the preparation for common wealth games are on high seas. The Government is trying to present Delhi as a newly wed bride, but still a lot of makeup left to decorate India’s capital which from decades left unnoticed. The polishing image of Delhi to the world as a world class city costs India a lot. No doubt, it became the best city not only in India but also in the world in terms of facilities. It is concluded that after its whole refurbishment it will be the fourth best city in the world in the matter of transport and facilities after some cities of Europe and America. But the big question is arising; will the money spent on its upliftment turn out to be the prudent investment in the end? Because once the whole event is over, then what will happen to the newly constructed stadiums in future? And the most important, will we be able to maintain it? As lot of money has already been spent on the luxurious beautification of the city, whether we will be able to uphold its maintenance cost in the future? We are expecting that these mega events will host a better opportunity for India in the world affairs and attract many tourists there after to visit Delhi contributing a large to the Indian economy. How will the investment affect the ordinary taxpayer of the country? The price rise has already been noticed by the country. The biggest chunk of the Delhi Government’s budget on the games is being spent on general infrastructure projects: Rs. 6.920 Cr on flyovers, railway bridges and road widening, Rs. 16,887 Cr on metro connectivity and Rs. 35,000 Cr on new power generation plants, thereby cutting the other field of budgets. It is going to change the face of Delhi especially for those who were visited here before 5 years; it will be difficult for them to identify its new arms. The whole Delhi is connected with metro rail, it makes very easy to move from one place to others in this era of traffic problem. The heart of Delhi – the Connaught place is already on the verge of completing, and I think it is after so many years it has seen such type of reimbursement for its ornamentation.
Initially, the budget was of 2000 Cr but it increased to an extent of more than 30,000 Cr. How could the estimation be wrong at this extent? It could have varied up to 500 or 1000 Cr, but 30,000 Cr. Is it possible? Definitely after games there will be a mass enquiry about the expenditure on games, would be conducted by the government on these govt. officials. I was in a Delhi university when students were talking about the pockets of the govt. officials who are in authority of using the fund, many were tried to get their transfer in Delhi to get the hand in the budget. But here already officials got tasted the blood of budget in their thirsty mouths. It is a cakewalk for them to do hera pheri in the allotted budget and again the burden is on the common publics who were forced to pay the tax for this unhandled allocation and slaying of budget.
With this misleading budget of government, one can make two inference, either Shiela Dixit knows about all the corruption taking place in the name of Common wealth games or She is so much obsessed in making the city into the world class capital that she unseen the fraud going on in the budgets. Or we can say she is ready to take these corruptive measures in order to complete the ongoing construction work anyhow before the expected time and on the cost of common people. Surely and certainly this common wealth games is taking away the wealth of common people.