Sunday, June 28, 2009


It has been two days since Michael Jackson’s cessation, but still the world cannot overcome the trauma of his sudden break from this world. I am also the biggest aficionado of his work, the legacy he left on this world. I am continuously surmising from the day one…will the world be able to see another Michael Jackson in its entire lifetime? Will our next generation be able to admire his work? Then my answer is No, the legends will never returns, their work keep mesmerizing the world to its eternity. And that is what Michael Jackson was all about; he came in this world as a ‘farishta’ of music, rock the world with his undulating beats, flashed the world with his whitened face, glittered with his gold costumes, curled the people with his long hair and shocked the world with his unkindly departure. In all the way he entertained the world either in his ‘teens’ or in his 40’s, he was the God of Music and The King of Pop.
In India, he visited once in his lifetime with his most expensive crotch in the world and that were in Mumbai in 1996. I was 11 years old that time when I heard that Michael Jackson was in Mumbai in his world tour, and that was time when I first came to know about him. I heard many speculation about him like he can dance 8 to 9 hours continuously, he drunk something very unusual spirit that made him white and… blah blah…I discussed with my friend in the school time about him. We thought him as a super human like what we read and saw in comics. We were so excited to meet him that we had once planned to ask our parents to take us Bombay for his concerts. But it was just a planning only when we went home we forget everything and began to think of other things. But gradually as I grown up, I realized his dedicated work for the world of music and his contribution for the world of Pop. Now I think I was right in my childhood, he is really a super human who is having a special qualities which I never ever seen in anybody. Today only I read an article ‘THE DAY MUMBAIKARS MOONWALKED TO MICHAEL’ in Times of India and remember my childhood memories of Michael Jackson. A little bit of tears comes in my eyes, I just can say, “The world has lost his gem of Pop music”.
Before ending this blog, I would like to share some of his captured life in photos.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


The mournful morning for the entire world, the biggest celebrity of this universe passed away this morning. When I heard the news that The Michael Jackson is dead, my feet were stuck in the ground , I was trying to change the news channel in order to get confirmation but then the only news were striking everywhere. I was shocked by the distressed news and sheath of affliction covered my face, I lamented. We lost the ‘king of Pop’ the best dancer in the world, the captivating singer, the excellent composer, and the elite glamorous personality. Michael Jackson is no more with us; it is sadful day for all of us. He left his omnipresent legacy to the world for which he will remain immortal. In the 50 years of his life time, he spent 40 of those years in the public eye he loved. He was a true super star having an unlimited stardom which he gracefully given to this world. It is impossible to calculate the full effect that he had on this world. As a solo performer he ushered the pop culture to a global product and famous for the title of “KING OF POP”. He became an emblem more than a singer, his glistening clothes, his sequined gloves, his whitened face; his moon walk dance became embedded in the cultural firmament. He was a super human, the way he danced, sings, choreographed his videos was amazing, he made the world undulated on his beats. In the 80’s when the music videos were hardly directed, he choreographed his album ‘thriller’ and became the world’s bestselling record of all time. He grabbed 13 grannies and sold over 75 crores copies of his albums, it is record of all time; nobody can ever break his record. The raison d’ĂȘtre of Michael Jackson is the world of pop; it seemed he was on this earth just to flourish and squeal his sui-generis qualities to the world. Michael Jackson is/was (I don’t know what to say here!) an omnipotent god for the world of music, I never seen any singer or actor or any celebrity who got such a big acclaim and adoration in all over the world. He was a prime mover of world’s most famous dancing step “Robot” and “Moon walk”, in the very young age he contributed a grand stardom and became popular for his outstanding albums ‘Off the wall’, ‘Thriller’, ‘Bad’, ‘Dangerous’ and ‘HIStory’.
This article of mine is not a tribute to him, I don’t think anyone can really pay tribute to a star of that size, he is an iconic and nobody in this world can ever… ever replace him,
He was a legend,
He is a legend, and
He will remain be the legend.
We all miss you Michael…

Saturday, June 20, 2009


One sad story happened two days before, I came to know when I was in restaurant. First time when I heard that Shiney Ahuja is a Rapist (sorry same type of language used by the most news channels), I thought he would be some other guy, but when I saw several police man was taking him in a court. I was stunned, how the hell they are taking him, they grasped him so tightly as if he was trying to run away. At least give some respect to that guy until he proven guilty by the court and after all he has done a lot of films to entertain us. Show him some mercy. But our chillar hawaldaars, think themselves supreme of holding Shiney Ahuja – a bollywood star in their arms. F*****S.
Neither I am in favor nor against him, but I just want to manifest how unjust we are, at one time we made him the star in bollywood and in just one growling of a girl we blotted him as a rapist. At least give him a time to prove himself or wait till the court prove him guilty. Don't be one-sided or adjudicator. Its a peculiar habit of Indians to change the frame of mind for someone all of a sudden without knowing anything. Might be Shiney is just a victim of circumstances or may be he is a sinner, who knows? Can't the statements given by the maid be fallacious? But as the maid is 'She' and the miscreant can only be 'He'. Is it at all justified? Rape can also be committed by the girl, it is not something which can only the guy do. But who is going to believe, we believe blindly on a media and make our choices according to them.
The maid alleges that Shiney got physical earlier too, then why she filed the complain this time only, why not earlier? It was also said that the mark was found only on the private parts (not any other part) of the maid and there is no mark on the Shiney's body. How could it be possible? If it was rape, didn't maid try to harm him or any blotches on his body. If it was a sex with consent, then it cannot be a rape.
As Shobaa de said, 'the maid is a conniving bitch'. May be she is, but Shiney is not a God he can also commit a rape.
One thing is very clear, no one is above the law, whether it is Salman, Sanjay or Shiney. Oops one thing is common among the three their initial letter “S”. I wonder, this “S” also stands for 'Sentence'. I don't want to do any prejudice among anyone, Let the JUSTICE prevails..


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Delhi is cooll...!!!

In the last three days I was strolling and dawdling in Delhi, strangling the heat and hot air of this weather-beaten city. Despite of its extreme weather, the city is really cool. I was in a Connought place, where I saw a one guy having written on his Tee, 'DELHI IS HOT'. It is nice to see this kind of graffiti, but I was wandering what does he wants to convey? Whether he wanted to point out the summer of Delhi or he is trying to forward that the people of Delhi is really hot? Indeed the weather is really hot, but about people I can't say. Well I feel Delhi is a very cool city, cool in its spirit,spirit that carries by the people, their way of handling the problems,the way they are taking the development of the city. The coolness of this city overcome its hotness. I really admire this spirit of the peoples of Delhi. From the last one decade, this city is continuously growing up in terms of infrastructure, environmental concern, cleanliness, education, political awareness, transportation, tourism, and the last not the least it is proved to be a economically backing city(Thanks for the legend – Shiela Dixit). It is just because of the will and the spirit of the people, they actually concern for all these. If they demand anything then they ready to become a care taker of it. Unlike other big cities, like Bombay, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata etc their peoples are not at all concern and if they concern also then they left all the responsibility to the government. In Bombay, nobody is concern about the developments. They are happy to live in so called Mumbai, there is no such word of cleanliness in Bombay. They work day and night, but nobody is working for the environmental affair. The spitting habit of peoples of there, I really hate this habit. Almost every corner and sides of the road is being spitted by these saliva ejecting peoples, who the hell make them understand that this habit is really dangerous, it increases the risk of viral diseases. Well I m not here to describe pros and cons of the cities. Back to the track.
Whenever I go to Delhi, I become excited with the thought of traveling in the Delhi metro, even though I traveled a lot in this new technological creativity. As when you enter the metro station the instruction keep echoing and striking in your head, 'Attention please! Stand before to the yellow line', 'Do not touch the glass of the door', 'Stand away from the door', 'Stand in a queue while boarding and allow the De-boarding passengers first' ......'use dustbins' lolls...I really like the checks and security of the DMRC. Wish for the same for Indian Railway department.
I was in a metro station only when I saw one guy, who was trying to jump the electronic gates of the metro entrance. In actually his token was not working so he thought to jump the gate, then the metro official came and he said, 'bhaisahab aap kya kar rhe ho ye, meri naukri chali jayegi, apna token dikaho mujhe'. It was a funny situation for all the commuters, everybody broke into a laugh. First I was trying to control, but when I saw the expression of that guy, I also couldn't resist my laugh. These types of funny incidents is common, as for most of them it is the same old Indian railway so they try to apply same trick here in metro also. But alas! For them Metro is little bit different. Many of the sub-urban people come with their big family having a lot of luggage and children with them, first they hesitate to enter in the station and when they enter then it is difficult for them to understand the complexity of this ajeebo gareeb cheez. They scared with the escalators and the electronic gates of the metro, (in actually I was also at the first time but not exactly like them). For many of them it is quite difficult to stand in a balance in metro while it accelerates and deaccelerates its speed (Newton's law).
It's two separate world: sitting in a flash, silver, air-conditioned metro train driving for a short while next to an old rickety train on the main rail line passing some residential areas and slums, going under a bridge where some poor sods have built their homes consisting of blankets and some cooking pots. It looks very odd when you see the two means of transportation of our country, one in a very pathetic condition and other is in its best. It is the two face of the same coin: two face of India – struggling for its better being. It is a strain on our society. But the masses are busy in doing their life best and earning the sumptuous slot of income.
Somehow one can see the two face of the same coin in the big cities like Bombay and Delhi, otherwise in the other cities one only can see the one face i.e the bitter truth of India, the pathetic way of living the life.
Well thats all for this post, I think it looks incomplete, but I have to go somewhere. I will write some more things in my next post. Till then take care.
Don't Spit on Roads.
Drive safe be safe.
Do travel in Metro,
as you will come to know many things.


Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ohk sorry guys, I promised to write my next post just after the previous one. But somehow situations didn't favor me. As you know the vacation are always quite hectic, I could not able to free myself from laziness and it is also a very very big work. You have to be wholeheartedly engaged in this business so that you can hear the lazy remarks from everyone. I personally believe lazy peoples are very daring as they have a dare to hear and face the situation of taunts (those bullshit remarks) specially from your family, no offense please!!! Lazy peoples are highly optimistic; nobody can descend them in positivity.
I met one lazy person recently, he told me that life is all about positivity and I don't see anything negative in my laziness. In fact we (he was considering me into his group...) are so optimistic towards life that we do nothing but then also we expect something positive from this alluring life. The person who is not lazy or works a lot, he is the biggest pessimist in the world as he is always having a fear of losing the game. So being a lazy (yeah I m...) person is a wonderful thing.
See guys I have examples of few great personalities who besides their laziness proved them best in the world. 'Einstein' he was too lazy to go anywhere except his experimental lab, but he proved himself and gave the theory of relativity and some other notable theories. And second example is 'Newton', he was sitting under the tree in a very idle way where the apple got struck on his head and on the basis of this apple and the idleness, he put forwarded the Newton's law. 'J.K.Rowling' in her laziness wrote a 'Harry Potter series' which made her rich more than a Britain's Queen. There are thousands of example present in this world of lazy people which made you think the importance of “LAZIRIAN” (my way of nomenclature).
Tomorrow morning, I will give these instances to my Father so that he can understand the prominence of 10 O' clock wake up people, may be they try to invent some new things in their dreams. See the positivity of mine towards the change of mind of my father. I think workaholic people must take some inspiration and optimism from us. So, that the world can produce more Einstein, Newton, J.K.Rowling……Farhan ….lols…

Monday, June 1, 2009


It's over, a long waited period of non-writing is over from now onwards. I was in a distress period of grilling with my exams and other grilling subjects. But I came out as a conqueror and prevailed my freedom and peace again. The happiness of peace and freedom let me to plan new things and slings, as to mark a celebration. Not yet planned, I am still planning what to do next as soon as I come to know, I will let you know.
Just day after my vicissitudes of exams, I caught with the infections, WHICH, WHERE,WHY, WHAT type of I don't know, but Doctor told me that its a mere infection. Mere ??? in actually it caused and cost me a lot. He prescribed me one INJECTion and few medicines. Medicines were fine but INJECTion took me on the rack. I was scared with the idea of INJECTing some foreign element (err...particles...whatever) into my blood vessels, particularly I hate to mix my blood with some chemical waste. It is against mine pure blood policy. I pleaded a lot and tried to avoid the monstrous thing but who can win on the will and wishes of DR. Another big complication was Sister wanted to vaccinate it on my butt. I begged her please (don't see my butts) give it on my arms as my biceps overcome its effect, but she was such a merciless person. I had a doubt on her. But somehow I tolerated the cruel nurse because I was on her mercy as if the needle missed its target then it cost me a double. So I calmly allowed her to access into my privacy lolls.
On the way coming back to Delhi, I met a family who was returning after their trip to three cities (Pune, Shirdi and Bombay). They were keep telling me on the whole journey that they saw all the places of Bombay in just Rs. 211. First I thought they must have been seen in photos hehe... but then they actually told they planned in a very cheap manner starting from Haji Ali and then other areas of interest. I believe they got a blessings from Haji Ali. According to them some localites instructed them how to handle a Bombay cheaply. I wish that localites could had been there with me also. But yeah they got the blessings.
In Delhi, I met with someone very special for me in terms of everything. She made my day with such a pleasant presence and I believe because of her presence only the weather of Delhi had changed for that day. Hehehe...and we were able to explore some new things there. In actually it is true, believe or not, but weather changes with the nature of peoples. I hope sweet peoples keep visiting the city like Delhi so that the person like us get some relief from mundane environment.
Well in the absence of my presence in blogging, four important events passed away. First and foremost the talk of the tinsel town-Lok Sabha elections, passed with its most favorable result and devastating for some. Second, the most entertaining IPL which became a DC-IPL (Deccan Charger's IPL). They charged every team and bagged the trophy with them. The third was the end of LTTE in Srilanka, the end of one of the biggest militant group in the world. Hope the best for Srilankan and Tamil peoples. Peace prevails in their state.
The fourth important event, obviously my exams!!! it was one of the important event for me, because of it I was away from all the happenings of the world.
In the last one months I have accumulated so much of things in my mind which I soon want it to jot down in a jotter. I can't write or show my vehemence on anything as my slumber getting into my eyes,mind,body everywhere hehehe...
ohk guys Bye!
I will come back with my new post soon, must be tomorrow. Till then Take Care.