Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ohk sorry guys, I promised to write my next post just after the previous one. But somehow situations didn't favor me. As you know the vacation are always quite hectic, I could not able to free myself from laziness and it is also a very very big work. You have to be wholeheartedly engaged in this business so that you can hear the lazy remarks from everyone. I personally believe lazy peoples are very daring as they have a dare to hear and face the situation of taunts (those bullshit remarks) specially from your family, no offense please!!! Lazy peoples are highly optimistic; nobody can descend them in positivity.
I met one lazy person recently, he told me that life is all about positivity and I don't see anything negative in my laziness. In fact we (he was considering me into his group...) are so optimistic towards life that we do nothing but then also we expect something positive from this alluring life. The person who is not lazy or works a lot, he is the biggest pessimist in the world as he is always having a fear of losing the game. So being a lazy (yeah I m...) person is a wonderful thing.
See guys I have examples of few great personalities who besides their laziness proved them best in the world. 'Einstein' he was too lazy to go anywhere except his experimental lab, but he proved himself and gave the theory of relativity and some other notable theories. And second example is 'Newton', he was sitting under the tree in a very idle way where the apple got struck on his head and on the basis of this apple and the idleness, he put forwarded the Newton's law. 'J.K.Rowling' in her laziness wrote a 'Harry Potter series' which made her rich more than a Britain's Queen. There are thousands of example present in this world of lazy people which made you think the importance of “LAZIRIAN” (my way of nomenclature).
Tomorrow morning, I will give these instances to my Father so that he can understand the prominence of 10 O' clock wake up people, may be they try to invent some new things in their dreams. See the positivity of mine towards the change of mind of my father. I think workaholic people must take some inspiration and optimism from us. So, that the world can produce more Einstein, Newton, J.K.Rowling……Farhan ….lols…

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