Thursday, June 18, 2009

Delhi is cooll...!!!

In the last three days I was strolling and dawdling in Delhi, strangling the heat and hot air of this weather-beaten city. Despite of its extreme weather, the city is really cool. I was in a Connought place, where I saw a one guy having written on his Tee, 'DELHI IS HOT'. It is nice to see this kind of graffiti, but I was wandering what does he wants to convey? Whether he wanted to point out the summer of Delhi or he is trying to forward that the people of Delhi is really hot? Indeed the weather is really hot, but about people I can't say. Well I feel Delhi is a very cool city, cool in its spirit,spirit that carries by the people, their way of handling the problems,the way they are taking the development of the city. The coolness of this city overcome its hotness. I really admire this spirit of the peoples of Delhi. From the last one decade, this city is continuously growing up in terms of infrastructure, environmental concern, cleanliness, education, political awareness, transportation, tourism, and the last not the least it is proved to be a economically backing city(Thanks for the legend – Shiela Dixit). It is just because of the will and the spirit of the people, they actually concern for all these. If they demand anything then they ready to become a care taker of it. Unlike other big cities, like Bombay, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata etc their peoples are not at all concern and if they concern also then they left all the responsibility to the government. In Bombay, nobody is concern about the developments. They are happy to live in so called Mumbai, there is no such word of cleanliness in Bombay. They work day and night, but nobody is working for the environmental affair. The spitting habit of peoples of there, I really hate this habit. Almost every corner and sides of the road is being spitted by these saliva ejecting peoples, who the hell make them understand that this habit is really dangerous, it increases the risk of viral diseases. Well I m not here to describe pros and cons of the cities. Back to the track.
Whenever I go to Delhi, I become excited with the thought of traveling in the Delhi metro, even though I traveled a lot in this new technological creativity. As when you enter the metro station the instruction keep echoing and striking in your head, 'Attention please! Stand before to the yellow line', 'Do not touch the glass of the door', 'Stand away from the door', 'Stand in a queue while boarding and allow the De-boarding passengers first' ......'use dustbins' lolls...I really like the checks and security of the DMRC. Wish for the same for Indian Railway department.
I was in a metro station only when I saw one guy, who was trying to jump the electronic gates of the metro entrance. In actually his token was not working so he thought to jump the gate, then the metro official came and he said, 'bhaisahab aap kya kar rhe ho ye, meri naukri chali jayegi, apna token dikaho mujhe'. It was a funny situation for all the commuters, everybody broke into a laugh. First I was trying to control, but when I saw the expression of that guy, I also couldn't resist my laugh. These types of funny incidents is common, as for most of them it is the same old Indian railway so they try to apply same trick here in metro also. But alas! For them Metro is little bit different. Many of the sub-urban people come with their big family having a lot of luggage and children with them, first they hesitate to enter in the station and when they enter then it is difficult for them to understand the complexity of this ajeebo gareeb cheez. They scared with the escalators and the electronic gates of the metro, (in actually I was also at the first time but not exactly like them). For many of them it is quite difficult to stand in a balance in metro while it accelerates and deaccelerates its speed (Newton's law).
It's two separate world: sitting in a flash, silver, air-conditioned metro train driving for a short while next to an old rickety train on the main rail line passing some residential areas and slums, going under a bridge where some poor sods have built their homes consisting of blankets and some cooking pots. It looks very odd when you see the two means of transportation of our country, one in a very pathetic condition and other is in its best. It is the two face of the same coin: two face of India – struggling for its better being. It is a strain on our society. But the masses are busy in doing their life best and earning the sumptuous slot of income.
Somehow one can see the two face of the same coin in the big cities like Bombay and Delhi, otherwise in the other cities one only can see the one face i.e the bitter truth of India, the pathetic way of living the life.
Well thats all for this post, I think it looks incomplete, but I have to go somewhere. I will write some more things in my next post. Till then take care.
Don't Spit on Roads.
Drive safe be safe.
Do travel in Metro,
as you will come to know many things.



Anees said...

Hmm...Farry ya ur correct. Delhi is really a very cool place. Metro has really brought a tremendous change in the traveling conditions of the people and has changed the weather too.
Do you remember once, when we were traveling by Metro and you were showing me the different stations, you asked me to use the same token and we had to unlock it by paying Rs 10, although we could have taken the token from the counter and it would have cost us less.
But it was really very enjoyable. The trade fair which we visited was worth seeing and Kareem’s food was ulti kalti.
I hope, I can again visit Delhi and then to Roorkee to enjoy the wonderful delicacies.


thanxxx for comments...
arre i remember everything how can i forget. that day was such a memorial one.
we enjoyed a lot that day ....inshallah yaar ...we will again visit ...