Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There has been a lot of talks and gossiping about SRK’s detention at the New York airport, media turned out the every scales in favour of SRK as how he was humiliated, detained for 2 hours and got late for his show where he told all the crunches as he has suffered due to immoral checking of immigration department of US because he is a KHAN. Ok. The name is the main problem, not a name actually ‘surname’. Right...? Yes, indeed exactly that has been told by the media and SRK’s cacophonic phone call to the media groups.
SRK’s detention made Indians sadder but wiser in some sense. Let it be discuss later.
There has been a rumour of ‘Racism’, ‘humiliation of Muslims’, ‘a person with khan surname is being targeted by the US immigration’ (Is APJ Abdul Kalam a Khan...? oops), ‘Indians treated disgracefully’, ‘Americans should exactly be treated same as well’, ‘Google search’ (the funniest thing I heard in this incident, next time if Barack Obama will come to India, first we will search his name in Google). Some even says that it is publicity stunt done by the SRK, whether it was or not, but it certainly become hit for his next film of same kind.
There are two sects of peoples some says it is disgusting to see our King Khan standing in a queue and got humiliated for 2 hours; while other says it is the security check up nothing more than that, media hyped the issue. In a simple way, two groups of peoples one is with SRK and other is against SRK. In both ways, the benefit is already received by the Shahrukh Khan, next time if he will go to US, the immigration department will afraid to hold him for two hours, instead they will call to Hindustani media or Search in Google to find out whether this person is original one (the original SRK). I don’t know whether he was humiliated there or not, but many Indian masses humiliated him here in his own country for unnecessary publicity and false attitude. But for them, I would like to say, it is obvious for anybody to get agitated and irritated with the treatment and unnecessarily detention for two hours, but fortunately it was Shahrukh khan who is always surrounded by media and masses wherever he goes, so particularly he felt humiliated because of shocked treatment of immigration department of US. Similarly if I were there, I too get irritated but certainly I don’t get such media limelight and such a hyped publicity.
Is that racism? Hmm...I think it is not, it would amount to racism if they do it for Indians only, but who knows, and maybe they do it with every third person if they have a doubt on him. They dealt with such uneasiness because they had some reason to detain him, it was said that the same name was showing on their check list so they detained SRK, but the good thing is, they acquitted him after 2 hours though it is much time.
Humiliation of Muslims, it’s not a big deal, not exactly first time, every day I heard the news that the person had some problems because he was a Muslim. It is a negative stereotype image created by the same media, which today try to turn every stone for the SRK. It is not a matter of SRK, it is a matter of all Muslims. We have to face it, and why not? After all the wrong done of one person is suffered by the thousands, so the same thing is happened with all Muslims. America is having a same stereotype for Muslims like what Muslims are having for America; it is same thing why we are humiliating each other when we know the truth. I don’t know how many of you have seen the movie ‘New York’ by Kabir Khan, I don’t care for the storyline, but the message the movie has given is unconditional. It is the duty of every Muslims to portray the same ideas and beliefs, the more you become fundamentalists, the world will see you as a more fundamentalist. So it’s not a matter of ego, but it is a matter of stereotype image, which the Muslims have to cure it through constant contribution with the world.
This incident takes another issue on granted that Indians are not treated gracefully at the US airport, I believe this particular statement is not true, see there has been a thousands of Indian citizen going US every month, so if two or three among them checked more harshly than others, it doesn’t mean that they are not good at us. They are good that is why they are allowing us to their country, otherwise if they have to treat unhandy, they wouldn’t allowed us a Visa.
I was stunned to see the comments of Ambika Soni on a TV interview, she was telling for ‘tit for tat action’. What is the point of doing this? Do you want to humiliate India in front of the whole world?
We Indians are emotional fools, done mistake then regret for it and then again done it, then why are you regretting? Everybody was saying, if Shahrukh, after being a world personality, is subject to such a harsh treatment then what would happen with others. It is to be noted but the problem is, you have to follow the rules of that country, it is not an Indian state where you can go and ask for changing the rules as per your wish, it is USA, that is why it has been called as ‘The United States Of America -The Super Power’. Does anybody realise it? It is a country which follow their rules and regulation more precisely than just a rule on paper unlikely India. India is stagnating with the perpetual terrorist attack, but have anybody seen it in US after 9/11. It is just because of their strict action and discipline. It is much and much better to detain anybody for 2 or 3 hours, than losing a life of hundreds, that is what America realises and it cares for its citizens.
So we don’t have to hype the incident, but instead we should take some inspiration from US, who restrict you to check the Americans at the Indian airport, do check them but with only prescribed rules and regulations. I am feeling bad for SRK that he became a scapegoat without any reason, every normal person could react like him (especially as he is big icon of his country, we should not forget it), it is not a mistake of him, it is a mistake of media. The same tape phone call was showing again and again thousand times in just two days, any of the public gets annoyed with this type of treatment. I hope in the future, we should take some restrictive action on the issue of security and check up in our own country, hope this incident of SRK opened the eyes of Indian government and instead of questioning against the US immigration department, do take some inspiration of fair system of check and security. So that we can also say that, our Indian government really cares for us.



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