Monday, August 17, 2009


Its 17th of August today, another Independence Day has gone by. India is now 62 years young ...yeah young...still young. Since 1947 when England left us to make our tryst with destiny of this nation, from then we still young, young in spirit, nature and future. The nation is lingering to become mellowed, but ugh...jingoism and paranoid feeling of nationalists are not endorsing it.
In the last 62 years, we have made decent progress in several fields and produced world class scientists, engineers, bureaucrats, journalists, doctors, sportspersons, industrialists and artistes and made a mark on the world’s eye.
We should salute our Indian army who battled four wars and provide us a security, safety and strain less sleeps. We have increased life expectancy from 32 years in 1947 to 65 years in 2009. Our literacy rate is increased from 12.2 % to 67 % (ugh...), in the industrial sector we have increased folds, our exports is reached more than $ 125 million and about $150 million of imports. The GDP growth is increased from 2.3 % to 9 % at present, one of the highest GDP growths in the world.
The economy of India is the twelfth largest economy in the world by market exchange rates and the fourth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP) basis. We are at the eighth position in the world Telecom sector. Total mobile phone users reached 362. 3 million in January 2009 in India and the total subscriber base of fixed lines are more than 50 million. Forty five million Internet users are in India and the number is increasing rapidly. India is the world’s largest producer of films, producing close to thousand films annually and earns a profit of millions. In the field of sports, we achieved new heights and sets new parameters on every kind of sports, cricket, hockey, Olympics, common wealth, tennis, everywhere we stand high. In the last glorious 62 years of its age India has overcome many facets of problems and upholds its future.
With one of the highest GDP growth in the world and the advent manifolds in the economy, infrastructure, technology, industry and entrepreneurship, India is still ......not mature. In the country of world’s largest democracy, more than 300 million Indians are still prey for hunger, illiteracy, disease and more than 51 % of India’s children are still undernourished. In the country, which known for pool of engineers, Why still 37% of all Indian primary school children drop out before reaching the 5th standard? Why we ranked 147th out of 177th countries in the world by the UNESCO in terms of illiteracy? Why India spends less than 4 % of its GNP on education as compare to other developed countries (spending 25%)? The illiterate population of India exceeds the total combined population of North America continent and Japan; in this way we are going to meet the demands of our increasing population. The 40% of children under the age of three are underweight and a third of all men and women suffer from chronic energy deficiency. Agriculture being India’s largest economic sector suffers a low productivity, due to lack of opportunities to the farmer; India became a land of highest farmer suicides. World Bank says that the allocation of water is inefficient, unsustainable and inequitable. The irrigation infrastructure is deteriorating. Irrigation facilities are inadequate, as revealed by the fact that only 52.6% of the land was irrigated in 2003–04, which result in farmers still being dependent on rainfall, specifically the Monsoon season. A good monsoon results in a robust growth for the economy as a whole, while a poor monsoon leads to a sluggish growth, and this time it is going to be happen soon because of lack of season rainfall.
The overwhelming problem of corruption is again the main issue of economic sluggishness, India ranked 120th on the Ease of Doing Business Index 2008, behind countries such as China (83rd), Pakistan (86th), and Nigeria (108th). The right to information act, 2005 bought up some transparency, but it fails in higher authorities, still it is matter of debate whether judges should show their assets under RTI act or not. The Judiciary organ of the country is failing to give speedy trial to the litigants, approx. 3 crores cases are still pending; it becomes the main problem of losing the faith of people over the judiciary, how we are going to take our social development of the citizens if they don’t have a faith on judiciary?
The development of infrastructure is in the hands of government bureaucrats and again it is plagued by the corruption, urban-biased and inability to scale investment. India has the world largest road network but worst in terms of maintenance and development.
A water crisis is another big problem in India, big cities like Delhi, Bombay, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai are facing a water crisis, even if they get there is no surety of purity. Adulteration in the food is raising high, almost every food product in the market is marked by the purpose of commercialisation. India is the largest producer of milk, but it is problematic for the citizens to get a pure milk in this only country, and the worst thing is government is not carrying out any checks on it.
These are the problems which India is facing today, Gone are the days when patriots need to give their lives for the sake of their country. Today our country needs those who can live for it more than those who can die for it. We don't need the slogan of "inquilab zindabad" or "vande mataram" and to shout it loudly, leaving behind our work. Instead we need to understand our problem and more importantly speak to solutions of this epidemic. It will only be possible when our generation will be literate, it is rightly said, “If one wants to curtail any community or nation, then removes the education of the masses, the nation will certainly collide”. So education is the only magic word which can change the life of a nation, “Need upliftment - Boost education”. This is the only mantra for change and the change will occur. The government school have become successful in providing free education but fail to perform their objectives. The only elixir of all enigmas is education through which the society comes to know their rights and duties; this only can make India as a mature nation so that we can say after 62 years of age India is not young but a mature in its duties and youthful in its spirit.



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