Tuesday, December 30, 2008


In 2 days, we are going to enter into the New Year of 2009, the year of expectation, desire, hope, love and peace. One more year of 21st century passed away, and again the James Bond like number comes in our date line ‘...009’ (007), and the coming year is the last year for this series. Ahhh…..again we are in a 21st century,

“Wow…..21st century…we are living in a 21st century”,

“I m a 21st century guy”,

“These things are common in 21st century……..”

“ohhh! Common yaar you are living in a 21st century, and still……….”

These are some sentences quoted by our new generation, who thinks himself modern because it’s a 21st century. If you are not modern or don’t know the rules of this new, modern, advanced, fashionable, stylish 21st century then you must be from 18th century or 18th century guy.

There are some conditions, you have to fulfill the criteria of living in this 21st century world, otherwise people would say, “you old fashioned, 18th century, unusual, dumbo guy….”

Yeah it is truth, don’t amaze!!!

In this new world, you have to accept that pre-marital sex is good thing, and you have to approve it, and well! What’s the problem in it, “if you are ready and she is ready, then why the society is interfering, who the hell it is….” And who cares? ‘Whether it is against your moral or your religion’, ahhh….sorry in this new world, religion also doesn’t matter, it is just a fake belief which hold on some oldest temperament which has no use now, we are much and much advanced by it.

And the second thing is, ‘you have to be drunkard…ohhh sorry ….I mean, u should drink Alcohol, wine, brandy, etc…it is a means of enjoyment, you have to enjoy your every moment of life by drinking, smoking…..hmm…if you want more enjoyment, then u can choose drugs also, you will enjoy your life at the fullest, and then everybody would say, “see! He is the modern guy, a real 21st century guy” and the most interesting thing is if you are staying in some ‘Metropolitan or Cosmopolitan city’, then people would ask and amazed, if you are not enjoying your life like this. They give a lesson and reason to become a modern and about the enjoyment of life by wasting …I mean …by spending money on drinking and smoking.

‘LIVE-IN RELATIONSHIP’ a new phenomenon of new world, and it is proved to be very cheap, safe and best. It is safe because you don’t have to perform any obligations towards your partner unlike wife, the life partnerrr, and the best thing is you are away from the vicious circle of law i.e. maintenance, alimony etc…, it is cheap because it never cost you so much, both the partners are ready to pay their own bills unlike wife, the life partnerrr. It is best because it is cheap and safe….lol and who cares about the society… These things are the need of present world, oldies (old peoples) can never understand.

Well these are some examples I gave….for this modern and advanced society, I have a plenty more but all of them I can’t present.

Let’s see, how much changes and advancement, would take place in this new and auspicious NEW YEAR……and how much new and more interesting masala type contemporary issues it will give me to write like this for you peoples...……..lols…..


seema said...

assalamualikum..... u really rock farhan.....keep up the good work....may god bless u....


thanx yaar ...


well written, in a satirical tone, but dont you think every age has its tradition and these things may be few among the those which may not be necessary, but ((for the materialistic world this is the materialistic fun))!!!!!!!!!!

The Thinker - just a human... said...

hii...thanks for your precious comments...but mann u write great too...keeo uo the good work mate...



Ajendra - hmmm....yeah u r right in some sense "for the materialistic world this is the materialistic fun", but i expressed what i felt about these materialistic world.
sometimes bieng more materialistic are harmful...]

the thinker... - thanx bro for enhancing my spirit ...