Thursday, December 25, 2008


When i first came in this city, i was feeling very badd....i was unable to adjust here, i felt and missing the feeling of belongingness in the city as i was thinking that, "I am alone in this city, nobody knows me here, little bit depressed because of my past", but slowly and slowly, this city owns me and I own the culture and happiness of this city.
I came here for the internship, I came here to learn something for my future. Here, I learned many things, I met with different peoples with different attitude towards life. I gained a knowledge as well as made many friends for my lifetime.
I heard a lot about many beautiful places in Hyderabad, but unfortunately i m not able to see any of them, may be beacause of busy schedule or u can say I m afraid of roaming some of the places due to some unusual reasons.
Today is my last day in Hyderabad, ahhh....I m feeling really baddd, I don't want to leave this place, I don't know when I will come again in this City of Dreams. Tomorrow morning I have a train at 6:30 AM and but I can feel the distance of this city from now only.

"Even if the tears come to an end,
And the life is all whole spend;
I will wait for you till the winter falls,
And again try to catch your glimpse with my calls............"

Allah Hafiz Hyderabad...........

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