Friday, November 28, 2008


Once again Mumbai is playing with its destiny and this time in a very unimaginable way.
What had happened and has been continuously going on from two days is beyond the limit of common man’s perception. The atrocity of terrorist became a cynosure of everybody’s eyes; their reprobative act is frequently accruing through the secret conspiracy to open arms.
It seems that the world lay down on the leniency of these raucous terrorist.
On Wednesday, Mumbai was drenched with bloodbath; the terrorists attacked the major metropolis area of the city with multiple blasts and open gunfire on the innocent public.
They targeted on their gunfire the crowded chatrapati Shivaji terminus railways station and the two five start hotels – the Oberoi and the Taj, leaving the death of more than 110 peoples and more than 230 peoples were injured.
The planned work of terrorist had left behind the impromptu police and caused the death of three brave and courageous police officers, (anti terrorist squad chief ‘Hemant Karkare’, Additional commissioner of police ‘Ashok Kamle’ and Encounter specialist ‘Vijay Salaskar’)
Mumbai could have never faced this type of filmy and deadlier situation, even the top 5 star hotels of the country is not safe, so we could not even expect the security of others also.
The blitz situation of the country again created the question on the Government, “how the Government will tackle this menace?” The dawdling way of the Government to handle the situation is really shameful and unpardonable. The system of high alert is on high for some days, and then again it will come down with the time.
The police should always take their responsibility seriously and give a strong set back to the planning of the terrorist. It is not only the duty of the Government and the police person, but also every citizen’s responsibility and sensibility towards the security of our country. We, the common people should co-operate with the work of policemen and not always blame the police officers only, because they too are the victims of these terrorist attacks the exigency of everybody’s help is necessary to delve with the problem of attack and safety of citizens.
Let’s joined the hands and pray for the peaceful existence of the souls of those peoples, who died in the attack.

Mohammed Farhan Khan ....

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