Saturday, November 15, 2008


“I am greatly proud of Indian scientist. The technological excellence and creative leadership at ISRO have combined to make chandrayaan very successful. The whole country should be proud of ISRO…”
- A.P.J.Abdul kalam

We, the Indians became fourth entity in the world to join the global moon club. The Indian tricolor landed on the surface of the moon on Friday opening a new chapter in the history of India. The other countries which have their flags on the moon are the Soviet Union, the US and the European space agency and now it’s our own India.
After few years, the supremacy of the countries will be judge by the touchstone of a moon, whichever country has maximum flags flagged on the peaceful land of moon will be consider as supreme and intelligent. Engineers of that country will have a benefit of ‘Moon landed country certificate’, so that they will acquire job first than others in the queue.
The silver glittering and sparkling of a moon will become colored due to different colors of a flag present there. Thank God, we will be able to change the color of a moon and after all we are getting bored to see the same silver color of a moon from many years. It will be a great achievement of a mankind.

The classic poem of a childhood,
“Chandamama door ke, pue pakaaye dudh ke,
Aap khaaye thaali mien, munne ko khilaaye pyali mien,
Pyaali gayi toot, munna gaya ruth.”
Now it has to be change, because our ‘Chandamama’ is not ‘door’ from us, and our ‘Munna’ will never be ‘ruth’. Now the time has come for our ‘Chandamama’ to get angry (ruth), we are stealing his lavish splendour and suckling its luster from him.
The sui-generis quality of the moon will not remain same in coming years, if we don’t stop our experimental activities with him and leave him Scot free.

I agree that discovery, experiment, test, and science development are good things, but in which field. There are plenty of things left to be discovered in the world, then why we are wasting our time and money in these things. What about AIDS, Cancer, Radioactive and Nuclear power pollution problems, CFC pollution, Ozone depletion, Deforestation, Floods, Famines etc…? Is there any solution for these problems? Every country wants to be in a league of Nuclear power, but don’t want to concentrate upon these problems.
If we think that we have done a lot for these problems and we are having a solution of each and every problem of this world, and we have enough resources and finance to delve with these conundrums. Then, Moon mission is a great victory for us.
Lets cheers for ‘the Mission of Moon’ and off course for the ISRO, which made it possible.

Mohammed Farhan khan...

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