Monday, November 3, 2008


In two days, the most awaited results of the US presidential elections will come across over the world. This is the presidency of the United States of America, the most important and most powerful job in the world. America elects its 44th president.

Six months ago, it would have been hard to believe America could have a black president in our lifetime; it’s still a little difficult to accept that Obama captured the popular imagination and expresses the hopes of ten of millions of ordinary Americans.

Clearly color is not an issue for many Americans and who knows, they could be in majority on Tuesday. Now, this is the time to judge Americans, how they have changed themselves from past?

If we refer a history, then it is quite difficult for Obama, the inferences will definitely works for McCain. In America, the most famous political phenomenon called Bradley effect is became very relevant in the age of Obama. When Bradley (black mayor of LA) ran for Governor of California in 1982, he consistently led by healthy margins in the polls, until the actual results saw him defeated by Republican. So on the basis of this, you can’t trust the polls when they are about a BLACK candidate because Americans are admitted the truth of their own racial biases and unknown about their true voting intention. Apart from this, don’t forget that, Americans presidential elections are not decided by popular vote totals, but by a majority in the Electoral College, a body consisting of members of the House of Representatives and the senate. Al-gore lost the 2000 elections in the Electoral College despite winning a larger number of popular votes nationwide.

Barack Obama, an outsider in this country, once came across the victim of racial bias in the country, but who knows, that this Black race guy would acquire the most honorable and highest place in this country. Now, if he wins the election, then I can say that America is the greatest Democracy in the world. After all immigrants or outsider have made it to the top in other countries as well, New Zealand has an Indian Governor General, Singapore has an Indian President, and Canada has had Indian state premises and federal minister.

The risk is that, he may not be able to win over the older white traditionalists, who are still uneasy with the idea of a Black man occupying what will still be called ‘the white house’

All of these considerations can reverse the situation and make it an unexpected event of the elections. But if there is no last minute attack of surprise, I am betting on ‘OBAMA’. He has done everything right in his campaign and came out as calm, intelligent and presidential, whereas McCain has been erratic, impulsive and (in his choice of the woefully undercooked ‘Sarah palin’) makes him irresponsible too.

If Obama were white, then this would not even be a close contest. If he losses despite running the most impressive Presidential campaign in the Democratic history, it will only mean that the candidate of change has been defeating by the one thing he cannot change “the color of his SKIN”


Mohammed Farhan Khan

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