Friday, October 31, 2008

Assam tarred by bloody bomb blast ..........

Dreadful blast covers the face of Assam, once again India is struggling for PEACE, we are helpless again. There is no sign of relief from these blasts, every time blast occurred we just hope that may be its a end of this dangerous circle, but it is happening again and again. 
Many solitary voices come from the anguish faces of the people, crawling from ghastly situation in Assam, but we are weak, we too are the victim of ourself. 
May be this time we are safe, what about next time...??? 
Now again, Police will take thousands of peoples for interrogation and on the basis of suspicion, they will do fake encounters and solve the mystery of this case in two or three days, and again blast occurs and the series goes on and on....
In the fight between Government's Politics and these terrorist's revenge, the only innocent person suffers. But who cares......, Minister's cares for thier fucking seat and these Terrorist (cowards, butchers, bloody peoples.....) cares for thier dirty game.

Newton's Third law is proving right in every field, "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction..."

Government sactioned or allowed actions done by thier disgust politicians, and in return, we, the common people, suffers the reactions done by these Terrorist.
I just hope that this never ending race has its end also. 
I pray for the better future of this country.........

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