Thursday, October 9, 2008


Exams! Exams! Exams!....
very dangerous word i have ever known...not for me only but for everybody.
I am not so good in studies from my childhood, so it is normal for me to scare from the word EXAMS, its really a very scary word.
I think every children don't like this word, majority of students are like me (lucky), but those who likes exams, unfortunately i have to say,"they are abnormal person on this earth" (ha-ha..).

These days also i m suffering from some ailment, which i called "Examination fever", but the only medicine for this fever is to do hard word (which i m not doing well..) and getting pass the exam as soon as possible.
Doctors (Teachers) of this fever are very cruel, they always want us to give this fever....hope when we will become a teacher, we will not create such a big disaster ailment for our sweet, little, innocent children.

So, this is the problem, thats why i m not able to write articles as fast as i did, but inshallah i will after fighting this ailment (ha-ha...)
bye n take care friends
Ma'as salaamah

[ Don't be serious friends, i have written all this in a prank mood ha-ha-ha ]


baby said...

mere liye to ye sahi bat hai
i hate
2 studyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
really mera bilkul mann nhi karta hai ki padhey
jo aapne likha hai sahi hai


bye tkccccr
likhte rha kaiye
hum padhe\te hai
bahut mast or
sahi hotte hai

its me..... said...

well mere liye tou padhai zaruri hai........exams bhi zaruri hai.... agar padhai se nafrat karungi tou sabse pichhe reh jaaungi....

jo aapne likha hai vo sahi hai..
one thing u should know that....
those who like exams are neither fool nor abnormal.....ok
(dont mind this)

well apke articles achhe hai, mujhe sare articles achhe lage....... i hope ke aap aage bhi aise articles likhte rahe aur hume comment karne per majboor karte rahe....
ok byeee take care,,,,,
allah hafiz


well thanx....

actually i have written all this just for fun (hahha...), nothing more than that, even i like to study without it, i m not capable of writing these articles.

u r absolutely right, exams and study are both the complimentary things.
do ur best ...i will pray for ur success.....dear..