Thursday, October 2, 2008

ROCK ON ....Roxxx....!!!!!!!!!

After so many days, at last I have seen the movie ROCK ON last night, it was a long delay since I have written one article on it, but then also I was not sure, when I will get a time, but yesterday it was possible and I saw it. I was very much fond of this movie, coz it seemed to be the biggest hit of this year and it has made and acted by my favourite director and now the actor ‘Farhan Akhtar’. Don’t think that I m also having a same name that’s why he became my favourite, actually he has a capability to do something good (hope I will also...), so he became my favourite.

Well guys, movie was totally different, what should I call ‘fantastic movie’, but the Film is for the youngsters (basically young generation type...), so may be aged person don’t like its theme (don’t go with your parents, otherwise they will not go with you again...hehehe), but I have a say for them, see the theme and idea of the movie, you will definitely like the direction and cinematography.
Farhan Akhtar, there is no word for him; I became wordless coz he has done a fabulous job. Apart from him, Arjun rampal had chosen a very typical role, it seems role was made perfectly for him or he has moulded himself in the mood of Joe (his name in movie). Purab Kohli, very natural actor, dances very well when he is in his full mood, I have noted him in the film many times his rock stars nature. Luke Kenny, debutant actor, looking very sweet in the movie. Every guy in the movie has played an important role for the success of the movie, choreography and songs of the movie is pretty good and commendable.

We need these types of different movie in our Bollywood with some good direction and songs, hope in future, may some directors and producer will make some interesting movies like this.

Enjoy reading,
Mohammed Farhan Khan

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