Friday, October 31, 2008

Mumbai ka Raj........!!!!!

Mumbai is famous for its beautiful phrase, “Mumbai meri jaan”, but Alas! This only Mumbai has taken away ‘jaan’ of many peoples in the period of one year and the good thing is, the runner up of Mumbai doesn’t have any regret for all this.

The aggressiveness of MNS people or Marathi manoos over UP Bhaiyas and Bihari Babu are taking a turn of political agenda. The recruitment programmes in railway for Bihar people makes the situation worse and cause these jealous MNS workers more tyrant towards Biharis. Once again, Raj on a rampage is became a news, but this time, Raj finds him in trouble and this led him straight towards the way of lock up.

Media as usual, in his avatar, dished out every minute detail about Raj’s short stay as a ‘mehmaan’ of the manpada police station. We were told about the bare room, the dark conditions, and the change of clothes….even how traumatic it must have been for Raj to slide out of his comfy Mercedes and into a shaggy police van, when he was picked up. Newspaper and Valuable hours on TV were devoted to this meaningless information. By these Ad-nauseum created by our most helpful Media, Raj became an omnipotent demi-God for the ‘being tyrant MNS people’. Even the bollywood King, Shahrukh khan could also not able to arranged a greater Media coup. A few hours of sitting it out in a lock up generated more national and international publicity for a man who was virtually unknown less than a year ago.

With the help of Media, Raj is riding on a way, in whichever he intended to. He has done his job, he wanted to create MNS party into a political party and he has able to achieve it.

For a person like Raj thakeray, consequences doesn’t matter, he created a big rift between Mumbaikars and Biharis to attain his goal and his position in Maharashtra politics.

Raj through his long and close association with his uncle learnt everything that how to control Mumbai through muscle power, how to hold it to ransom, how to weak the psychological nerves of Mumbaikars and make them against anybody.

In a coming election, Raj definitely wants his seat to come with some political power in his hands or by coalition Dharma. Raj has a political objective to score. But, what about moral one? I wonder where our outspoken intellectuals have disappeared. Why they are silent?

The city of Mumbai is bult from the labour of millions of individuals each searching for their own dream and trying to make it real. Unfortunately, Raj will not be able to flourish his B grade ‘goondagiri’ with all of us, coz Raj’s tryst with destiny (and Indian jails!) may just have begun. So speak up Mumbaikars! Let’s show them that you are also from  “MAHA – RASHTRA”



Mohammed Farhan khan


neilesh said...

farhaan, let me tell you that personally what i feel about marathi-non marathi issue raised by Mr. Raj

whatever issues he is raising do contains the reallity. But the way he is implimenting those is completely few paras i am going to discuss his points only & not about his actions

now a question rises that whether he is using those issues for the development of MH or to hold a stand of his party in the politics?

i would say even if he is doing for his party's publicity it is fare because he is not doing anything different from other politicians. if every indian knows that each n every politician does politics for his own benefits than Raj must not be an exception to this.

Now people will say that every indian citizen has the right to roam anywhere in india. yess it it true. But what about the infrastructure, facilities, population of Mumbai if people started to roam? moreover are you sure that each person who come from outside starts some business/service over here, pays tax to government?

In MH an incident happens in which some violence was done by MNS people regarding MARATHI HOARDING issue.In this case legal notice with perticular deadline date was given to government & to the shop owners. But they were deaf i guess.
at such situation what could be solution. "Laato ke bhoot Baato se nahi maante"'s true.
at one end u says about the law to roam anywhere then don't these people know the law abt the hoardings tht first preference has to be given to local language?

the people from different kinds,such as gujrati-muslims-hindu-bihari-bla bla in Mumbai in perticular. Tell me one thing why Mr. Raj is showing so much of anger on Bihari people specifically and not on the other people.....i min there has to be some reoson.If we try to find these reasons i am sure you will get a clear idea about the tendency of Mr. Raj.

His main statement is "If one is living in Maharashtra, he/she has to respect the culture of MH, language of MH n everything over here". then what's wrong in it?

If some Bachhan Amitabh/Jaya come here in MH, gets all the respect,faith,fame,money from here

and at the end come up with a statement that "hum to UP waale hai"...its a real insult of people in MH.

It's good tht u r from UP..who the hell cares for it. Agar maharashtra ke people aise marathi-non marathi issue ko maante toh kya Amitabh/ Jaya itne popular hote maharashtra main?

In short the people from there makes these kinds of comparision Raj toh buus ek bahana hai. Same goes with ur SRK.

agar unko UP ki itni Fikr thi toh waha ke development ke baare main woh pehle sochte.But they know yaha MH main paisa hai. thats the's a human tendency kisi se apna matlab nikal gaya toh usse koi nahi poochta.

About Rahul raj issue iwould say encounter was the appropriate decision by mumbai police. "great work sir".....though news channels kuch alag atmosphere create kar rahe hai n most of the north indian are agree to it. there was no connection betwwen this issue n Raj thakrey.

there are n number of issues such as this. but one will never understandthis until n unless one carries pure & genuine maharashtrian heart.

to end with. I am proud to be an Indian. & i am proud to be a Maharashtrian.


Anees said...

I completely agree with what Neelesh has said except one statement. The statement is-"Laaton ke bhoot baton se nahi maante".I think every thing should be done in a proper way with rules and regulations. Hitting someone with your legs is not at all a proper way and solution.I think there could be more effective and proper ways which one could adopt to stop anything going wrong.


Before writing anything I just want to be clear that I m neither Marathi nor Bihari, but I strongly oppose whatever is going on the name of Marathi, Bihari and UP Bhaiyas.
I don’t know about the intention of Raj thakeray behind these activities, but the policy he is following, really a great disappointment, he is dividing the people and creating a big rift between the minds of Biharis and Marathi. I am feeling ashamed that you support such a person who is again doing ‘divide n rule’ policy on the minds of Indians.
He is beating n killing poor persons who barely earn there living for their family.

If Raj is a good politician why doesn’t he help poor persons living in Mumbai in slums? , why doesn’t he raise his voice to help them? Why doesn’t he raise his voice for any national issue? It doesn’t mean that if every politician is in a corruption so Raj should also do the same thing with more cheap publicity.

It is true that in our constitution, Right to Freedom is given to every citizen, but it doesn’t mean that, it gives a freedom to a citizen to kill anybody or to force anybody to live in a particular area. Not only Bihari and UP people is responsible for the development and infrastructure, it is a responsibility of Marathi also, DELHI is also more dense and populated than Mumbai, but then also it is far more developed than Mumbai. It was from ancient times, Mumbai has continuously been a business centre, because of the fact that it has natural harbour and most of the trade depends upon it, and this advantage is not available in UP and Bihar.

If you r saying everyone living in maharashtra should give respect to the culture, language of maharashtra. Tell me is anyone abusing these things there? And what about Indian culture, mother tongue in India? Should all Indian not respect Indian culture n language n everything? Have you forgotten Gandhi ji he was from Gujarat but he is father of India?

About Amitabh bacchan and Shah rukh khan, their films releases all over the India and World, they are famous because of their films and their acting skills, not because of Maharashtrian people. They are living in Maharashtra because films industry is there, if it were somewhere else, then they became famous from their only. They are neither developing UP nor MH; they are only doing their Job.

If Jaya was saying that statement, I don’t find any problem in that, were not you people always saying Marathi! Marathi...?

About Rahul, if he has done anything wrong, then he is likely to deserve all this…

And the last thing, one should not carry true and pure Maharashtrian heart or UP or Bihari heart to understand this entire disgusting problem, but instead of this one should carry a true, liberal and pure INDIAN HEART. ….
I proud to be an INDIAN……..

Nilesh said...

Farhaan u doesn’t need to be ashamed. In fact I am feeling ashamed by ur statement “If Jaya was saying that statement, I don’t find any problem in that, were not you people always saying Marathi! Marathi...?” ………..look directly or indirectly u are showing anger towards Marathi and doing comparision. Also there are contradictions in statements. You are saying we should respect mother tongue of India.
That is what Raj is trying to say “Marathi, being a mother tongue of MH every citizen living here whether Marathi – non-marathi must respect.

About your statement – “If Raj is a good politician why doesn’t he help poor persons living in Mumbai in slums?”

I think you are completely unaware of what is going on in MH. You have framed certain image (BAD) of Mr. Raj & MH with what bloody electronic media is showing. To add on you poor knowledge let me tell you few things which Raj is doing in MH

• There is one project of Raj in association with Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Sena, in which MNS & ABVS people give training to poor/unemployed graduates about preparing chat, Vada-pav etc (Desi fast food). Then they also help them to acquire relative licenses, setting up of business, selection of business area, & any other help which the unemployed youth might require to successfully run their business and become self employed. Let me tell you the fact that loads of UP people are also affected by this.

• Jet-airways issue regarding the suspension of their employees. In that Raj never looked that whether the employees are from MH or some different states.

• Loads of Marathi people were showing anger towards ‘Afzal Khan Tomb’ at Pratapgad at Satara Dist (to which I belong). But Raj opposed that anger saying that ‘It will be against the emotions of some communities’

There are several other things as well but people from UP/Bihar living in MH never know this because they read the newspapers of UP only and not the local papers. How could you know about what is going on in MH?

You are talking about slums, I would say ki slum area create hi kyu hota hai? It is because people migrates from this to that.

Anyways I don’t care what You and electronic media is saying about Raj. From your point of view
He maybe terrorist but every maharashtrian knows what he is saying is absolutely right. As I said earlier the way he is implementing is wrong and I say my protest to his actions but not to his views

About your statement – “DELHI is also more dense and populated than Mumbai, but then also it is far more developed than Mumbai”

I am afraid about this statement. Tell me one thing if I come to delhi and started my conversation in Marathi. What will be your reaction you will be saying “Hindi main bol bhai kuch samjh main nahi aara”. Kuch aisa hi ho raha hai Mumbai main.

Delhi main issues nahi hote because most the people living there are of same language & all that. But here in Mumbai situation is far more different.

Your statement about Amitabh bacchan and Shah rukh khan

I never said these people are popular because of MH. I was saying ki woh MH main utne hi popular hai jitney woh worldwide popular hai. Agar MH ke people discrimination karte toh woh MH main popular nahi hote. It means people still loves them in MH. Anyways unko UP ki itni fikr nahi thi jis din unke paas kuch nahi tha aur woh kaam ki talaash main Mumbai aaye the. One more thing agar amitabh bhojpuri film industry main hote toh shayad itne popular nahi hote(he must be aware of this fact that time) but at least UP ke development main kuch contribute karte.

Yes you are right they are not doing anything for MH and UP. Yahi toh dukh ki baat hai ki jis state ko woh represent karte hai aur jis state main woh rehte hai unke liye woh kuch nahi kar paate.

I would like to interrupt you for your statement that “we should think about Indian development only”

I would suggest every person should think about the development of the state in which he is living. Directly India ki development karne mat nicklo aap. State by state development karoge toh ultimately India ki development hogi. Ok.

Now that’s all from my side. These were my personal views.

To end with. “ I am proud to be an indian” because I am an Indian. And “I am proud to a maharashtrian” because I am maharashtrian.


Well, your comment is very specific and fabulous…I really respect your views; actually I didn’t know about these things what you have mentioned in it.

I just want to clear one misunderstanding, about jaya case, I havn’t written on angry mood. I wanted to compare the contradiction between both the groups, if one group suppressed others; the feeling of comparison is automatically developed.

From my first article on Raj to this article, I focused on the violent behavior of him. The way he is implementing his policies and views, is not correct. Whatever his intention may be, whether it is good or bad, but the common people would only see his way of work. They (MNS workers) have beaten Biharis by ‘chappals’, what they are trying to show, are these Biharis worse than their ‘chappals’?

I agree that Bihari’s population in Mumbai increasing day be day and really they are problamtic for Mumbai, but then also they are human beings and they have a right to live for their survival.
There are other ways also to solve this problem, but this violent act of Raj supporters, is making the situation worse, rather than solving it. I don’t find any solutions in this way.

MNS workers turned out many buses, auto rickshaw, markets and many other things with fire; ultimately they are doing economic loss of their own MH government.

About the project of Raj in association with ABVS, they are trying to give training to unemployed peoples, but then also the problem of Bihari and Marathi will not solve.

Regarding slums area, not only Biharis are living there, but there are Marathi families, which have been living from many years.

For different language issue, every state has its own significance and disadvantages, in Delhi also peoples are living from diff state like Punjab, Harayana, UP, Uttaranchal, J&K, and Assamese etc. but as I said every sate has its significance. But, on the basis of language, we can’t always fight as every language is special coz it contains India’s different culture and diversity. As far my knowledge, I have never seen and heard about disrespect given to Marathi language by Bihari peoples. It is not the mother tongue of Bihari and UP, so it is difficult to them to learn it. After all, they came here to earn some money for survival of their family, and the most important thing, they are not hurting the sentiments of Marathi culture, and my dear they are struggling to earn for their everyday bread, how come they give their disrespect for marathi language.

For Amitabh bacchan, I don’t want to comment on him, as everybody knows him well.

Well at last I can say every problem has two faces of coin; we have to see both of them in order to tackle the problem.

Some of your points are really good, and for others I gave my explanations…..
Take care…

baby said... farhan ji........gud.....

waise aapne jo kaha sahi kaha........i totally agreess wid.....uuu....nice points u hv given....

neilesh u hv also gvn nice point......


well thanx baby .....
i m very happy that u have read our comments .....n giv ur comments also...
well its a fact ...whatever i wrote ...

Nilesh bhai ....ur points are also very strong ...but alone with that point, we have no conclusion .....

bye n take care