Tuesday, January 20, 2009

YES, WE CAN .............

In my last article, I was criticized by many of my friends, some of them told me that I was little bit biased in writing about Muslims in India. But in actually, it is other way round; I have focused on the present and continuously turmoil situation, which is happening in these days between Hindus and Muslims.
As I told before also, the future of India is tied inextricably with the future of Islam and Hindutwa. It is time for both Hindus and Muslims to dump their religious attitude and think together for the betterment and political security of the nation.
The relationship between both the communities could well be destroyed by the twin forces of bigotry and victim hood. This has prevented a good co-relation and sympathy between the two, and smashed a reliance and assurance between the two largest communities of India – Hindus and Muslims.
The bigoted statement of Hindus for Muslims, like ‘Muslims always support the Pakistani cricket team’ or ‘Terrorism in India is mainly because of Muslims in India’, these statements are so prejudiced that it should be easy for citizens of a modern, functional democracy to dismiss it directly. But the problem is that India is not a functional democracy in the true sense. Politics in India is still all about Identities – caste, ethnicity, region and religion, while politics in a true functional democracy is about fulfilling the endeavor and rights of citizens. That is why, I have written in one of my Article that ‘America is having a biggest democracy in the world’, besides knowing a fact that India is known as largest democratic country in the world, but the truth we all know.
The biggest challenge is for both Hindus and Muslims to transcend the politics of identity and hold it on a way of true democracy.
As India keeps getting hit by terror attack, it will be easy for bigoted Hindus to spread the ambiguous statements, but the good news is that an overwhelming majority of Hindus have never admitted to such statements and it is for Muslims to recognize this as a fact when so called protectors of Muslim rights push them further into a more agitation and stake.
As Pakistan is continuously doing his work in widen the rift between Hindus and Muslims in India, it is necessary for both the communities to understand these tactics of Pakistan and maintain their country of being called an open society where all religions have an equal status. The bigger role in this task is for Hindus, it is only through their consolation and confidence over Muslims that the Muslims in India are not in danger but they are like a family for them.
The most harmful and dangerous disease that Muslims need to tackle is a sense of victim hood. This victim hood led to the creation of Pakistan and it could also be destroy the future of India – including the future of 180 millions or 18 crores Muslims who live in this country.
Even a child in India knows about the work of police, for most cops, religion is less important than the status of the person. If community wise data would be check than there is no doubt, if more than 70 percent were Hindus in it, and it’s a fact. What both Hindus and Muslims have to do is POLICE REFORMS.
It is true that there have been cases where innocent Muslims were picked up and brutalized after the blast, but directly come to the conclusion that there is a planned and systematic conspiracy by the Indian society against Muslims in India is ridiculous and sarcastic.
So, I hope this Article could able to flourish some new change in Indian society and give new assets for Both Muslims and Hindus in India.


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