Tuesday, January 6, 2009


One of the voluminous problem in our country – Terrorist attack, nobody knows not even imagine when it will last. On this New Year we had performed Prayers, Resolution, New way of living life, but nobody has suggested and took a genuine step to delve with terror phenomenon. After every attack we become alert, but as a typical Indian mind we take these things as a granted, we don’t find any new expertise to confront with it. Why only India observed these attacks? Why not America or other developed nations? It is just because of Indians, who takes every problems on others part, everybody just try to remove their burden and blame others for the deteriorating situation which India facing continuously. Politics pierced in our mind, in every aspects we forward with politics like the case of Ajmal amir kasab, we are doing politics rather than following a procedures. 

No country is perfect; we should try to get in, in that criterion. Population made the country, and mostly of our population is against the policies of the government, and then what’s the use of these policies. There is great need to improve the relations between police and minorities. Police should have some confidence in the minds of minorities; the common people perception is always against the way of police work.

Like the year 2008, where 1st terror attack was in Rampur (UP), this year also (2009) began with terror striking in Assam. Three serial blasts on day 1, left 15 peoples dead and more than 80 were injured, again the series continue. It is supposed to be triggered by Ulfa group of Assam, one of the militants of East India. From Jan 13, 2008 it was eighth blast in Assam. Just imagine the mindset of the peoples of Assam, what they were thinking about the Government.

One of the worst thing happened on the first day only, now just see how much safety and precautious step would be taken by our most trustworthy police and our helpful government.

It is not the mistake of Government; it is a fault of every citizen, why they choose such type of governance, besides having a proper and appropriate democratic structure in our constitution. We should learn from some other democracies, how they dealt with similar situations, and the most recent example the United States of America, I never hesitate to say that America has a largest democracy in the world and they proved it by electing Barrack Hussein Obama – the president of change. So likewise American peoples, we also take inspiration and take some resolution for the new and brighter India and on the occasion of this year of 2009 – a year of change, hope, peace and harmony.

Best of luck India……………



Saif Is KIng said...

farhan bhai this is saif ahmed.
u see u r saying
"it is a fault of every citizen, why they choose such type of governance"
so according to u what should we do,which type of govt should we
elect.every politicians is corrupt here.


well Saif, definetly it is our mistake or negligence towards our nasty ministers, if we become careful and cautious in choosing them, then i suppose there would be lot of change.
and your line, "every politician is corrupt here", it is not correct to say, they are depend on situations and factors.
First tell me, how many common population in India is away from this dangerous cycle of corruption.
And how much u active, attentive, watchful towards the work of ministers, so they do watever they want to do.
we,individually, have to be mould us, then talk about them.

i hav already posted one blog on SECTION 49-0, which talks about electing candidates.
we should all know about the constitution of India and our fundamental rights, then we can do something to our country, otherwise it will always be a problem for our Peaceful India.