Monday, January 12, 2009


The two extensive communities in India – Hindu and Muslim, both of them is holding a capacity to decide the Future of India, if the onus is on Hindus, then the same burden shifts to Muslims also.

However, in the contemporary situation, I find the fidelity of these two communities curtailing day by day, and so the India’s future.

The three aspect of this fidelity – Hindu, Muslim and the India, the prior two are always battling on the latter, but they do not understand the latter exist because of them only.

It is the time for both Hindus and Muslims to shed the perishing situation of prejudiced history, and look forward for the future of India, in which only the existence survive.

Here, in my very important and prominent article of being taken facet of present scenario, I have to discuss and wants to give some advice to both the communities and the caretaker of this country.

Just before the weekend of Mumbai blast in India, the PM pleaded with the senior police officers of India, “not to widen the fault lines of our society, try to restore the faith of people, especially those belonging to religious and ethnic minorities and the weaker section of the society, in order to get better impartiality and effectiveness of police”. In these words, it is clearly showing that they too easily make out the relations and fear of ineffectiveness in the minds of general public. In my last article, ‘Time to change our mindset’; I pushed heavily the need to improve the relations between Police and Minorities. In every pro-active technique of the police, the India’s largest minority community become hostile and treats it as - against policy of police. It is just because of the fact that police has done so many injustices with these peoples, so it is natural for them to become hostile or adverse against them.

‘Young Muslims have picked up and brutalized for no reason, other than their demographic profile, there has to be a better way to deal with these under situations and problems. If there, any terrorist of Pakistan has performed a dreadful violence, then why the Muslims of India suffered because of their act. The victims of the killers were from every faith and religion, the same pain is agonized by the Muslim father, then the Hindu father, then why he suffers this injustice. There are no answers for this, because it is incorporated in our mind and heart that the only reason of this mess and panic is Muslims in India.’

India dealt effectively with Sikh extremism by the skilful use of the talents of a pluralist state. The khalistanis never succeeded in making their cause, one of the Sikh community versus the Indian state. Instead, we saw the majority of Sikhs stay loyal to their country, as a largely Sikh police force, led by a Charismatic Sikh officer, K.P.S. Gill, combated with the minority of Sikh terrorists, while the Indian state orchestrated a democratic political process, which brought elected Sikh leaders to power in Punjab.

There is absolutely no reason why a similar approach cannot work with the Muslim community, the overwhelming majority of whom are proud and loyal Indians. To do so we must start by getting more Indians in Police force, Central reserve police force and most crucial UP’s provincial armed constabulary. It’s obvious, we need to enhance the recruitment process for minority community. Such an approach would definitely reduce the grievance of Muslim community and increase the trust between Community and Police. Moreover, it has not to be done by reservation, which will create more hovac then relief, in other words we should make it easier for them to join the Police.

Let us do it, and until our police and officials are not properly and continuously trained to deal with minority relations, this present problem will continue



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hey farhan this article dont need any comment. u have said everything....i wish others could also read it and understand it...

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