Monday, June 6, 2011

A long came back ...

Hello everyone, hope u people good out there. I am writing here after a very long time; don’t ask me the reason what made me away from this so called sophisticated way to expressing me. Four months I believe, it’s a long period since I have posted something and in these months bulk of things happened in my life. I have collected so many things to tell you, but don’t know how to jot down here. It is one of the toughest tasks to write down your feelings, especially when your mind is full of collected dirt, you don’t even know what to carve and what not. Yesterday only my friend asked me the reason of not writing anything in this blog, I just nodded my head blankly, I got no reason. I just thought myself what’s wrong with me, initially I was so excited to write everything here, but suddenly out of no reason I just lost my interest in writing. There might be some incidents, or I could guess I might have been very busy in the last few months which kept me away from this. I couldn’t have told you people that I have left my last to last semester exams due to some chickengunya kind of fever (though its not related with chicken), which I had to give in this last semester. It was kind of curse of double hard work I have gone through the whole semester, the thought of giving 9 papers made me sick for the whole 4 months in the college. But thankfully it is completed now, and I m on summer vacations, enjoying and relaxing at home, having homemade food, trying hard to get in shape in these holidays but it seems hard, body is not that sympathetic towards me.
Yeah I forgot to tell you that I went to Lucknow, the city of nawab, in these never ending holidays to meet up my old friends. It was wonderful visit since I visited there after 8 years, so everything looks changed over there. When I stepped down at Lucknow station, the first thing I have seen the poster of Mayawati, it was felt that I entered in Maya’s world; Mayawati is like don in Lucknow. The whole city is covered into an elephant park, I don’t know from where she got the idea of resurrecting statues of herself and other eminent ministers. The Ambedkar Park is having a stupa kind of structure in the centre and there are statues of hundred of elephants surrounded the structure, creating a welcome lane for the dome. It still under construction, no one allows to go to that area. There is one statue of Gautama Buddha at the main entrance; it was much looking like that whole park is highly influenced by Buddhism. It might be considered or declared a monastery after its completion, till then no one has even slightest of idea what it is going to be, I doubt even Mayawati. Well whatever it is, the whole development of Lucknow is centered in that area only, otherwise the condition of the city is worse, u can’t get the proper sleep at night because there is no electricity to switch on fans, and the bites of mosquitoes are unbearable. I spent 4 days in Lucknow, and on every night there had a load shedding of hours, which really made me sick. If the state has such a bad management of electricity in the capital, what else one can expect in the other cities, the situation must have been worse than can be expected. One more thing I came to know from my friends, that even if all the lights has gone in the city, but the lights in the Ambedkar Park can never be disappeared. Strange! Those soulless elephants need lights to glow, but what about the people of the city. It was really pathetic to see such kind of management in the capital like Lucknow.
Well, this apart I met my one friend whose novel has been published, “Legally Lovingly Yours”, it is a love story, I could imagine, how we got bored with love stories written by number of IITs and IIMs pass out, but this time it was written by someone who is Law school pass out, so I would really recommend you people to read this novel as you might learn some laws of our country or else some good laws on love, this novel is already on its way to be called one of the best selling novel in recent times, I have already received one copy of it. I will start reading it after completing my present novel of Sydney Sheldon’s the other side of midnight, the best novel on suspense thriller I came across after Sherlock Holmes.
And yeah I have heard a lot about Baba Ramdev and his movement on corruption which somehow failed in Delhi, News channels continuously boasting their news on Baba, update of every minute is flashing on all News channels. It became a big political issue now. Let see what will be the end result of it. Just wish it will get over soon. Till then bye take care.

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