Monday, February 14, 2011

Justice in Injustice World...

I came back to Pune after accomplishing my apprenticeship in Supreme Court and Legal Department of ONGC. It was a good experience to be in real world facing the challenges of every day life. I just tasted a hectic life experience; it was kind of rehearsal to practice and confronting the horizons of career which unfortunately are not defined yet. I spent only 15 days in the Supreme Court, watching, feeling and attending the briefs of grieves of the people. To make a brief of a client’s case is a sort of an adventure for a lawyer, perhaps he would earn a good fee for it, but for a client it is definitely a risk taking factor. My grandfather used to tell me that even if someone has an unending wealth, he would lose all if he comes into the vicious circle of court procedure. And I evident it in the Supreme Court, in these 15 days I witnessed two people gone mad in front of this Supreme judicature, cursing and staining it as a mark of injustice. But there no one cares even the media people, who were standing with their dozens of cameras ready to shoot the famous cases Judgment, doesn’t bother of it. It is a depressing moment to see people going mad because of injustice they suffered by the Supreme Court of Justice. Now from where would they get their justice? I felt like people in the Supreme Court gambled over their cases, they were trying their last chance to ask for Justice in this unkind judicial system. Some were lucky enough to get their case admitted in the Supreme Court, because most of the time the Judges dismissed the petitions without even hearing it. There was a case of my father regarding seniority in Indian Forest Services, he was hoping that this time he might get the final reward of the case, but the opposite party bribed the bench of two judges and the judges dismissed the petition without even hearing the case, I don’t want to named those judges here, but this is pathetic, it is the condition of our higher judiciary then what one can expect it from the lower judiciary where the cases in actually initiates, their the conditions are much more worse.
When I was in first year of Law, one of the judges of the Supreme Court was a Chief Guest in judicial colloquia in our College. He was giving lecture about the condition of Indian Judiciary and the integrity of Justice in the Country which one has to maintain in this field. He was talking about the system of the cases in the Supreme Court and the method they use to tackle the number of cases. I was impressed and relaxed after attending his speech in our college auditorium; I had felt that at least in the Supreme Court one could get justice. But when I went to Supreme Court, I saw and felt that there is a limit of honesty as well and integrity too has a price. I found the same judge were taking bribes in my father case, it was a laugh and cry moment. I was thinking and remembering about his sayings on the podium of our college’s auditorium, suddenly I questioned myself, was he talking about this method of tackling the number of cases in the Supreme Court? I was thoughtless at that moment of time when I heard the echoes of two opposite sides of diplomatic Judges. The only thought comes in my mind is “uparwala dekh raha hai”, that is the only line which consoles the puzzled thought of my mind. There is no such word of ‘Injustice’ in HIS dictionary. I thought of those two people who gone mad in the Supreme Court’s premises, they might have not their voice heard in the Supreme Court, but they would definitely get their justice in God’s Court – the Highest Court of Mankind because their ‘der hai andher nhi’

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