Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy New Year to everyone, hope I m not so late to wish here, but better to be late than never. Today is the tenth day of this New Year and in these ten days nothing has been changed much, nevertheless I can smell the fresh sweet fragrance of the year 2011. As I told you earlier only that I won’t make any kind of resolution on the New Year, so I didn’t make, neither I found any. I flushed out all the worries and pain on the last day of the previous year, so to make a good start without making any sort of promises to myself. On the evening of 31st, I was with my friends, preparing and cheering for the celebration of the last night of the vanishing year and the first morning of the mounting Year, they were celebrated with their whisky and champagne and I was celebrated with my coke and lemonade. The time was surely to celebrate but something somewhere was missing, I was not able figure it out at that moment, the happiness of that moment was overwhelming. I was happy that the last year was ending with its ending curse, but unhappy of its wounds and echoing sound. With the surplus feelings, I went on to enjoy with my friends, leaving behind the cursed year. We took out the car on the night, racing around the streets, in the early hours of the morning, when all the people were sleeping in tired of celebration, we were on the road celebrating, shouting and racing the car. Some were driving with their unconscious alcoholic mind; some were driving in their joyful mind and some were driving in their usual mind, but we were driving in full of our mind on the streets of Delhi. We went to India Gate to capture some early moments of the great monument, we were the first to visit India Gate in the year 2011, wow… sounds good, but does it matter? No prizes for it. We had our first tea of the year in Chadni Chowk, my friends lighten up their first cigarette with chai (their favorite combination…). We drove around nearly all the places of Delhi in the freezing night cum morning of the budding year of 2011. The year starts with lots of fun and enjoyment, and I wish it goes well…..
Well how many of us would like to live in a socialist society? I believe, very few or may be the answers are no. But what if socialism promises to be more peaceful and enjoyable, and then what would be our choice? I must say and I know that there have been a lot of arguments and confrontation on this issue, both the ideologies, at all times, are always try to put their arguments on par and in almost all over the globe there exist a capitalistic type of philosophy. You must be thinking why I put this issue again at the front. I just want to ask one very simple question to everyone before writing anything further about this issue that, what is the quality of good government or how you define a good government of a state? I should say, being a sane person, that to be called as a good government, a state should have a very good structure of judicial system, not only a good structure but also its administration and implementation of justice should be justifiable. The integrity of the country depends upon the nature of justice. Today I came across to one of the article of “The Hindu” which highlighted the judiciary system of China. I was surprised to see this kind of impressive hi-tech infrastructure of judiciary. Nowhere in the world is this kind of hi-tech facility given to the judiciary, not even in US and UK. The strength of the Chinese judicial system is that one can be a judge of High Court at the age of 23 only if he/she passes the National Judiciary Examination (similar to the Indian Civil Services examination), and further, one need not to be an advocate to become a judge as the qualification for taking NJE is graduation in any discipline including mathematics. They have very good sophisticated court halls backed by well knit archives for retrieval of any information at any time, and the best feature is these facilities are for every court on any level, same priority is given in providing infrastructure to lower courts also. There main aim is to get the justice done as soon as possible to maintain the value of justice, for instance, the death penalty awarded by a lower court after get recognition from Supreme Court, has to be executed within six weeks. And if for some reasons, it could not be executed within this period due to pendency of the pardon application, the two year limitation would come into existence. Thereafter, the appellate court may modify the sentence into life imprisonment. If China, being a Socialist country could maintain such a good judicial system where government’s accountability are at lowest in the hands of public, then why not in the country like India, where government’s accountability are at the highest in the hands of public, could maintain such kind of discipline in our judiciary? India being having the best constitution on the best principle of the world is yet not competent to muddle through the constraint in the judiciary. We always lack the other half of everything, we built up the nation but we forget to setup the base. What we need is the implementations, we have laws and everything but we scare to implicate it. Scared of whom? Politicians, they are not dangerous, but yet we frightened of them. They are scarecrows of our country. Here what we need is the concept of ‘communism’. We need communism in our system of government. We need one type of government, one party system, freedom of forming the political parties are the main hindrance in the development of the country. The recent failure of winter session is the best example of this multiple party system, 17 bills had to be discussed in this winter session of the parliament but because of the differences between the oppositions, none of the bill got the sanction of the houses. The reason is the back off at the last moment, since the opposition want JPC probe on 2G Spectrum, until it won’t discuss the bills. The purpose of the opposition party is to check and questions the work of government, but here the opposition is meant to pull the legs of the other party, rather than to make accountable for it.

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