Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another blast....

yesterday evening, there was another blast, this time they targeted DELHI - the sate of administration. I was so terrified that i dont have a guts to buy a newspaper today morning, as i know that there would be lots of pics of dead peoples but then also i have to buy it to know about the blast, i was very emotional just beacuse of this act done by those. What they want to proof by doing such blasts and taking a lives of 100 of peoples. They steal the life of those peoples, thier rights to live in this beautiful world(which unfortunatelty made hell by them), they steal thier wife's right for thier husband, children's right of thier father.
Who are they...? From where they hav come...? Wat they want...?....watever but i want to assure them ....they are making a big place in hell fire well as in this world also ...cursed by many peoples. They will never be able to live in this world peacefully.
I spit on those peoples who had done this act for thier personal satisfaction or watever be the reason.

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PANKAJ said...

well farhaan as far as blasts are concerned these are the acts of heinious people who dont have any religion they may be taken as devils on earth...i condemn the blasts and...pray for the healing of the pain of the suffering people...we are indians and no one can divide our integration and unity in diversity. jai hind..