Friday, September 19, 2008


I promised you to write one more article on Bollywood, there are many things which I have to show, so this is my second article on it, showing the dark side of Bollywood.

Bollywood is the only field (in my view) in which there are breaking news (in every hour) for the followers of it, so whether it is Aaj tak or Zee news, everybody wants to show the news first. Everyday a new star is born and thousand of stars are present struggling to become Shahrukh khan and Amitabh bachchan but (unfortunately), very few are able to make it.
Bollywood, as soon as, the name flashes, we start to think of Glamour, Fashion, style, Fame, celebrities, films, starts etc. but nobody thinks about the politics which has become the part and parcel of Bollywood. (May be you are thinking, politics is the word which present everywhere, in every aspect of life, but who cares for them.)
The feeling of insecurity and fear of loosing the present status leads them (stars) to fight or you can say bitterness among them. It is like a cold war, even when they are shooting with each other, there’s continuously present a tension between them, which leads them apart.
These types of bitterness among the Bollywood actors and actress were very rare in old days, like Raj kapoor and Dilip kumar managed to maintain their friendship in spite of fierce competition, Rajendra kumar and Raj kumar also maintained it with a certain dignity, for a while, there was some bitterness when Rajesh khanna and Amitabh bachchan were competitors but they managed to resolve it.
But today, the things have changed; now Bollywood is having a different face, the money and competition have acquired a big place, everybody wants to charge more money than other actors, in order to become supreme. Competition and money is the driving force that keeps on to pull down other’s leg to sustain him in this environment.
The three Khans (Srk, Sallu, Amir), who are said to be the biggest celebrity in the film industry, but then also, there has always been a constant fear and insecurity among them, which recent fight leads them apart. Amitabh bachchan (shahenshah of Bollywood), after attaining 65 yrs of his age, then also he is comparing him with young actors (Thank god, not with actress…ha-ha). Akshay kumar, is the new khiladi who joined this league and started passing nasty and unusual comments on Shahrukh khan regarding King of Bollywood.
Yeah, I forget, there is also another race for the title of KING, Shahrukh khan is known as the ‘King of Bollywood’ or ‘King Khan’, but Salman khan, in his fight with Shahrukh, said, “I m the real King khan, you are not”, and Akshay kumar after making his film, ‘Singh is king’, is also thinking himself as a ‘King’.
Actually there is a lot of confusion regarding, who is the King of my view, I think, we the audience are the real King of Bollywood, Coz by our efforts, the films of these stars has became successful. So the original King is the audience, because for us they are making their films and by our effort, they are able to sustain in this film industry (which continuously tries to pull them down).
I think, actors and directors should know about the real King of Bollywood and start to make some good films rather than running for the title of ‘King’.
It doesn’t matter, how much money they charge or paid for films, but the films they made are worth to watch. We don’t care, whether Shahrukh is King or Akshay is Singh, but we only care for our 100 bucks for the movie, “our Paisa should be wasool”.

Mohammed Farhan Khan


imran said...

sahi kah raha hai bhai. insecurity leads them to do wrong things. Tell them to spent two nights in a village with poor people not as a celebrity but as them. they will learn the reality of life.
Waise bahut achcha likha hai tune keep it up aur haan bihar flood pe bhi likh

PANKAJ said...

ofcourse farhaan i too emphasize on the same thing that instead of operating the circle within themself ..they shud come out of it and show us that if they are the real king..then what they have done for the people.cuz in real sense king is not the one who has dumps of currency..a king is the person who nurtures the helpless needy and desrving people..ask any one of them..whether anyone have given even a single penny for bihar afeected people.
when their films are about to realese they beg from us that do surely watch the film...they even join their palms...and keep on continuously visit aall the places to promote their filmss..but thus none of them desrves the title of the king...ultimately king is the population who support them and promote is we who had made their lives such lavishing it is we who have made them rich.....

PANKAJ said...

yaar priyanka ne lock kiya hua hai apna profile..ab uske comment ka reply du bhi to kaise. :)