Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Bollywood, the most glamorous part of India, this year is not seems to be good for bollywood, as many films were released on different topic, what we called ‘zara hatke movies’, but very few of them are able to conquer the heart of audience. The expected high movies sank and less expected movies goes on high.
The big budget movies like ‘Tashan’, ‘Thoda pyaar thoda magic’ and ‘love story 2050’ were not struck on the screen more than two weeks. Bollywood has lost more than 350 crore in this year, even the films with big stars such as ‘Jodha Akbar’ and ‘U,me aur hum’ haven’t done well. The director of ‘Jodha Akbar’, Ashutosh Gowarikar, a well known director, has not able to re-create the same magic like ‘Lagaan’ and ‘Swades’.
The low budget movies like ‘Aamir’, ‘Mithya’ and ‘Jannat’ were attracted the audience much and done well in box office.
Anees Bazmee’s ‘Singh is King’ was quite grossing in terms of money-maker, but film lacks the story line. After spending and watching 120 mins on this film, you will realize why its 1200 copies were sold-up in one week only, because after that, nobody wants to buy its print. Anees Bazmee is a director of two great movies ‘Pyaar toh hona hi tha’ and ‘No entry’, than also he has made the film like ‘Singh is king’, I don’t know why….? May be ….age effect (ha-ha)

‘Jaane tu ya jaane na’...what I called a young generation movie (mind-blowing), the movie was perfect in every sense, direction-acting-songs…everything of this movie was good. Even though the movie had an all newcomer cast, it has done really well in smaller as well as bigger towns and became one of the best movie of this year. Amir khan, again proved himself ‘a perfectionist’ and a quite good entrepreneur for producing two films ‘Taare zameen par’ and now ‘Jaane tu ya jaane na’.

As a debutant, Ranbir kapoor has collected a lot of fame than any other new comer; well he has to be as he is a son of Rishi kapoor. In ‘Bachna aie haseeno’, Ranbir washed out his stains which was struck after his performance in ‘Sawaariya’ (unfortunately not done well in the box office) and proved others as he is going to be next legend of Kapoor khaandaan.

Our films are based on many present topics and became a starter and solutions of many problems. These days terrorism is on a high, so our directors also developed new method to curb it. The movie ‘Wednesday’ is based on the terrorist attack and makers of it has given a very unusual, but in some way a good idea to fight against terrorism.
The chances of low budget movie to do well on the box office is more than the big budget movies, as it easily cover the budget and become a hit on the box office. That’s the main reason of these movies to do well in box office, but some of them is really having good direction like the movie ‘Wednesday’, ‘Mithya’, ‘Bhootnath’ and ‘Sarkar raj’.
The recent hungama on the box office is created by the most popular movie of this year Farhan Akhtar’s ‘rock on’. The production, design and styling of the movie are perfect. The different storyline-direction and good songs are really attracted the public. Farhan and Arjun rampal were born to be a rock stars and it seemed their childhood dream comes true by this movie. This film is said to be he biggest hit of this year, everybody is saying that it is better than the ‘Jaane tu ya jaane na’.
Unfortunately, I have not seen ‘Rock on’ yet, but I will definetly see it as soon as possible as I get free.
Farhan really needs appreciation as he took a risk of his directorial image and acts as a debutant in his movie and even sung songs of this movie. He has proved himself as a seven number scorpio by Acting, Directing, Producing and now as a singer in his movie ‘Rock on’.
Excel entertainment (headed by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani) is continually growing up by the effort of these two young boys.

So that’s all what I liked about this year 2008 of bollywood. There are lots of shits and things to be discuss about bollywood, but I have written what need to be focused and discuss.

In my next artile, I will discuss some more things of Bollywood which became a head and tail of bollywood. Wait, till I complete it.

Mohammed Farhan Khan


PANKAJ said...

eyi that was cool information bout bollywood..so as a reader i wud like to say that bollywoood needs creative minds..as faar as i have seen they focus on pirating hollywood ideas more than innovating the new and different one..now a days we can easily look the dancing sceans which reflect the hip hop dances of western black people...its good to learn but to use it in every films seems as if they dont use their own sense..it dosent matters whether ur movie is the costiest ever..what matters is the theme direction ,actors choice actress choice..right demand of audience..in actual also still we people never demand nudity scenes..but yet also they blame audience ..whenever such things urge up and controvercies arise..people has nothing to do wit nudity..and if people need it they avail it..so bollywood shud focus on newer ideas..they shud make such films which influence people to such extent that problems like : dowry demanding, relegion disputes, harmony disturbances..womens harassment...shud faint...such type of stories and motivative films are need of our society..as datas reflect that newer couples are demanding divorce soon b4 2 yrs at a pace of 31 per month in an state..imagine what wud be happening..hatred misunderstandings are the outcomes of our own inner part of soul we ourselfs cteate them..there fore focus shud be paid to such areas which can be beneficiarry to 360 degrees or to every one from makers to praiser's..but the world is turning materialistic..no one's care's for those who are gonna suffer.

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