Friday, August 8, 2008

This poem is composed by my Friend ...he is a great writer i want to share it with u also .....

Oh! Dear gimme a kiss,
Far away from a place with bliss;
It will fly in sky and come,
All hurdles it would overcome;
It will land and touch my lips,
Like a honey with sweet sips;
It would have fragrance of Lilly,
But some time it would make me silly;
I will ask why you are here,
Don’t you have a little bit fear;
Have you come with special purpose,
Or brought something for me just tremendous;
In the end it will answer one word,
Oh! My dear in this whole world;
I have brought a message of dove,
Iam nothing but a symbol of love.

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the quality poet is that well or nicely he defines everything we can see in this poem also ....that a kiss is define in a very classical way ....