Saturday, August 9, 2008

This is again my friend's poem is one of the very emotional poem i i had ever seen plz read n uderstand its hidden meaning .....

Let’s go many years back,
When I saw a little girl with a sack;
She collected the junk items under the bridge,
When the sun was trying to hide behind the ridge;

The evening was blue with pink shades,
But her clothes were dirty with much fades;
The air was cool with pleasant smell,
And her hairs were messed so much well;

She didn’t cared about the people in the locality,
Who gazed her with disgust and humility;
She walked on her bare foots from place to place,
To fill the large sack’s empty space;

After sometime her search was complete,
With this the evening’s light was on deplete;
She started following a particular way,
What was her destination no one could say;

She reached a junk yard to give her collection,
One could see her face with mere satisfaction;
Then she took her job’s money,
She ran to her dwelling as bee to honey;

She picked all her money to reach a shop,
I reached near her and took a stop;
She gave her money and pointed something,
As I saw it was a silver earring;

Shopkeeper counted the money and it was less,
Her face developed a little stress;
She stretched her hands to take back the coins,
With this her confidence broke into infinite lines;

I could not bare the situation and the phase,
And gave him extra money required for the purchase;
The seller kept the earrings in her hand,
With this she was in the heavens land;

She smiled at me with such happiness,
Beholding me with her ultimate gladness;
She wore the rings in her ears,
And she blinked her eyes with little tears;

Today also I remember that picture,
When I pass through that bridge without lusture;
I search that girl with utmost caring,
With a sack on her back and silver earring.

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