Monday, August 18, 2008


We have turned 61, one more independence day has gone by. After almost six decades from independence, we are happy today, we have everything, self reliance, self government, good and self efficient economy, good army to protect our country and the most important thing we are INDEPENDENT now.
Does this mean much more today for us after the 61 years on? At one level, my answer is yes; the idea of India has come to mean much more today than it did then.
After all we have weathered four wars and an emergency, conducted 13 general elections and hundreds of state elections, changed our government peacefully, diffused separatist movement in places like Punjab and mizoram and seen rashtrapati bhawan occupied by three Muslims, a dalit and a woman. Bollywood contributed so much in India and outside also, yoga have conquered the globe by the immense contribution of baba ramdev. We have won two world cup and invented the IPL. Our mass communication has grown up like a water level in the sea and brought us all together by the means of communication and shared thoughts. We have watched the films like chak de India and swades and applauded for the national thinking of our peoples. We have mourned together for the victims of kargil. We are large, we contain multitudes.
And yet, there is something is missing. In what are we taking pride: in holding a world record for farmer suicide? In MPs waving rupee notes about in parliament? In day by day increasing dowry death or the measures in Gujarat or the communal rights? In the land of IITs graduates where the world’s third illiterate children’s are living?
My answer is not to deny all these things which I have developed from then, but to take pride in our country having survived then also. We can be proud of being able to discuss them in a free society, and proud of being able to survive them in a democracy.
Is these only a thing limits our independence? Or our independence are so high, that we are not able to see the death of farmers and dowry deaths.

- Mohammed Farhan Khan


PANKAJ said...

tzwgwell farhaan yeah ofcourse this is also one of the nation wide known problem. what u think are the main reasons behind farmer we read it in news papers those are just few reports..but besides that too..big companies are just eating away the life's of many many people who are by fate much deprived then avg farmers..they loose hopes when they dont get shud be noted by village prahddan and he shud submit report to DM so that all people who are deprived of their lands get jobs which are reliable. and along wit this there shud be farmer care department which shud be meant for listeining problems of farmers as for example if any one has not got his/her right he/she may get her complaint registered to farmer care centre with her/his name and address..such reports shud be directly sent to DM to ensure enquiry on it.. therefore this is also not shud be made somewhat familar of whether if they are willing to sell their lands then at what conditons and rate they shud decide the deal and what cud be its benifits and that they can take their decisions. other thing those who are labour farmers they shud be provided with employment in therby industries ensuring their job security...its tough yar because there is no one to help out poor farmers(labour section) but as far as case of rich farmers is concerned..they shud be imposed of well taxes on selling of lands to govt. more than normal tax rates..and it shud be also noted that once a company for example purchases land then co. must be given time within which co. need to setup their plant and provide employment to deprived farmers b4 sellers labours shud be given labour work..thus untill factory setup gets complete till then co.s shud provide some amonut of money to farmers whom they have to provide with this way i think we can help to improve some what situation..for example singur has been the most news falshing place where TATA co.s plant is to be established but despite such a reputed co.. they r not assuring jobs to nearby farmers why not they commit sucide..the feeling of hunger cannot be expressed until one has to go through it. and looking at own childrens crying and dying of starvation might feel like commiting sucide hi na? so they go for hain inko to sirf profit earn karne se matlab hai. business se matlab hai..we can just do one thing that sare jegeh is baat ko fela do k people of india are going to stop using tata products as a nation wide awareness step in favour of farmers who are not getting even jobs to earn two meals. tab ratan tata k dimag ki ghanti bajegi or tab wo majburi mai help karega sungur mein tadapte farmers ki..nw u people think how to start this thing.


basically wat u r talking about is a industrialisation of land .....but farmer's death occurs due to expensive technology, they are grappling with crippling debt and frusteration choosed to do suicide.
In andhra pradesh,geneticallu modified Bt. cotton was introduced, that was the big problem in andhra ...due to which most of the farmers do suicide.
In maharshtra ... some areas...erratic electric supply ...due to which farmers are unable to irrigate thier lands ....thats the big problem.

PANKAJ said...

oh common yar then u shud point out briefly about ur point of as far as my knowledge is concerned i have generally heard and read about singur and other such farmer deaths due to land industrialists by paying less values of those lands..and if things like what u are speaking off...keep on happening in general in many other parts too..look at this years congress move in which farmers were exempted from paying their dues...which costs in crores as a now u have mentioned andhra pradesh's problem..then i am really not aware of that yar , i am aware of what media flashes and what newspapers reflect..i hope if u can make me understand better about ur specifications of choosen topic..cuz a topic may be taken in many other ways also ..

PANKAJ said...

and it relates too yar to some of ur points as are indebted why? just cuz they dont have resources/money /food to eat/job to what so ever they take as a debt they just cant return that as a result they are pressurized by the lenders and they often find suicide better off from bearing ..


i m agree with u pankaj ....debt is also big factor ...of farmer's death .....

nilesh said...

farhaan bhai

Independent India is a sleeping giant. Although western media often shows modern images of India as that of poverty and lack of development, India was the richest country on earth until the time of British invasion in the early 17th Century. Today's India is on the threshold of regaining its lost glory.

PANKAJ said...

my dear frnd mr. nilesh..i object your shameless comment about india mentioning our nation as sleeping giant..the very first thing i ought to make u understand is...a country is by its citizens; country does not makes its citizens..itz upto us how we nurture our nation...i wud like to take a simple example from u only: SUPPOSE- for example ur are among middle class/higher middle class family..u are studying here in india only since birth.ur parents have nurtured u here may i ask you why? why they are not among the top richest renowed people in the world?hm? can we call them also a sleeping family. no na? then how can u allege the nation as sleeping giant..if it is the case of sleeping its not the country sleeping it is the people who are sleeping.