Saturday, August 16, 2008


There are many Festivals in India which is celebrated by everyone and every Festival has its own significance, as India is considered to be multi religious country where all people of different religion living peacefully and celebrate their Festival with each other. Every Festival in India has its own history on the basis of it is celebrated by everyone. Like for Muslims, Eid comes after the blessing month of ramzaan, so they celebrate it after fasting one month and for Hindus, like diwali and holi , they have their own history of it. Mostly the festival is celebrated for the birthday of some religious personality or the enlightenment of any month.
But, the RakshanBandhan is the only Festival which is for the relationship; there is no other Festival like this in any where in the world. Its uniqueness spread its greatness. The relationships are the essence of celebration. The celebration of one such relationship is RakhshaBandhan, the celebration of brother and sister relationship. The sibling relationship is nowhere celebrated in any country but in India. It is affection and love that is celebrated on the RakhshaBandhan. It is a bond of affection between brothers and sisters. The day when the siblings pray for each other’s well being and wish for each other’s happiness and goodwill. As the name RakshaBandhan suggests “ A BOND OF PROTECTION “ , it is pledge from brother to protect the sister from all harms and troubles and a prayer from the sister to protect the brother from all evils.
RakhshaBandhan is a very pure festival as pure as like the love of brother and sister. It is very defferent from other festival because of it nature of celebration.
So my friends, today is RakshaBandhan, celebrate it with great love and happiness with your sisters and brothers.
milna bichadna sab kismet kha khel hai,
Kahi nafrat, kahi dilo ka khel hai,
Bik jaate hai, har rishtey duniya mien,
Sirf bhai bahen ka pyar hi yahaan,
“not for sale hai”

Happy reading
Mohammed Farhan khan



this article is dedicated to my friend cum sister ...priyanka......she sent me a rakhi also i wrote this article for her ......
thanx priyanka ...

PRIYANKA said...

thnx bro............

PANKAJ said...

a bigggggggg grin !!

hm ofcourse this is amazing and one of the truest traditional culture of our nation which bonds the realtion of siblings more sobberly every day..we shud be pride of having born in this country of love care and affection.

well vry soory but belated rakshabandhan frnds!!

and its more happy to see farhaan celebrating it wit pride and full enthusiasm..i love it yar thanks specially..

akhir hmare frnd ho kuch to alag hogein hi oro se kyu? h na?


thanx pankaj ...for giving a nice comments on it.