Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Social networking sites...

A culture of social networking site is going high on these days. Everybody wants to hav an acount in Orkut, Hi5, facebook...n many more, among them the most famous one is Orkut.
Friends are getting easily interact with each other n even found old friends who were missing somewhere due to course of time. These site are becoming more famous beacuse of its long friendlist process.
But some of them using a false identity in order to woo others by giving them a fake fotos n fake names. So make sure that if u r making a long distance relationship with anyone, then be careful because may be it is you who is cheated now. This is the one of the worst thing on these sites, if anyone says that i m shahrukh khan ....then u hav to believe it ..u dont hav any option. You will not knw untill you meet him.
I m telling these things to you ...coz many of my friends indulge in online relationship , then after sometime they came to knw is a boy who is bluffing him by saying that she is gal.
After all everything has some disadvantages in it ...thats a big defect in these sites. But the good thing is which has more advantages than its disadvantages.
So these sites has many benefits untill u r using it for good purpose.

Mohammed Farhan Khan

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