Monday, August 11, 2008

An article on Terrorism ..which terrorist called Jehad...

These days we hav seen regularly in newspaper , television and articles of about increasing terrorism and everyone is ust blaming muslims involvement in these activities. wheather it is a work of some politicians or other groups of members but Islam name comes first. Actually they have reason to blame muslims beacuse there are several group who spreads terror on the name of jehad. Groups like Al-qaeda, harkatul mujahideen, Harkatul jehadul islam and recently there is another group Indian mujahideen, who has used Quranic versus to claim religious sanction for its heinous work. In my view, these organisation just trying to hide thier activities by giving the name of Jihad in Islam. But in Islam, Jehad doesnt mean spreading terror, there is no place of terrorism in Islam.

Quran makes very clear distinction between Legitimate war , a Jehad and Illegitimate violance, that spread hovac among the innocent. We called Illegitimate violence as a "Fasad' and a fasadi is 'who spreads mischief , disturbance, trouble, outbreak of rebillion thrugh the land'.

It appears in the Quran, in verse 32 of surah 5 , that "if anyone slew a person(through fasad), it would be as if he slew the whole people and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people". The verse is a powerful indictment of anyone who kills innocent.

when these peoples called themselves a 'Jehadi', it is an attempt to gain legitimacy among muslims. They wrongly interpret Quranic versus to prove himself right though it is not thier work to interpreat Quran and they dont have a right to interpret it.

There is clear principle in Quran(surah 2:256), " la iqra fi al deen" , it means ' let there is no compulsion in religion'. If anybody wants to worship other religion than there is no compulsion for them. In another surah, " lakum deen e kum wal ya deen" , it means that ' your religion for you and my religion for me' . Jehad is not even in 5 pillars of Islam ,that is, Allah is one and he knws everything, Namaz, Fasting, Zakat(helping poors)and Haj. Jehad has secondry place in Islam. It is very clearly written in Quran but then also they wrongly interpret the versus and do indulged in wrong activities.

Jehad means 'fighting for the truth', if somebody wants to teach goodness in a view to spread peace then it is a greater Jihad. The greater Jihad is struggle to cleanse oneself and war is the lesser Jihad. Islam sanctions war but with very strict disciplines and rules. The killing of innocent people , women and children is strictly forbidden in Islam. A Jehadi could not be betray a trust, misappropriate booty, mutiliate a body, kill the old , women or children, he could not even destroy tress or slaughter an animal except for food. 'Every Jihad is a war fought by a muslim, but every war fought by a muslim is not a Jehad'.

There is only one justification of Jehad in Islam, when a nation becomes a 'HOUSE OF WAR'. I dont think so, that our nation becomes the House of war, but in other words it is very peaceful country with full of good people, but if these so called Jehadis would not stop thier activities n terrorism then it will become a House of war.

I think this is right time that every person should aware of all this and dont blame the whole community of Islam just because of the work done by those unfaithful terrorist who has no religion.

Peace, Justice and equality are the heart n soul of the Quran and the holy book knws wat justice would do to these terrorist.

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Mohammed Farhan Khan


sana said...

Nice article ....i think people should see this ...before blaming anyone. In actual everybody knws who is right but they dont want to share this to anyone.
Media is purely responsible for this, if someone critising regularly ...then everybody begins to think in a other way.

imran said...

very impressive article ..... jehad is a term used by terrorist for there personal interest it is not islamic jehad. Terrorism is a crime which they justify by taking the name of jehad. They use it for influencing those people which dont know islams basics and are muslims by the name only.......... good writing . try to write an article on suicide bomber.


yeah inshallah ...i will try to write on suicide bomber ....
actually this topic attracting me so much from some days i wrote this article .....