Sunday, March 29, 2009


Sometime life become so convoluted that it is hard to understand what is happening around you. You are just moving the way it is leading you. You want to do something but you can’t you need somebody to coddle you. Everything is started looking artificial and pretended. Every smile, a little talk, a simple hello, it looks that we are doing formality with others.
The world is diamante which has a diaphanous line of deportment. I feel like a reckless fellow who lost the deportment of life and embittered on his own fortune. The anguishes of loneliness threw me in a ghastly world, which is giving me a scornful smile on my misfortune. The nostalgia of my life inculcates me into the turpitude of bemoaning. I try to confront each and every retreat of pragmatic way of life. But as a Zombie, I knocked off the affinity of liveliness. The sheath of affliction surrounded me with a vicious sling fest, which perpetually decimating me in this menace world.
The incongruity of mind left me to analyze the veracity and I certainly on every step try to probe the acknowledgement of doubt, why God gives us pain as then when we have been good to others?
After the everlasting cogitation, I find an outline of light seen against a dark background and showed me a retort of my vicissitude. I realized that everyone has inherent goodness, whenever God gives us a pain (no matter mentally or physically), it is only to take away something else worse that was going to happen or because he wants to forgive our mistakes. So he gives us a physical and mental pain instead which we can get rid of medicines and painkillers.



ApocalypsE said...

god doesn't punish you for your mistakes...:)Dint you know forgiving is divine....

When he puts you through hardships, he's merely preparing you for something...


In both words it is same, whether God is preparing us for something or he is just going to avoid us to wrangle in any misforune in future, so he gives us a hard times.

thanx for the comments.