Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Every morning when I read a newspaper, I just get confused at what expression should I give and make on the news. Should I give a sweet or sad smile or make a happy or sorrowful face? A lot of things are happening these days simultaneously, so it is difficult for anybody to jump directly on conclusion. It creates a husky and dusky situation which ultimately led a hotch-potch of mind.
The situation which is in a worst of times, drowned everybody in the uncertain future. A wild goose chase by the world for its true color and to pass through a crisis safely makes the people of the world to lie and realize the Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty which certainly apply on every aspect of life. The world is between scylla and charybdis.
The dizzying world economy and the highest temple of capitalism are collapsing. The economic slowdown became a nightmare for the private enterprises and multinational corporate, which finally led them on a ground (after creating an atmosphere of much hyped fake rises). Besides the economic dizziness, the world is psychologically spooling with the terror of terrorism. Terrorism became a major factor of economic slowdown; a large assortment of money has been continuously spending for the security protection and to fight with the world’s greatest evil, despite enduring the economic sluggishness.

At home, we also became a scapegoat of terror attacks, today only I read in a newspaper that the Indian creation of IPL (Indian premium league) became a NRIPL (non-resident Indian league). Now England or South Africa will host the IPL matches, and it is just because of the security purpose. Our country stands defeated before terror. It is also because of the respect given to the election in the country, as election is a bigger issue than the issue of IPL matches. The security wouldn’t be as strong as most of the security would take care of the elections. So it will be host by another country. It is a big shame for the big country like India that it won’t able to provide security for its own creation of art.
On the other hand, elections in India are always considered as the most distress period of times. All the parties of the country, even the national ones are busy in doing their mathematical calculation and balance for their security of seats. But none of the party has any vision for us or for the security of the country. We all know the final results would be a khichdi, whose ingredients are still open for guesswork. As India’s government is better known as (Jugaad government), so it will only stand with the power of coalition.
And our politicians, ufff……are the worst of kind in the world. Recently I heard a lot about Varun Gandhi (son of Sanjay and Meneka Gandhi), he said in his outrageous speech, “All the Hindus stay on this side and send the others to Pakistan. This is the lotus hand; it will cut their throats after elections.” This is what the remark of future politician who is going to take India’s future. Priyanka Gandhi rightly said that he needs ‘Bhagwata Geeta’ to cure the evil in himself. The young well educated politician has the communal feelings inscribed in him, so what could anybody expect for other older politicians. May be, Varun thinks he can bank on the family’s name to save himself after opening his shitty mouth. But I want to warn the politicians like Varun that don’t take the Indian voters’ silence lightly. It can burst you out of this politics. Every Hindu is matured now, he enthused by the prospect of better life, higher income and in which he can enjoy that income peacefully. So these outrageous speeches don’t have any effect on the Hindus of India. We know how to contempt the politicians like Varun in the battlefield. I hope that Election Commission will take some meaningful action against him; otherwise we the Indians will take some strenuous step against the politicians like Varun Gandhi who degraded the moral values of Gandhi name.

Well leaving apart this political business, the saddest thing happened yesterday was that the sweet lady and the darling of reality show ‘Jade Goody’ is no more with us. She died in sleep only, God give peace to her soul.
[Moun-vrat of 2 minutes for the soul of Jade Goody……]

The only thing which I like about yesterday newspaper is the news of arrival of the most awaited car in the world – the NANO. The small car is surely a big one. Ratan Tata (a man of his word and promise) and his team have done it and now they can say, “YES, WE CAN”. It is strong a setback to those automobile companies who thought the designing of car cannot be priced at this level, now here is the answer. It makes the evolution of automobiles. The NANO will surely become an affordable mode of transport for Indian families which were exposed to the weather and other dangers. It will affect the market of Maruti and two wheelers, as NANO is a better option for all of us and it will definitely affect the traffic police mamas, they have to plan a new traffic circulation in the big cities when the NANO will flown its full fledged hand.
OK that’s all for this post. I desire to convey more things than what I have jotted down here, but Time is not giving me permission as I have a lot of things to do.


[P.S. – I promised you in the previous post that I will show you some of the good and unusual photos which I have taken by my new cell phone. That will surely I show you but later. Don’t forget it …!]


ajitha here 4 law said...

hi there is nothing wrong, asking other Country to host IPL, first i wont agree with the point that is an "art created by us", an art? in what sense? players auctioned out like immovable property, playing for some few overs and get some huge score, i would call it is a source of entertainment not even a game, then how art? elections need security, as u have mentioned unruly and unsecular politicians, would turn outrageous through their forces, to defeat, the very ptocess of democracy..

there is nothing wrong in having a coalition form of government, more representations , less arbitrary and reasonable decisions... i will quote an example, if it not for Prakash Karat, the insurance sector would have been privatised by Congress government..

true that we could not combat terrorism, but it is not a national rather a international problem, where the world has an answer for that.... it is simple "be human, respect other human"..

i can decipher your mixed feelings.. same here.. could not sit and watch things like Varun's speech... but let me tell u, i dont think there is a possibility for the Election Commision to take actions against him, i dont think it has such a jurisdiction.. people should decide their future...


first of all, Why it is not an art?
"An art is a habit of thinking, doing, or making that demonstrates systematic discipline of something"
so in this case also, i considered IPL as an ART. It is innovative thinking of Lalit modi, who mixed game plus entertainment. i would rather call it as "a entertainment played as a game".
n wats the problem if they paid so high for just playing a few overs, after all it is an art of entertainment which played as a game. Auctioning is a contract for which they are agree to play.

ohk i agree on ur views of Coalition of Government. but still i can't say it as a strong government as it causes a lot of arguments between the parties leaving the main work aside.

and for the security purpose, yes, it is nt good to host IPL at the tym of election but we can post pone it in july also. that would be more better rather than shifting it to another country,it lacks the charm of Indians.

"be human, respect other human", i am not inhumane hehehee..., but who would tell to those terrorist?

About Varun, yeah u r right, i think people and time will decide it.