Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well yeah ok, I understand the ad-nauseam created by the election rampage with democratic dance; it is one of the biggest fest of India which whole of India celebrates it with great ‘non-patriotic’ politics.
From political parties to non political organizations both launched themselves into the campaign, some for the greed of votes while other for the grief of votes and these campaigns grow louder day by day.
The race for the seat of 15th Lok Sabah is on a high; all the political parties are trying to woe the voters by preparing and publishing their party’s manifestos. If one is promising to back the money from the Swiss bank, then the other one is calling for the list of those money drainers. The congress party is trying to save their butt from the recent terrorist attack while the BJP is blaming the congress for not providing the security to the nations.
In this general election, Varun Gandhi is a founder and initiator of hate speeches, so just after him our Congress leader Srinivas made a hate speech, he said, “I m ready to chop my head off for the welfare of the minorities. I will cut off any head if that tries to point a finger at the minorities”, and now our Railway minister Lalu Prasad yadav also added in a league, he said, “ if I had been the home minister, I would have run a roller over Varun Gandhi for his hate speech against Muslims”. Well it looks like a battlefield of hate speeches against each other. (Poor minister can only do war with their tongue, what else they can do at the age of 60 plus).
Recently I saw another sign of releasing the frustration over the ministers – throwing shoes on them. And the first scapegoat became our Home Minister P. Chidambaram who on a press conference got a big RELAXO juta from a Sikh scribe. Thanks for the revolution started by the Iranian reporter who threw a Juta on President George W. Bush…ooops Ex. President.
Somebody told me that the real elections will be held after the results are declared, because the results might not determine the final complexion of the government and they are expected to throw up choices and amalgamation of political parties. If anyone knows the best use of the Permutation and combination then no doubt it is our ministers only. They do all types of combination and permutation for their parties to be in a government.
Ok let’s talk about the candidates for the seat of PM: -
First, Rahul Gandhi – he will step in only if the congress gets a full majority on its own. He will not become the PM of an uncertain coalition. Then the chance of Rahul Gandhi is quite low.
Second, Manmohan Singh – he will be the PM if a congress – led UPA coalition comes back to power. The chances are high for him.
Third, L.K.Advani – he will be PM if either the BJP wins on its own, or leads a coalition government to power. This will be his last chance to lead the party. The chances are high for him also. (if Advani ji would not able to conquer the seat of PM, then probably he will have a heart attack as he is trying from Vajpayee’s days.)
Fourth, Mayawati – her chances of becoming PM are very bright if she gets over 40 Lok Sabha seats. She can lead a Third Front, NDA or even UPA coalition without any qualms. (But don’t worry, she is having a less chance)
Fifth, Nitish Kumar – he has good chances of becoming the PM of an NDA alliance. He could emerge also as a consensus candidate for the Third Front, particularly if Mayawati does not do as well as expected. But after his interview he cleared that he doesn’t want to be PM as he is happy to be a CM of Bihar. That’s what I call a Bihari effect.
Sixth, Sharad powar – he can be the ‘Dark Horse’ backed by regional parties across the board for the post of PM. But then also the chances are not so good for him.
These are the six candidates who have some chances to be our fifteenth Prime Minister. The real fight is between BJP and CONGRESS i.e. Manmohan Singh vs. L.K.Advani. But as I told you earlier also it is all guesswork, the real politics start after the result of the elections.
Well after this whole discussion the question is arising whom the Indian voter will vote for?
The government is continuously trying to flourish the education to exercise the adult franchise, but what we need to understand, whether the vote given by the voters really matters or helps the democracy to fledge its hand or it is just going to elect another criminal to the parliament?
About one-fourth of the members of the parliament are having some kind of criminal backgrounds, criminalization is so deeply entrenched into the political system. Not that every parliamentarian is a criminal but then being in the same political party of criminals, doesn’t make them any less criminals. We don’t have any other choice, if we are going to vote then either we have to vote for criminal or Anti Indian. This is the condition of Indian political scene, which we take a proud that we have a democratic form of government.
In our constitution of India there is a provision in the section 49-O “not to vote”. If we don’t want to vote for any of the political party, then we can vote for ‘not to vote’. And if the ‘not to vote’ ballot is more than the other ballots then the whole candidature would be barred by the Election Commission. But I believe this provision is also having a loophole that is why it is not par by the Election commission.
As stated in some magazine, if you go purely by statistics then it is a fact that almost half of the educated people don’t care for he vote, not because they are unpatriotic but because they are educated and they realize their votes don’t bring the change in the system. But if they see any hope in the candidate, they will definitely go and cast their vote for him. So real voting, therefore, can happen only when we have the real hope that change is going to happen. Till then whether it is Amir Khan or Sanjay dutt appeal from the voters to go for vote, nobody will go and vote for the criminalization of politics.
It has became a long article, sorry for the boredom. But in the last I would like to light an appeal to my readers that don’t waste your vote by choosing any anti-national or criminal candidate or don’t go for vote just for a vote but go as to bring the change. Try to judge the right candidate doesn’t matter whether it is from BJP or Congress but the vote should be like a Vote. So that, in Future we will also say like Americans,“Yes we can change; we can bring the change we want…”



ajitha here 4 law said...

40 "0"?.... this is one of the largest democracy.. Art 19 guarantees us right to freedom of speech and expression.. tis definetly means we have corallory duty to make our voice and expression heard....

cannot cry over the spilt milk i.e. our politics

A person is said "washington is not a city of great actors, just that competition between bad actors are great"

what to do?

we cannot be anti-democratic....

the best thing would be to go ahead and vote for a party...

14 lok sabha's labour could not bring any drastic changes

what to expect from this lok sabha?

though we do not need drastic changes where u can say, "India the Super Power"

but alteast some steps should be taken to achieve our all time goal
India, the good democracy where all the people get their basic amenities..

so let us vote for a party, which could maintain peace, respect minorities and work for them by joining hands with the majority..


its 49-0 yaar ,....actually it was typing mistake.sorry...
yeah u r right, we couldnt get so much from 14th lok sabha ...but peoples are expecting this tym little much more.

i m nt saying that we need drastic changes that we become super power overnite. but again at least our leaders should be at some respect level, whom we can say "yeah he is our leader".


well thanx for the comment....u r alwys first ...

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