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[Ok guys, this is an Abstract of my paper which I have written for seminar in Delhi, but unfortunately it was rejected as I was not up to their expectation. I don't know what they exactly wanted from me or what I lacked in it.
But as now it is wandering in my junk mail, so I think it is better to share with you people rather than junking it in my mail.]

“Give me the liberty to know, to utter and to argue freely according to conscience above all liberties.”
- John Milton

The freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental mantra to realize democratic aspirations. Democracy as a system of government is considered as a most appropriate form of government for the benefit and interest of the citizens. The citizens in a democracy are sovereign; they are the highest form of political authority. They have a right to choose or dismiss their political leader.
As in the words of President Abraham Lincoln, “Democracy is to be a government of the people, by the people and for the people.” Thus in democracy the peoples are the watch-dog and the key role of the citizens is to participate in public life, to inform about public issues and to express their own opinion and interests freely. So the media act as a platform for the citizens to express their opinion and belief. The role of the media is vital in generating a democratic culture. It is through the media that people share their experience, learn and become aware. It is how a constructive political debate about options and policies develops. Without media, people in societies would be isolated, not only from the rest of the world, but from governments, law – makers and neighboring town and cities. The flow of information is important for the development of public opinion and views and the media facilitates this.
To talk about democracy without free media is a contradiction in terms, free press and media is as important in a democracy as citizen itself. The media has helped in enforcing laws in the country, some of the most biased decisions like that in the Alistair Pereira and Jessica lal case had to be reversed after the media highlighted the issue, giving rise to a public outcry.
The healthy relationship between the media and the state is required for protecting human rights. But there is an inherent problem for ideas, beliefs and opinions when expressed may cause conflicts. To resolve such conflicts, the constitution has provided for certain ‘reasonable restrictions’ in article 19(2).
With the advent of modern technologies, electronic and digital media has become both popular and hyperactive. Electronic journals and digital press has become a popular channel for ‘expression’ and which is the most important aspect of democracy – social justice.
‘Sting Operation’ – the most popular word associated with the electronic media, by using electronic bugs while interviewing they bring out the truth. Politician, High-profile Lawyers, Government Officers, or even Army personnel none have been spared by the spy cameras of the news channels. But if the same is used for the blackmailing a person, is not only illegal but also immoral. So, in order to check these negative sides of the media, certain reasonable restraint put by the constitution over the working of press and media. The function of law must be to find out ways and means to restore the public debate and free flow f information through media.
Free press doesn’t mean that the state shall not intervene in its functioning; it shall intervene when the situation warrants. The intervention should only be in the interest of the public at large. But in the name of legal intervention, the state shall not hamper the free flow of information that will go a long way in protecting and promoting human rights.
In the concluding way, I would like to express that,‘ free press is soul of a democracy, so in order to flourish the democracy the soul must be preserve – as it is named as the greatest form of art – the Free Media’.

Request to all my legal eagles (friends), please do comment on this and tell me 'What really I lack to put in this abstract?'

P.S. - Sorry for my long delay of writing as i m suffering from examination fever, so as soon as i will come out from this horrible and unusual fever I will start posting blog regularly. Till then enjoy my these posts which I have already written months before. And please TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF......DO YOUR VOTE WITH GREAT CONFIDENCE...


Priyanka Choudhary said...

I think it was perfect according to the topic and present situation.Dont know why they rejected it.Well....prctice makes a man perfect....dont wrry it was ur first attempt...keep time definitely ur article will be selected....gud luck n hope for the best...


hmmm...thanx for boosting my patience, u r the one who motivated me everytime. May be coz of u i write well.
thanxx dear ....
dnt worry in the next paper ..we will be selected ...Inshallah ..

sufiyan said...
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sufiyan said...

O are really a very gud writer.
According to me you didn't lack anything in that article,but as i am not a writer,donno the depth of writing.

shanky said...

hi m a new visitor ...u hv written so well only one word i want u use "perfect" . all the best for future :D