Friday, September 6, 2013

the girl who died

(Although I have written this story quite long back, I had even posted it on my Facebook 'notes' but I forgot to share it here. Today I was just going through my Facebook pages and I found it, I don't know exactly what made me to write this story, but I could still recollect the face of that girl who used to sit outside the ‘Cafe Yezdan’ where I always went for having tea in the morning. I always had this habit of giving her change if I ever get back from the newspaper vendor and I could still remember her face overflowing with happiness perhaps that was the reason I always inclined to give her some alms. In the evening when I used to come back from college, I always found her sitting at the entrance of different restaurants and cafes for the want of something which could give her subsistence and I always used to wonder what would be the exact condition of her life and it always made me sad, possibly that miserable feeling might being the reason of writing something which still gives me Goosebumps)

"I saw a girl asking for alms, her Lazarus eyes were begging for some help, help that can give her basic needs of life. But no one understands her basic needs were so little that it can’t even give anyone a comforting thought. In dirty clothes with a thirsty throat, she kept stirring and glancing into the cars, hoping for a little pittance, but none was there to pity her. She never complained for her destiny, nor she ever envied for other people’s life, she only desired for feeling of empathy from others that most of them felt for her. But alone empathy could not enough for her life’s comfort. She grown up running behind the cars, and chasing for her daily hunger, hunger of food, clothes and of people’s eye. She saw people spending bulk of money on their lifestyle which they already have, she saw people taking puff of expensive cigarettes’, and if it was given to her, she could have spent the day or two in that. But she never complained neither her destiny nor her lifestyle. There was a time when her mother used to call her by her name, but that was years ago, after her mother she did not even hear her name from anyone, probably she forgot her name also. She strolled around the streets, unaware of her ragged clothes; people laughed at her after seeing her half naked body. Some were named her as ‘paagal’, some were blamed her as ‘slut’, but none was there to save the chastity of her, although she never complained nor blamed, she thought life is like this only. One day a group of young alcoholic blood drove a car on the pavement of a road, and on the girl who slept with her half empty stomach, she screamed in a sleep, she thought it was a dream, but alas that was reality, her both legs were broken and with that her desire to live in this pitiless world. Till the morning she mourned in pain and help, but how could anyone helped her? Everyone was sleeping in their dream for making their luxurious life more luxurious. She died in the morning, her dead body was laid on the pavement of a road, people gathered to see her body, but none of them even thought of giving her a respective burial, although her body did not complain, nor blamed."

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