Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's just "hi"

If there is anything called writer’s block, then certainly it is not applicable to me, but somehow I could relate the term to my condition. I wish, in fact very desirous to write something on this blog but I do not find any content to pen down, may be it is for the reason that I have not written anything since august last year, I might forget the style of writing or the imagination which I used to jot it down. At this hour, I am trying very hard to write even four lines for this so called my space where I can write anything on everything or everything on anything, does it have same reverberation? Sorry, I could not find any better word. ============================================================== It is always very sad to wake up with some bad news, in the morning I got to know about the unfortunate girl who succumbed with the pressure of glitz life, yes I am talking about Jiah Khan, she was just 25 year old, even younger than me, I felt helpless at that moment, I could not do anything, in fact we cannot do anything, but the people around her might, then why the hell they didn't. I feel pity on those who prefer to say RIP on their twitter account and get rid of their responsibility, the problem lies in the society, we choose to live in such society where everyone is struggling for glitz and when we don’t get it, we feel like losers. Sorry Jiah for this world was cruel to you, the world will never know the reason of your extreme step, and perhaps I fear they would do anything to know about it, I just pray that you live peacefully and happily in the after life. ============================================================== Ok, if you are waiting to read something about my life, I mean the present state then it would be a disappointment for you, because nothing new happened in my life or nothing significant occurred yet. But yeah I just want to tell that in the last week I went to rafting and camping in Rishikesh with two of my female friends, yes two of them, so nothing to worry about and it was really too much fun. Although I have been to Rishikesh several times, in fact my family resided there for 5 years, but this time it was really something different, I have explored the city as a tourist, a real tourist, I did not have any private vehicle, I had to bargain for each and everything, and managed the stay and food altogether. Perhaps that makes it more prominent and adventurous. We actually stayed there for 2 days and 1 night, it was in the form of package, and the resort was situated in the mid of jungle and the Ganges, yes it’s true. Believe it or not, but in the night we were so scared that we didn't even sleep for long, and we started thinking why did we chose this resort which is actually quite aloof, but then it was fun again. Sorry I am running short of time, I cannot explain you all the fun we had in the Ganges, but surely I will put some photos so that you could know at least how adventurous was our trip, but for now good bye.

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